Shrunken head (tsantsa): a complete forensic analysis procedure.


:Based on the analysis of shrunken heads referred to our forensic laboratory for anthropological expertise, and data from both anthropological and medical literature, we propose a complete forensic procedure for the analysis of such pieces. A list of 14 original morphological criteria has been developed, based on the global aspect, color, physical deformation, anatomical details, and eventual associated material (wood, vegetal fibers, sand, charcoals, etc.). Such criteria have been tested on a control sample of 20 tsantsa (i.e. shrunken heads from the Jivaro or Shuar tribes of South America). Further complementary analyses are described such as CT-scan and microscopic examination. Such expertise is more and more asked to forensic anthropologists and practitioners in a context of global repatriation of human artifacts to native communities.


Forensic Sci Int


Charlier P,Huynh-Charlier I,Brun L,Hervé C,de la Grandmaison GL




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  • Estimating crime scene temperatures from nearby meteorological station data.

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  • Application of capillary electrophoresis to examination of color inkjet printing inks for forensic purposes.

    abstract::In the process of questioned document examination, the discrimination of inkjet printing inks is becoming more necessary due to increasingly frequent counterfeiting of documents printed by inkjet printers. Therefore, a method based on micellar electrophoretic capillary chromatography (MECC) has been developed and appl...

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  • Delayed death in sudden infant death syndrome: a San Diego SIDS/SUDC Research Project 15-year population-based report.

    abstract::A fraction of SIDS cases have death delayed by successful CPR, yet they have not been compared to SIDS cases which were found dead or not successfully resuscitated. Our aims were to: (1) determine the percent of SIDS cases in the San Diego SIDS Research Project database for whom death was delayed by CPR and subsequent...

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  • Analysis of 15 STR loci in Chinese population from Sichuan in West China.

    abstract::Allele frequencies for 15 STR loci found in PowerPlex 16 System kit were determined in a sample of 200 unrelated individuals living in Sichuan area in west China. The values of observed heterozygosity (Ho), power of discrimination (PD), probability of paternity exclusion (PE) and polymorphism information content (PIC)...

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  • Y-chromosomal SNP haplotype diversity in forensic analysis.

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  • Validation of the AMPFlSTR SGM plus system for use in forensic casework.

    abstract::The AMPFlSTR((R)) SGM Plus system is a commercially available STR multiplex produced by Applied Biosystems, a division of Perkin Elmer, Foster City, California, USA that supersedes SGM. The multiplex contains the six SGM loci, amelogenin and four additional loci. These additional loci are D3S1358, D19S433, D16S539 and...

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  • Experimental study of Lucilia sericata (Diptera Calliphoridae) larval development on rat cadavers: Effects of climate and chemical contamination.

    abstract::Household products such as bleach, gasoline or hydrochloric acid have been used to mask the presence of a cadaver or to prevent the colonization of insects. These types of chemicals affect insect development and alter the forensic entomology analysis. This study was designed to test the effects of six household produc...

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  • Microbial degradation of gasoline in soil: Effect of season of sampling.

    abstract::In cases where fire debris contains soil, microorganisms can rapidly and irreversibly alter the chemical composition of any ignitable liquid residue that may be present. In this study, differences in microbial degradation due to the season in which the sample is collected was examined. Soil samples were collected from...

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  • Determination of ring- and N-substituted amphetamines as heptafluorobutyryl derivatives.

    abstract::An improved derivatization method for analysing 12 ring- and N-substituted amphetamine-derivatives in body fluids or seized materials by gas chromatograph combined either with mass spectrometer, electron capture or nitrogen phosphorus detector is presented. Heptafluorobutyric anhydride is used as derivatization reagen...

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    authors: Lillsunde P,Korte T

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