Paced mating behavior in the female rat following lesions of three regions responsive to vaginocervical stimulation.


:The present study examines the effects of ibotenic acid lesions of the medial amygdala, the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis and the medial preoptic area on the display of paced mating behavior in female rats. Lesions of either the medial amygdala or the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis have no effect on the display of paced mating behaviors in ovariectomized, hormone-primed rats. In contrast, lesions of the medial preoptic area significantly lengthen contact-return latencies following intromissions and ejaculations and increase withdrawal from the male following intromissions. The present study demonstrates that the medial amygdala and the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis are not involved in the behavioral responses accompanying paced mating behavior, whereas the medial preoptic area is a critical component of the neural circuit mediating paced mating behavior as well as other appetitive aspects of mating.


Brain Res


Brain research


Guarraci FA,Megroz AB,Clark AS




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2004-02-27 00:00:00














  • Short-latency excitation of phrenic motor output mediated by non-NMDA receptors.

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  • Receptor blockade reveals a correspondence between hippocampal-dependent behavior and experience-dependent synaptic enhancement.

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  • Ischemic preconditioning reduces infarct volume after subdural hematoma in the rat.

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  • Losartan, nonpeptide angiotensin II-type 1 (AT1) receptor antagonist, attenuates pressor and sympathoexcitatory responses evoked by angiotensin II and L-glutamate in rostral ventrolateral medulla.

    abstract::We investigated the effect of losartan, a nonpeptide angiotensin II (Ang II)-type 1 (AT1) receptor antagonist, on the responses evoked by Ang II and L-glutamate (L-Glu) in the rostral ventrolateral medulla (RVLM). Adult spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) and Wistar-Kyoto (WKY) rats were anesthetized with halothane ...

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  • Localizing the corticospinal neurons in neonatal, developing and mature albino rat.

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  • Characteristics of a Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent binding of the Ca2+ channel antagonist, nitrendipine, to a postsynaptic density fraction isolated from canine cerebral cortex.

    abstract::Synaptic membrane (SM) and postsynaptic density (PSD) fractions isolated from the cerebral cortex (CTX) and cerebellum (CL) of the canine brain were found to contain one class of specific nitrendipine binding sites. The specific binding constants were: CTX-SM, Kd = 110 pM (Bmax = 126 fmol/mg protein); CTX-PSD, Kd = 20...

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  • Supersensitivity of analgesic responses to alpha 2-adrenergic agonists in genetically hypertensive rats.

    abstract::This study compared the responsivity of alpha 2-adrenoceptors to agonists in normotensive (WKY) and genetically hypertensive (SH) rats. Clonidine produced a greater degree of analgesia in SH as compared to WKY rats. This analgesia was antagonized by yohimbine. Neither naphazoline nor 4-hydroxy-clonidine produced analg...

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  • No evidence of brain cell degeneration after long-term sleep deprivation in rats.

    abstract::Sleep deprivation leads to cognitive impairments in humans and, if sustained for 2-3 weeks in rats, it is invariably fatal. It has been suggested that neural activity associated with waking, if it is not interrupted by periods of sleep, may damage brain cells through excitotoxic or oxidative mechanisms and eventually ...

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  • Increased [3H]glutamate receptor binding in aged rats.

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  • Participation of Rel/NF-kappaB transcription factors in long-term memory in the crab Chasmagnathus.

    abstract::The induction of gene expression has been correlated with long-lasting neuronal plasticity and long-term memory (LTM) formation. The fast activation of constitutive transcription factors by signaling mechanisms is thought to be the link between synaptic events and gene expression. However, only one constitutive transc...

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  • Distribution of the ganglioside GD3 in the human nervous system detected by R24 mouse monoclonal antibody.

    abstract::Immunohistochemical staining with mouse monoclonal antibody R24 recognizing the ganglioside GD3 was used to study the distribution of GD3 in the human brain. Positive staining was primarily found in the surrounding neuropil of many neuronal groups in the brainstem and spinal cord, cerebellum, retina and dentate gyrus ...

