High prevalence of human papillomavirus 16 in penile carcinoma.


:In order to analyze the incidence and prevalence of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) in penile carcinoma, we studied 49 patients with penile carcinoma. Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue samples were collected from 64 samples of penile carcinoma from the Hospital General Universitario (Albacete, Spain). Cases were histologically classified and the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method was used to detect the presence of HPV. Two sets of consensus primers were used, the My09/My11, and the GP5+/GP6+. All positive cases were sequenced in order to establish the implicated genotype. Our results showed that 38 of the 49 cases were positive for HPV (77,5%). HPV16 appeared in 32 (84,2 %) of the 38 positive cases and HPV18 in 4 (10,5%). Our data demonstrate that the My09/My11 primers are more sensitive than GP5+/GP6+ primers, although the combination of the two sets of primers notably increased the total number of HPV positive cases detected.


Histol Histopathol


Pascual A,Pariente M,Godínez JM,Sánchez-Prieto R,Atienzar M,Segura M,Poblet E




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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Gastric Cardiac Cancer (GCC) has high incidence and poor prognosis requiring early screening of high-risk populations. Minichromosome maintenance (MCM) proteins are used as diagnostic-biomarkers in many cancers but not validated for GCC. We evaluate MCM protein 2 (MCM2), comparing it with the validated marke...

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  • Reduced expression of the membrane skeleton protein beta1-spectrin (SPTBN1) is associated with worsened prognosis in pancreatic cancer.

    abstract::Spectrins are members of the superfamily of F-actin cross linking proteins that are important as scaffolding proteins for protein sorting, cell adhesion, and migration. In addition, spectrins have been implicated in TGF-beta signaling. The aim of the present study was to analyze the expression and localization of beta...

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  • Rab GTPases in the differential processing of phagocytosed pathogens versus efferocytosed apoptotic cells.

    abstract::Phagocytosis is an important feature of innate immunity in which invading microorganisms are engulfed, killed and degraded - and in some immune cells, their antigens presented to adaptive immune system. A closely related process, efferocytosis, removes apoptotic cells, and is essential for the maintenance of homeostas...

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