The contribution of cavernous body biopsy in the diagnosis and treatment of male impotence.


:This study concerns the results of penile biopsies in 50 patients aged 27 to 80, with secondary impotence removed with a biopty gun or during penile surgery. The biopty gun specimens were equally representative as the open biopsy ones. The cause and the degree of erectile dysfunction were determined by clinical and laboratorial investigation. The histological study of the cavernous bodies in the patients with psychogenic impotence revealed normal erectile tissue. In patients with organic impotence, histological lesions were graded as mild, moderate or severe. The most severe lesions were observed in the erectile tissue and in particular in the smooth muscle of the trabeculae and the helicine arteries, which had been reduced and replaced by connective tissue. Histological lesions were found not only in the arterial but also in the venous leak cases. There was a correlation between their severity and the degree of impotence, although of no statistical significance. The penile biopsy determines the condition (state) of the functional cavernous smooth muscle tissue, the integrity of which is essential for the erectile mechanism as well as for the action of the vasoactive drugs and the results of vascular surgery. Its important role is evident as it contributes not only to the diagnosis of the cause, but also to the choice of treatment of male impotence.


Histol Histopathol


Malovrouvas D,Petraki C,Constantinidis E,Petraki K,Antoniadis G,Constantinidis C,Kranidis A


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1994-07-01 00:00:00












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