YidC--an evolutionary conserved device for the assembly of energy-transducing membrane protein complexes.


:Members of the YidC/Oxa1/Alb3 membrane protein family are multifunctional mediators of membrane protein integration, folding and assembly into large complexes. Their evolutionary conserved and physiologically important role appears to relate to the assembly of major energy-transducing membrane protein complexes.


Curr Opin Microbiol


van der Laan M,Nouwen NP,Driessen AJ




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  • Flexible genomic islands as drivers of genome evolution.

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  • Viral hijacking of the host ubiquitin system to evade interferon responses.

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  • Targeting the viral Achilles' heel: recognition of 5'-triphosphate RNA in innate anti-viral defence.

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  • Membrane trafficking and remodeling at the host-parasite interface.

    abstract::Membrane shape is functionally linked with many cellular processes. The limiting membrane of vacuoles containing Toxoplasma gondii and Plasmodium apicomplexan parasites lies at the host-parasite interface. This membrane comprises intra-vacuolar and extra-vacuolar tubulo-vesicular deformations, which influence host-par...

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  • Synthetic microbial communities.

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  • Superantigens of gram-positive bacteria: structure-function analyses and their implications for biological activity.

    abstract::Just as we thought that we know everything about superantigens, new molecular and structural studies indicate that we have only just begun to unravel the secrets of these fascinating molecules. Recent structure-function analysis of superantigens from Gram-positive bacteria, with emphasis on their interaction with majo...

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  • Bacterial solute uptake and efflux systems.

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  • Cell division is dispensable but not irrelevant in Streptomyces.

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  • Silencing of foreign DNA in bacteria.

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  • Control of bacterial colonization in the glands and crypts.

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  • Growth rate and cell size: a re-examination of the growth law.

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