RNA nanostructures and scaffolds for biotechnology applications.


:RNA plays important roles in the regulation of gene expressions and other cellular functions. It functions as both as an informational carrier and a nanomachine due to its complementary base-pairing ability and complexed three-dimensional structure. Several nanostructures have been designed and constructed by exploiting these natural RNA properties. In this review, we will introduce the design principles of RNA nanostructures and their biotechnology applications as molecular scaffolds. RNA-based molecular scaffolds can control the accumulation and interaction of target proteins at nanometer-scale to regulate the function of bacterial and mammalian cells. Combining useful property of RNA as a nano-material and a molecular scaffold may provide us powerful tools in biological research, bioengineering, and future medicine.


Curr Opin Biotechnol


Ohno H,Akamine S,Saito H




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  • Engineering nanoreactors using bacterial microcompartment architectures.

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  • Engineering solventogenic clostridia.

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  • Genetically encoded tools for RNA imaging in living cells.

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  • Biological hydrogen production by dark fermentation: challenges and prospects towards scaled-up production.

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  • Combined metal catalysis and biocatalysis for an efficient deracemization process.

    abstract::Driven by the demand to enhance the economic balance of chemical processes, the transformation of a racemate into a single stereoisomer (the deracemization process) is one of the most important areas of research. The recent development of the combined use of enzyme and metal catalysis has led to efficient deracemizati...

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  • Cranberry components for the therapy of infectious disease.

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  • Visualizing life with ambient mass spectrometry.

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  • Protein processing within the secretory pathway.

    abstract::Endoproteolytic cleavage of hormone and neuropeptide precursors, as well as many complex proteins, such as coagulation factors and viral glycoproteins, is a key process in the generation of bioactive polypeptides. These cleavages typically occur at the dibasic amino acid residues Lys-Arg or Arg-Arg. The enzymes respon...

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  • Protein fragment complementation strategies for biochemical network mapping.

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  • Bacterial persistence from a system-level perspective.

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  • Stable-isotope probing of DNA: insights into the function of uncultivated microorganisms from isotopically labeled metagenomes.

    abstract::Stable-isotope probing (SIP) of environmental genomic DNA allows populations in a natural microbial community to be identified through the incorporation of (13)C- or (15)N-labeled substrates into biomass. The isotopically labeled DNA is retrieved by density gradient centrifugation, and active microorganisms identified...

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  • Towards real-time monitoring of therapeutic protein quality in mammalian cell processes.

    abstract::Protein biopharmaceuticals are mainly produced in mammalian cells which can perform human-like post-translational modifications crucial to protein function. Subject to high variability, these critical quality attributes should be monitored and controlled during the manufacturing process. However, the large time requir...

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  • Structural analysis of proteins by laser desorption and electrospray mass spectrometry.

    abstract::The development of electrospray and matrix-assisted laser desorption mass spectrometry has provided protein chemists with tools for peptide and protein structure analysis with unprecedented sensitivity and molecular weight range. The two technologies can be viewed as competitive with respect to their molecular mass de...

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  • The evolution of IncP catabolic plasmids.

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  • Rapid, sensitive sequencing of oligosaccharides from glycoproteins.

    abstract::The release of sub-picomole levels of N-linked oligosaccharides directly from 1-5 micrograms of protein in a band on an SDS PAGE gel, coupled with recent advances in mass spectrometry and HPLC, opens the way for the analysis of biologically important glycoproteins that are difficult to purify or are available only in ...

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  • Advances in quantitative proteomics via stable isotope tagging and mass spectrometry.

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  • Human-on-chip for therapy development and fundamental science.

    abstract::Organ-on-chip systems integrate microfluidic technology and living cells to study human physiology and pathophysiology. These human in vitro models are promising substitutes for animal testing, and their small scale enables precise control of culture conditions and high-throughput experiments, which would not be econo...

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  • Biological approaches for controlling shellfish-associated pathogens.

    abstract::As the consumption of seafood and shellfish increases around the world, so is the incidence of associated outbreaks of illness. Various postharvest treatments are effective at killing seafood-associated bacteria, but most of these treatments also kill the mollusks. Because consumer preferences for raw live shellfish p...

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  • Oxygen-tolerant hydrogenases in hydrogen-based technologies.

    abstract::To develop a viable H2 technology, production of H2 has to be significantly enlarged by using renewable resources. One option of generating H2 is the photosynthetic conversion of sunlight and water directly to H2 and O2. Photosystems and hydrogenases are currently being exploited for the design of efficient H2-produci...

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  • Biopharmaceutical discovery and production in yeast.

    abstract::The selection of an expression platform for recombinant biopharmaceuticals is often centered upon suitable product titers and critical quality attributes, including post-translational modifications. Although notable differences between microbial, yeast, plant, and mammalian host systems exist, recent advances have gre...

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  • Recent trends in nanopores for biotechnology.

    abstract::Nanopore technology employs a nanoscale hole in an insulating membrane to stochastically sense with high throughput individual biomolecules in solution. The generality of the nanopore detection principle and the ease of single-molecule detection suggest many potential applications of nanopores in biotechnology. Recent...

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  • Heterologous biosynthesis as a platform for producing new generation natural products.

    abstract::Natural products have demonstrated value across numerous application areas, with antibiotics a notable historical example. Native cellular hosts provide an initial option in efforts to harness natural product production. However, various complexities associated with native hosts, including fastidious growth traits and...

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  • Atomic force microscopy for the study of membrane proteins.

    abstract::Fundamental biological processes such as cell-cell communication, signal transduction, molecular transport and energy conversion are performed by membrane proteins. These important proteins are studied best in their native environment, the lipid bilayer. The atomic force microscope (AFM) is the instrument of choice to...

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  • Decaying signals: will understanding bacterial-plant communications lead to control of soft rot?

    abstract::Soft rot pathogens cause significant losses worldwide in fruit and vegetable production during the growing season and after harvest. These pathogens engage in molecular interactions with their plant hosts via acyl-homoserine lactone (AHL) quorum sensing, pectin metabolites, phenolic acids, and auxin. The AHL-based int...

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  • Techniques for the experimental investigation of the protein corona.

    abstract::Due to its enormous relevance the corona formation of adsorbed proteins around nanoparticles is widely investigated. A comparison of different experimental techniques is given. Direct measurements of proteins, such as typically performed with mass spectrometry, will be compared with indirect analysis, in which instead...

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  • The flux and impact of wastewater infrastructure microorganisms on human and ecosystem health.

    abstract::Wastewater infrastructure is designed, in part, to remove microorganisms. However, many microorganisms are able to colonize infrastructure and resist treatment, resulting in an enormous flux of microorganisms to urban adjacent waters. These urban-associated microorganisms are discharged through three primary routes 1)...

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  • Customised nucleic acid libraries for enhanced aptamer selection and performance.

    abstract::Aptamers are short single-stranded oligo(deoxy)nucleotides that are selected to bind to target molecules with high affinity and specificity. Because of their sophisticated characteristics and versatile applicability, aptamers are thought to become universal molecular probes in biotechnological and therapeutic applicat...

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