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  • Signalling events regulating the retrograde axonal transport of 125I-beta nerve growth factor in vivo.

    abstract::The molecular mechanisms regulating the retrograde axonal transport of nerve growth factor (NGF) are currently unknown. This study identifies some of the signalling events involved. The phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3-kinase) inhibitor wortmannin (1 nmol/eye) irreversibly inhibits the amount of 125I-betaNGF retrogradel...

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  • Modulation of nerve membrane sodium channel activation by deltamethrin.

    abstract::Deltamethrin is a highly potent pyrethroid insecticide that causes hypersensitivity, choreoathetosis, tremors, and paralysis in mammals. It is known to modify the sodium channel in such a way as to prolong the tail current associated with step repolarization following a depolarizing pulse. Using the axial-wire voltage...

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  • Potency ratios of morphine and morphine-6beta-glucuronide analgesia elicited from the periaqueductal gray, locus coeruleus or rostral ventromedial medulla of rats.

    abstract::The present study examined whether morphine and morphine-6beta-glucuronide (M6G) analgesia on the tail-flick and jump tests differed in potency in the periaqueductal gray, the locus coeruleus or the rostral ventromedial medulla. Morphine and M6G significantly and dose-dependently elicited analgesia on both nociceptive...

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  • Regulation of AQP4 protein expression in rat brain astrocytes: role of P2X7 receptor activation.

    abstract::ATP has been recognized as an important extracellular signaling molecule and P2X receptors are membrane ion channels activated by the binding of extracellular ATP. Since both AQP4 and P2X7 receptor (P2X7R) are known to be present in astrocytes, we examined whether P2X7R activation plays a role in the regulation of AQP...

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  • Delayed kindling epileptogenesis and increased neurogenesis in adult rats housed in an enriched environment.

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  • Further evidence for a central reorganisation of synaptic connectivity in patients with hypoglossal-facial anastomosis in man.

    abstract::In normal subjects, electrical stimulation of trigeminal mucosal afferents (lingual nerve - V3) can elicit a short latency (12.5+/-0. 3 ms; mean+/-S.D.) reflex response in the ipsilateral genioglossus muscle (Maisonobe et al., Reflexes elicited from cutaneous and mucosal trigeminal afferents in normal human subjects. ...

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  • Effect of gamma-hydroxybutyrate and its antagonist NCS-382 on spontaneous cell firing in the prefrontal cortex of the rat.

    abstract::Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) at low doses (5-10 mg/kg i.p.) increased and at high doses (160-320 mg/kg i.p.) decreased the spontaneous firing rate of prefrontal cortex (PFC) neurons recorded in urethane-anesthetized rats. Only excitations were blocked by NCS-382, a specific GHB receptor antagonist; this suggests that t...

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  • Activation of cell-survival signal Akt by GDNF in normal rat brain.

    abstract::Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) activates protein kinase Akt/PKB by phosphorylation (p-Akt) which plays key roles in cell survival. In the current study, we investigated a temporal expression of p-Akt by immunohistochemical analysis after a topical application of GDNF to normal cerebral hemisphere o...

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    authors: Jin G,Omori N,Li F,Sato K,Nagano I,Manabe Y,Shoji M,Abe K

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  • Stem cells distribution, cellular proliferation and migration in the adult Austrolebias charrua brain.

    abstract::Our previous studies demonstrated that Austrolebias charrua annual fish is an excellent model to study adult brain cell proliferation and neurogenesis due to the presence of active and fast neurogenesis in several regions during its short lifespan. Our main goal was to identify and localize the cells that compose the ...

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  • Involvement of bulbospinal pathways in the antinociceptive effect of clomipramine in the rat.

    abstract::The involvement of bulbospinal pathways in the antinociceptive effect of clomipramine in experimental pain was studied. The antinociceptive effect of the antidepressant (0.5 mg/kg), intravenously injected, was evaluated after a unilateral lesion of the dorsolateral funiculus. The results showed that this effect was su...

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