Current initiatives for the validation of analytical methods for botanicals.


:The demand for validated analytical methods for botanicals has grown in response to the increasing consumer market for botanical supplements. Government initiatives to increase the availability of validated analytical methods and botanical reference material have led to the publication of numerous validation studies in scientific journals. Single laboratory validation and collaborative validation studies are structured to confirm a method's ruggedness and fit for purpose. The performance characteristics and statistical protocols followed throughout a validation study vary with the source of guidelines. Analytical techniques and priority methods are influenced by the need for fast-screening techniques, the limited availability of reference material, market value, and the prevalence of contaminants in botanical supplements.


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  • Engineering solventogenic clostridia.

    abstract::Solventogenic clostridia are strictly anaerobic, endospore forming bacteria that produce a large array of primary metabolites, like butanol, by anaerobically degrading simple and complex carbohydrates, including cellulose and hemicellulose. Two genomes have been sequenced and some genetic tools have been developed, bu...

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  • Why recombinant antibodies - benefits and applications.

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  • Systems biology approach to bioremediation.

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  • Customised nucleic acid libraries for enhanced aptamer selection and performance.

    abstract::Aptamers are short single-stranded oligo(deoxy)nucleotides that are selected to bind to target molecules with high affinity and specificity. Because of their sophisticated characteristics and versatile applicability, aptamers are thought to become universal molecular probes in biotechnological and therapeutic applicat...

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  • Human-on-chip for therapy development and fundamental science.

    abstract::Organ-on-chip systems integrate microfluidic technology and living cells to study human physiology and pathophysiology. These human in vitro models are promising substitutes for animal testing, and their small scale enables precise control of culture conditions and high-throughput experiments, which would not be econo...

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  • RNA nanostructures and scaffolds for biotechnology applications.

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  • Microfluidic platforms for the dynamic characterisation of synthetic circuitry.

    abstract::Generating novel functionality from well characterised synthetic parts and modules lies at the heart of synthetic biology. Ideally, circuitry is rationally designed in silico with quantitatively predictive models to predetermined design specifications. Synthetic circuits are intrinsically stochastic, often dynamically...

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  • Combinatorial biocatalysis: taking the lead from nature.

    abstract::Combinatorial biocatalysis is an emerging technology in the field of drug discovery. The biocatalytic approach to combinatorial chemistry uses enzymatic, chemoenzymatic, and microbial transformations to generate libraries from lead compounds. Important recent advances in combinatorial biocatalysis include iterative de...

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  • Biocatalytic synthesis of hydroxylated natural products using aldolases and related enzymes.

    abstract::Synthetic building blocks bearing hydroxylated chiral centers are important targets for biocatalysis. Many C-C bond forming enzymes have recently been investigated for new applications and new strategies towards the synthesis of natural products and related oxygenated compounds. Several old catalysts have been studied...

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  • Towards real-time monitoring of therapeutic protein quality in mammalian cell processes.

    abstract::Protein biopharmaceuticals are mainly produced in mammalian cells which can perform human-like post-translational modifications crucial to protein function. Subject to high variability, these critical quality attributes should be monitored and controlled during the manufacturing process. However, the large time requir...

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  • Shared mechanisms among probiotic taxa: implications for general probiotic claims.

    abstract::Strain-specificity of probiotic effects has been a cornerstone principle of probiotic science for decades. Certainly, some important mechanisms are present in only a few probiotic strains. But scientific advances now reveal commonalities among members of certain taxonomic groups of probiotic microbes. Some clinical be...

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  • Trade-offs between gene expression, growth and phenotypic diversity in microbial populations.

    abstract::Bacterial cells have a limited number of resources that can be allocated for gene expression. The intracellular competition for these resources has an impact on the cell physiology. Bacteria have evolved mechanisms to optimize resource allocation in a variety of scenarios, showing a trade-off between the resources use...

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  • Discovery of new enzymatic functions and metabolic pathways using genomic enzymology web tools.

    abstract::The continuing expansion of protein and genome sequence databases is an opportunity to identify novel enzymes with biotechnological applications. Whether applied to enzymology, chemical biology, systems biology, and microbiology, database mining must be 'user-friendly' so that experimentalists can devise focused strat...

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  • The microbe electric: conversion of organic matter to electricity.

    abstract::Broad application of microbial fuel cells will require substantial increases in current density. A better understanding of the microbiology of these systems may help. Recent studies have greatly expanded the range of microorganisms known to function either as electrode-reducing microorganisms at the anode or as electr...

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  • Directed evolution and synthetic biology applications to microbial systems.

    abstract::Biotechnology applications require engineering complex multi-genic traits. The lack of knowledge on the genetic basis of complex phenotypes restricts our ability to rationally engineer them. However, complex phenotypes can be engineered at the systems level, utilizing directed evolution strategies that drive whole bio...

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    authors: Bassalo MC,Liu R,Gill RT

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  • Logic of gene regulatory networks.

    abstract::Regulatory networks of transcription factors and signaling molecules lie at the heart of development. Their architecture implements logic functions whose execution propels cells from one regulatory state to the next, thus driving development forward. As an example of a subcircuit that translates transcriptional input ...

