The experimental and numerical study of indirect effect of a rifle bullet on the bone.


:We study the transient indirect effect of a rifle bullet on bone in the gelatin-bone composite target experimentally and computationally. The process of a 56 type 7.62-mm rifle bullet penetrating the composite target has been simulated using numerical method. The experiment provided the criteria for verifying the correctness of the numerical model. We have obtained tomographic data of bone by CT scans, and also defined the bone as different layers by the gray scale to simulate its heterogeneity. The computed results are in good agreement with the experimental data. Effects of the impact velocity and bone location on damage caused to the composite target have also been studied. The numerical results imply the follows: When the velocity of bullet increases, the stress on bone also increases with the earlier pressure peak; When the bone is located in a certain distance from the trajectory, it will not be fractured, although it is affected by the stress wave.


Forensic Sci Int


Zhang X,Xu C,Wen Y,Luo S




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  • Sex estimation using sternum part lenghts by means of artificial neural networks.

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  • Postmortem tissue distribution of acetyl fentanyl, fentanyl and their respective nor-metabolites analyzed by ultrahigh performance liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry.

    abstract::In the last two years, an epidemic of fatal narcotic overdose cases has occurred in the Tampa area of Florida. Fourteen of these deaths involved fentanyl and/or the new designer drug, acetyl fentanyl. Victim demographics, case histories, toxicology findings and causes and manners of death, as well as, disposition of f...

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  • A new individualization marker of semen: deoxyribonuclease I (DNase I) polymorphism.

    abstract::We describe a method for obtaining specific and reproducible deoxyribonuclease I (DNase I) typing from liquid semen. Isoelectric focusing of the enzymes on polyacrylamide gel (IEF-PAGE, pH 3.5-5) was accomplished using a 0.5-mm thick gel. The separated isozymes were visualized by a new activity staining method, dried ...

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  • Genotyping for DQA1 and PM loci in urine using PCR-based amplification: effects of sample volume, storage temperature, preservatives, and aging on DNA extraction and typing.

    abstract::Urine is often the sample of choice for drug screening in aviation/general forensic toxicology and in workplace drug testing. In some instances, the origin of the submitted samples may be challenged because of the medicolegal and socioeconomic consequences of a positive drug test. Methods for individualization of biol...

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  • Isolated viable rat cardiac myocytes as a tool for evaluating histochemical methods for diagnosis of myocardial ischemia. I. Mitochondria-bound oxidoreductases--a preliminary report.

    abstract::A pilot study has been performed to evaluate the usefulness of isolated viable rat cardiac myocytes in the evaluation of histochemical oxidoreductase methods for estimating cellular anoxic damage. Data are presented in support of the use of succinate dehydrogenase and beta-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase for evaluating ...

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    abstract::A liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry method with solid phase extraction for the detection and the quantitation of flufenoxuron in an aliquot of blood was developed and validated. Flufenoxuron belongs to a benzoylurea insecticide and is the active ingredient of Cascade™. The analyte in postmortem specimens ...

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  • Development and validation of a solid phase extraction sample cleanup procedure for the recovery of trace levels of nitro-organic explosives in soil.

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  • Hair as a source of forensic evidence in murder investigations.

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  • Toenails as an alternative source material for the extraction of DNA from decomposed human remains.

    abstract::The DNA identification of decomposed human remains for coronial investigations at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine routinely requires the retrieval and processing of a bone sample obtained from the deceased. Bone is a difficult sample type to work with as it requires surgical removal from the deceased, ref...

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  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of MDMA, MDEA, MA and amphetamine in urine by headspace/solid phase micro-extraction (SPME) and GC/MS.

    abstract::The results of qualitative and quantitative analysis of some amphetamines and their analogs isolated from urine samples by solid phase micro-extraction with polydimethylsiloxane fibers are reported. The analytical method employed was gas-chromatography/mass spectrometry of head space samples. ...

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  • A retrospective study of drugged driving in Norway.

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    abstract::Though the child abuse syndrome is usually considered to have been first described in the middle of the present century, references to child abuse occur throughout history and in the 19th century, detailed descriptions were published in the French medical literature. ...

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  • Comparison of practical techniques to develop latent fingermarks on fired and unfired cartridge cases.

