Functional genomics in Arabidopsis: large-scale insertional mutagenesis complements the genome sequencing project.


:The ultimate goal of genome research on the model flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana is the identification of all of the genes and understanding their functions. A major step towards this goal, the genome sequencing project, is nearing completion; however, functional studies of newly discovered genes have not yet kept up to this pace. Recent progress in large-scale insertional mutagenesis opens new possibilities for functional genomics in Arabidopsis. The number of T-DNA and transposon insertion lines from different laboratories will soon represent insertions into most Arabidopsis genes. Vast resources of gene knockouts are becoming available that can be subjected to different types of reverse genetics screens to deduce the functions of the sequenced genes.


Curr Opin Biotechnol


Parinov S,Sundaresan V




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  • Microbial production of diols as platform chemicals: recent progresses.

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  • Steps towards 'drop-in' biofuels: focusing on metabolic pathways.

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  • The use of adenoviral vectors for gene therapy and gene transfer in vivo.

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  • Biological hydrogen production by dark fermentation: challenges and prospects towards scaled-up production.

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  • Designer microbes for biosynthesis.

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  • Novel applications of the ubiquitin-dependent proteolytic pathway in plant genetic engineering.

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  • Novel biotechnological approaches to produce biological compounds: challenges and opportunities for science communication.

    abstract::Novel biotechnological approaches such as Metabolic Engineering (ME) and New Plant Breeding Techniques (NPBTs) are currently being developed to produce biological compounds for food and non-food products. NPBTs span a range of methods for in vivo production in crops, some of which are classified as GMOs while others a...

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  • Poxviruses as expression vectors.

    abstract::Poxviruses are widely used for the cytoplasmic expression of recombinant genes in mammalian cells. Recent improvements allow high expression and simplify the integration of multiple foreign genes. Vaccinia virus mutants and other poxviruses that undergo abortive infection in mammalian cells are receiving special atten...

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  • APOE is a major susceptibility gene for Alzheimer's disease.

    abstract::The initial report on APOE as a susceptibility gene for late-onset Alzheimer's disease was presented a little more than two years ago. During the past year, several significant events have given added impetus to research into Alzheimer's. The association of increased allele frequency of APOE4 with Alzheimer's disease ...

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  • Antibody discovery: phage display.

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  • Engineering nanoscale protein compartments for synthetic organelles.

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  • Advances in optical detection strategies for reporter signal measurements.

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  • Understanding cellular networks to improve hematopoietic stem cell expansion cultures.

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  • Systems biology approach to bioremediation.

    abstract::Bioremediation has historically been approached as a 'black box' in terms of our fundamental understanding. Thus it succeeds and fails, seldom without a complete understanding of why. Systems biology is an integrated research approach to study complex biological systems, by investigating interactions and networks at t...

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