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  • Protein secretion in bacteria.

    abstract::Most secretory proteins are synthesized as precursors with an amino-terminal signal peptide. Genetic identification of proteins essential for signal peptide dependent translocation to the Escherichia coli periplasm has led to the biochemical dissection of the secretion pathway. Additional mechanisms exist in Gram-nega...

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  • Protein design in metabolic engineering and synthetic biology.

    abstract::Starting from experimental data on sequence, structure or biochemical properties of enzymes, protein design seeks to construct enzymes with desired activity, stability, specificity and selectivity. Two strategies are widely used to investigate sequence-structure-function relationships: statistical methods to analyse p...

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  • Antibody discovery: phage display.

    abstract::Phage display has proven to be a robust and convenient technology for the selection of high-quality human antibodies from diverse libraries. Besides enabling the identification of antibodies in a fast, high-throughput mode, which allows comprehensive protein expression analyses, phage display has been used to identify...

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  • Next generation sequencing and bioinformatic bottlenecks: the current state of metagenomic data analysis.

    abstract::The recent technological advances in next generation sequencing have brought the field closer to the goal of reconstructing all genomes within a community by presenting high throughput sequencing at much lower costs. While these next-generation sequencing technologies have allowed a massive increase in available raw s...

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  • Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy: technical innovations and novel applications.

    abstract::Recent years have seen the introduction of novel techniques and applications of total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy (TIRFM). Key technical achievements include miniaturization, enhanced depth resolution, reduction of detection volumes and the combination of TIRFM with other microscopic techniques. Novel ...

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  • Electron-capture dissociation tandem mass spectrometry.

    abstract::Electron capture dissociation (ECD) is a new fragmentation technique used in Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry and is complementary to traditional tandem mass spectrometry techniques. Disulfide bonds, normally stable to vibrational excitation, are preferentially cleaved in ECD. Fragmentation ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Zubarev RA

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  • Algae biofuels: versatility for the future of bioenergy.

    abstract::The world continues to increase its energy use, brought about by an expanding population and a desire for a greater standard of living. This energy use coupled with the realization of the impact of carbon dioxide on the climate, has led us to reanalyze the potential of plant-based biofuels. Of the potential sources of...

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    authors: Jones CS,Mayfield SP

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  • Growth factors as wound healing agents.

    abstract::Wound healing can no longer be considered a generic term: it is the summation of a complex series of processes beginning with coagulation and ending in remodelling. This review, therefore, summarizes the past year's advances in growth factor research according to the roles of the individual growth factors in the speci...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Robson MC

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  • Protein interaction databases.

    abstract::Life depends on the interaction of proteins. The availability of the complete human genome sequence has highlighted the need for a tool to analyse protein interactions and several databases have been compiled for this purpose. These databases document, categorize, and analyze interacting proteins and the cellular func...

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    authors: Xenarios I,Eisenberg D

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  • Road to precision: recombinase-based targeting technologies for genome engineering.

    abstract::In the past years, recombinase-based approaches for integrating transgenes into defined chromosomal loci of mammalian cells have gained increasing attention. This method is attractive since it enables to precisely integrate transgenes of interest into pre-defined integration sites, thereby allowing to predict the expr...

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    authors: Wirth D,Gama-Norton L,Riemer P,Sandhu U,Schucht R,Hauser H

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  • Emerging protein delivery methods.

    abstract::The efficient and safe delivery of therapeutic proteins is the key to commercial success and, in some cases, the demonstration of efficacy in current and future biotechnology products. Numerous delivery technologies and companies have evolved over the past year. To critically evaluate the available options, each metho...

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    authors: Cleland JL,Daugherty A,Mrsny R

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  • Selection of biologically active peptides by phage display of random peptide libraries.

    abstract::Random peptide libraries displayed on phage are used as a source of peptides for epitope mapping, for the identification of critical amino acids responsible for protein-protein interactions and as leads for the discovery of new therapeutics. Efficient and simple procedures have been devised to select peptides binding ...

    journal_title:Current opinion in biotechnology

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    authors: Cortese R,Monaci P,Luzzago A,Santini C,Bartoli F,Cortese I,Fortugno P,Galfrè G,Nicosia A,Felici F

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  • Trash to treasure: production of biofuels and commodity chemicals via syngas fermenting microorganisms.

    abstract::Fermentation of syngas is a means through which unutilized organic waste streams can be converted biologically into biofuels and commodity chemicals. Despite recent advances, several issues remain which limit implementation of industrial-scale syngas fermentation processes. At the cellular level, the energy conservati...

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  • Bypassing glycosylation: engineering aglycosylated full-length IgG antibodies for human therapy.

    abstract::In recent years a number of aglycosylated therapeutic antibodies have entered the clinic. The clinical evaluation of these antibodies has served to dispel concerns that the absence of the ubiquitous N297 glycan in the Fc of IgG might result in immunogenicity, poor in vivo stability or unfavorable pharmacokinetics. Imp...

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    authors: Jung ST,Kang TH,Kelton W,Georgiou G

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