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  • Techniques for siding manual phalanges.

    abstract::Identifying the anatomical origin of skeletal elements is a basic and important part of a forensic anthropological investigation, but techniques for determining the side and ray of the phalanges are conspicuously scarce in the physical anthropology literature. Features of particular phalanges are important to aspects ...

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  • A review of the optimisation of the use of formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue for molecular analysis in a forensic post-mortem setting.

    abstract::Molecular analyses in a post-mortem setting are becoming increasingly common, particularly in cases of sudden unexplained death, with the aim of identifying genetic mutations which may be responsible for causing death. In retrospective investigations, the access to suitable autopsy biological samples may be limited, a...

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  • DNA-testing for immigration cases: the risk of erroneous conclusions.

    abstract::Making the correct decision based on results from DNA analyses and other information in family reunification cases can be complicated for a number of reasons. These include stratified populations, cultural differences in family constellations, families with different population origin, and complicated family relations...

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  • Entrapment of drugs in dental calculus - Detection validation based on test results from post-mortem investigations.

    abstract::For prospective investigation of drugs and metabolites in archaeological and contemporary dental calculus, a sensitive, broadly applicable ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method using pneumatically assisted electrospray ionisation (UHPLC-ESI-MS/MS) was developed. The dental calcul...

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  • Cardiac failure due to epinephrine-secreting pheochromocytoma: clinical, laboratory and pathological findings in a sudden death.

    abstract::A rare case of cardiac failure due to hypertensive crisis in pheochromocytoma in a 25-year-old young man is presented. In the Emergency Department the patient complained of persisting headache and vomiting; he was distressed but fully alert, his heart rate was 110 b/min and blood pressure 180/80 mmHg. Few hours after ...

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  • Cytochrome P450 2D6 (CYP2D6) genotyping on postmortem blood as a supplementary tool for interpretation of forensic toxicological results.

    abstract::Debrisoquine hydroxylase (CYP2D6) is involved in the metabolism of many toxicologically important drugs. The gene encoding for this enzyme displays a polymorphic distribution in all populations examined. We report a study on 46 cases, where analyses of the CYP2D6 gene were conducted on postmortem femoral blood in orde...

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  • Fast screening tests for the simultaneous detection of 11 drugs of abuse in urine specimens. A forensic epidemiology study of 28,298 cases in Tunisia.

    abstract::Forensic investigation performed on people suspected to be drug abusers covering all Tunisian cities was conducted by monitoring an epidemiological study of human urine samples surveying positive rates of consumption for drugs of abuse. The forensic investigations were conducted on a total of 28,298 arrested individua...

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  • Terraskin® the paper made from stone: a study of a new writing support for forensic purposes.

    abstract::Can a mineral paper be called paper? Until now all known writing supports have been ancient stones and tablets, parchment, and paper of vegetable origin, such as papyrus and fiber pulp paper. Some years ago polymeric banknotes appeared in Australia, and in 2004 mineral paper (stone plus polymer) emerged as an ecologic...

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  • Detecting buried metallic weapons in a controlled setting using a conductivity meter.

    abstract::Forensic personnel may face a daunting task when searching for buried weapons at crime scenes or potential disposal sites. In particular, it is common to search for a small firearm that was discarded or buried by a perpetrator. When performing forensic searches, it is recommended to first use non-invasive methods such...

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  • Traumatology of the traffic accident--dead people for the safety in traffic.

    abstract::Since 1970, traumatomechanics has been a focal point in research at the Institute for Legal Medicine and Traffic Medicine in Heidelberg. Here, the main topics are the understanding of the interrelation between mechanical strain and the resulting degree of injury; at the forefront of all interest is the determination o...

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  • Formation of phosphatidylethanol from endogenous phosphatidylcholines in animal tissues from pig, calf, and goat.

    abstract::In the presence of alcohol, phosphatidylcholine (PC) is transformed to the direct alcohol biomarker phosphatidylethanol (PEth). This reaction is catalyzed by the enzyme phospholipase D (PLD) and dependent on substrate availability. As recent methods have solely focused on the determination of PEth, information about t...

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  • Ethnicity, age and disease-associated variation in body fluid-specific CpG sites in a diverse South African cohort.

    abstract::Tissue-specific differential DNA methylation has been an attractive target for the development of markers for discrimination of body fluids found at crime scenes. Though mostly stable, DNA methylation patterns have been shown to vary between different ethnic groups, in different age groups as well as between healthy a...

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