Histone Acetylation Regulation in Sleep Deprivation-Induced Spatial Memory Impairment.


:Sleep disorders negatively affect cognition and health. Recent evidence has indicated that chromatin remodeling via histone acetylation regulates cognitive function. This study aimed to investigate the possible roles of histone acetylation in sleep deprivation (SD)-induced cognitive impairment. Results of the Morris water maze test showed that 3 days of SD can cause spatial memory impairment in Wistar rats. SD can also decrease histone acetylation levels, increase histone deacetylase 2 (HDAC2) expression, and decrease histone acetyltransferase (CBP) expression. Furthermore, SD can reduce H3 and H4 acetylation levels in the promoters of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (Bdnf) gene and thus significantly downregulate BDNF expression and impair the activity of key BDNF signaling pathways (pCaMKII, pErk2, and pCREB). However, treatment with the HDAC inhibitor trichostatin A attenuated all the negative effects induced by SD. Therefore, BDNF and its histone acetylation regulation may play important roles in SD-induced spatial memory impairment, whereas HDAC inhibition possibly confers protection against SD-induced impairment in spatial memory and hippocampal functions.


Neurochem Res


Neurochemical research


Duan R,Liu X,Wang T,Wu L,Gao X,Zhang Z




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    abstract::Axonal regeneration across the site of spinal cord lesion is often aborted in adult mammalian species. The use of DNA vaccine to nullify the inhibitory molecules has been shown to be effective in promoting axonal regeneration in injured spinal cord. The possible molecular mechanisms, however, remain to be elucidated. ...

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    abstract::Shape-shifting, a phenomenon wide-spread in folklore, refers to the ability to physically change from one identity to another, typically from an innocuous entity to a destructive one. The amino acid D-serine over the last 25 years has "shape-shifted" into several identities: a purported glial transmitter activating N-...

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