Abnormal distribution of CD45 isoforms expressed by CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in rheumatoid arthritis.


:CD45RO+ T cells are referred to as memory or helper-inducer while CD45RA+ T cells are regarded as naive or suppressor-inducer T cells. The former population predominates in the peripheral blood and even more in the synovial fluid of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, to the expense of the latter population. Within the CD45RB+ compartment, there appears to be more of the fully-differentiated than of the early-differentiated CD4+ T cells. In spite of the fact that these lymphocytes are close to undergoing apoptosis, this programmed cell death is inhibited in the rheumatoid synovium.


Histol Histopathol


Mamoune A,Durand V,Le Goff P,Pennec YL,Youinou P,Le Corre R




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2000-04-01 00:00:00












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  • Topographical difference of cytoskeletal organization in smooth muscle cells of rat duodenum revealed by quick-freezing and deep-etching method.

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    abstract::The three-dimensional structure of the pancreatic ductular system (from the intercalated duct to the intercellular secretory canaliculus) is controversial and unclear. The aim of this study is to reveal the three-dimensional structure of the pancreatic ductular sysytem at the onset of pancreatitis. One day following r...

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  • Microglia and prion disease: a review.

    abstract::Prion diseases are characterized by the accumulation of PrPSc, an altered isoform of a normal cellular protein, PrPc. The prion hypothesis holds that the process of conformational change from PrPc to PrPSc under the influence of PrPSc constitutes the basic infectious mechanism in prion diseases. It is still unknown wh...

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  • Immunohistological signposts in central nervous system tumours with neuronal differentiation.

    abstract::25 neuronal tumours with a panel of antibodies were studied and it was found that vimentin was present in 15 tumours. It was also found in a few cells within rosettes. PGP 9.5 showed a somatic pattern of staining with nuclear and perinuclear positivity in 23. Neurofilament reactivity was found in 14. Retinal S-antigen...

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  • The presence of the mu-opioid receptor in the isthmus of mare oviduct.

    abstract::The presence of the mu-opioid receptor and the type of glycosylation in the third extra-cellular loop of this receptor was investigated in the isthmus of mare oviduct during oestrus by means of immunoblotting and immunohistochemistry combined with enzymatic (N-glycosidase F and O-glycosidase) and chemical (beta-elimin...

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  • The combination of strong immunohistochemical mtTFA expression and a high survivin index predicts a shorter disease-specific survival in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.

    abstract::Mitochondrial transcription factor A (mtTFA) plays a crucial role in both the transcription and maintenance of mitochondrial DNA. A high expression of mtTFA has been demonstrated in several solid tumors, and is closely associated with cancer cell survival/apoptosis and growth. However, its expression pattern in pancre...

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