Corneal epithelial cultures generated from organ-cultured limbal tissue: factors influencing epithelial cell growth.


PURPOSE:To explore the in vitro proliferative potential of human limbal epithelial cells after 31 degrees C organ-culture storage and to investigate putative factors influencing it. METHODS:185 cultures of limbal explants were carried-out either from full-thickness explants (n = 102) or from enzymatically dissociated cells (n = 83) seeded on a feeder layer of human keratocytes. Epithelial outgrowth was assessed by phase contrast microscopy using a computerized image analysis software. Cell phenotype was evaluated by transmission electron microscopy and immunocytology. Univariate and multivariate analysis were performed to determine factors influencing epithelial growth in culture. RESULTS:An epithelial outgrowth of 100 square mm or more was observed in 52% of cultures, (average growth area: 440 +/- 256 mm at three weeks). Corneal epithelial phenotype was confirmed by transmission electron microscopy, and cytokeratin pattern. Cytokeratine 19, deltaNp63, nestin and vimentin positive staining revealed undifferentiated epithelial cells in both explant and cell suspension cultures at three weeks. Short death to cornea retrieval time (p < 0.03) and female donors (p < 0.01) were associated with higher cell growth. Enzymatic treatment of explants by trypsin, but not dispase, decreased cell proliferation at two (p < 0.03) and three weeks (p < 0.04). Donor age, duration of corneal storage, and source of the explant did not influence the cell growth. CONCLUSION:Organ-culture conditions can preserve limbal cell mitotic potential if limbal tissue is excised early after circulatory arrest. Human keratocytes can be used as a feeder layer allowing epithelial cells to maintain poorly differentiated phenotype in culture. Further investigations are needed to explain the influence of the donor sex on epithelial cell growth in culture.


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Zito-Abbad E,Borderie VM,Baudrimont M,Bourcier T,Laroche L,Chapel C,Uzel JL




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    abstract::In the present study, using retinal ischemia as a model, we examined if different periods of ischemia and recirculation influenced the generation of reactive oxygen species, i.e. in hydrogen peroxide generation and nitroblue tetrazolium (NBT) reduction. Ischemia was induced for 30 and 90 min by ligation of the optic n...

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    abstract::Purpose/Aim: To assess the changes in anterior eye segment biometrics and intraocular pressure during and after wearing swimming goggles.Materials and methods: Anterior segment biometry and intraocular pressure were assessed in 20 healthy young adults (22.2 ± 4.7 years) during the wearing of a drilled swimming goggle....

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  • Intraocular pressure response to intravitreal injection of endothelin-1 and the mediatory role of ETA receptor, ETB receptor, and cyclooxygenase products in rabbits.

    abstract::Endothelin-1 (ET-1) affects intraocular pressure (IOP) in rabbits. First, we studied IOP responses to the intravitreal injection of various doses of ET-1 ranging from 5 ng to 5 micrograms in unanesthetized rabbits, and observed a transient rise in IOP, from 0.5 to 2 h in duration, invariably followed by a prolonged IO...

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    abstract::Lens epithelial cells were isolated from samples of C57BL/6 and CD-1 mice at different ages between 1 and 5 months, and assayed for the level of N-acetyl-beta-glucosaminidase and their ability to replicate in-vitro. The lens epithelial cells from C57BL/6 mice had a reduced replicative potential compared to other norma...

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