Up-regulation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma in radiation-induced heart injury in rats.


:To explore the expression level and the role of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPAR-γ) in radiation-induced heart injury in a rat model, thirty-two Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into three groups (the control group, the 15-Gy irradiation group and the 18-Gy irradiation group). Experimental animals were exposed to radiation generated by a linear accelerator at the chest and killed after 3 months. Heart tissues from these animals were removed for Masson staining, PPAR-γ immunohistochemical staining, Western blot analysis and real-time polymerase chain reaction assay (RT-PCR). In addition, the protein expression of matrix metalloprotein-1 (MMP-1), tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 (TIMP-1) and transforming growth factor type beta1 (TGF-β1), all of which are associated with fibrosis, was measured. Masson staining revealed significant myocardial fibrosis, degeneration and necrosis in rats exposed to radiation. The results of immunohistochemical staining and Western blot analysis showed that PPAR-γ protein expression in hearts of the irradiation groups was significantly higher than in the control group, especially in myocardium and vascular endothelial (p < 0.05). RT-PCR results also showed a parallel increase in PPAR-γ mRNA expression in the heart of the irradiation groups compared with the control group (p < 0.05). The expression of MMP-1 protein was not significantly different in three groups (p > 0.05). The expression of TIMP-1 and TGF-β1 proteins was, however, higher in two irradiation groups than in the control group (p < 0.05). These data demonstrate that PPAR-γ expression is up-regulated on both mRNA and protein levels in heart injured by radiation. PPAR-γ may play an important role in radiation-induced heart injury.


Radiat Environ Biophys


Gao S,Wu R,Zeng Y




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  • Measurement of resuspended aerosol in the Chernobyl area. Part III. Size distribution and dry deposition velocity of radioactive particles during anthropogenic enhanced resuspension.

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  • Cellular and tissue responses to heavy ions: basic considerations.

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  • Statistical methods in regression and calibration analysis of chromosome aberration data.

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  • Measurement of resuspended aerosol in the Chernobyl area. I. Discussion of instrumentation and estimation of measurement uncertainty.

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  • Age-adjustment in experimental animal data and its application to lung cancer in radon-exposed rats.

    abstract::Procedures for age-adjustment of cancer fractions are proposed which do not require fixed age intervals. The full available information on survival times can then be used, which is especially important in small treatment groups. For incidental cancers a non-decreasing prevalence function and for fatal cancers the Kapl...

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  • Simplified Bayesian method: application in cytogenetic biological dosimetry of mixed n + γ radiation fields.

    abstract::This article describes the application of a simplified Bayesian method for estimation of doses from a mixed field using cytogenetic biological dosimetry, taking as an example neutron and gamma radiation emitted from the MARIA nuclear research reactor in Poland. The Bayesian approach is a good alternative to the common...

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  • Decrease of total activity with time at long distances from a nuclear accident or explosion.

    abstract::Two data groups were analyzed: (1) the exposure rate in the former Czechoslovakia after the Chernobyl accident in 1986, and (2) the decrease of beta activity of an atmospheric fallout sample taken in Bratislava during 24 h on 30 May 1965. Both quantities decreased with the first power of time. This pattern of decrease...

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  • Occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields and adult leukaemia: a review of the epidemiological evidence.

    abstract::The relationship between occupational exposure to extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields and adult leukaemia has been studied extensively during the last decade. The first studies were based on crude exposure assessments, estimated through job titles, with no or only limited control confounding factors. The re...

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  • Senior interventional cardiologists are exposed to higher effective doses than other staff members.

    abstract::Those working in interventional cardiology are exposed to varying radiation doses during diagnostic and interventional procedures. The work presented in this paper aimed to monitor the effective doses received by different categories of medical staff members practicing interventional cardiology procedures including se...

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  • Extracellular calcium and microwave enhancement of membrane conductance in snail neurons.

    abstract::Microwave irradiation has been shown to decrease the input resistance of snail neurons. In this study, we examined the role of extracellular calcium in triggering the microwave-induced enhancement of membrane conductance. Two sets of experiments were conducted. In the first set, nerve cells were superfused using Ringe...

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  • Radionuclide transfer to marine biota species: review of Russian language studies.

    abstract::An extensive programme of experiments on transfer of radionuclides to aquatic species was conducted in the former USSR starting from the early 1950s. Only a few of these studies were made available in the English language literature or taken into account in international reviews of radionuclide behaviour in marine eco...

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  • Correlation between initial chromatid damage and survival of various cell lines exposed to heavy charged particles.

    abstract::The biophysical characteristics of heavy ions make them a rational source of radiation for use in radiotherapy of malignant tumours. Prior to radiotherapy treatment, a therapeutic regimen must be precisely defined, and during this stage information on individual patient radiosensitivity would be of very great medical ...

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  • Impact assessment of ionizing radiation on human and non-human biota from the vicinity of a near-surface radioactive waste repository.

    abstract::This work describes the radiological assessment of the near-surface Maisiagala radioactive waste repository (Lithuania) over the period 2005-2012, with focus on water pathways and special emphasis on tritium. The study includes an assessment of the effect of post-closure upgrading, the durability of which is greater t...

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  • Alteration of mtDNA copy number, mitochondrial gene expression and extracellular DNA content in mice after irradiation at lethal dose.

    abstract::High steady-state transcriptional activity is essential for normal mitochondrial function. The requisite transcription rate is satisfied in part by high copy number of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). In the present study, we analyze mtDNA copy number by real-time PCR in nucleated blood cells from control mice and mice expo...

    journal_title:Radiation and environmental biophysics

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    authors: Evdokimovsky EV,Ushakova TE,Kudriavtcev AA,Gaziev AI

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  • The effect of high energy electron irradiation on blood-brain barrier permeability to haloperidol and stobadin in rats.

    abstract::The heads of rats were irradiated by 4 MeV electrons in doses 90, 180, and 360 Gy. The observed times of deaths ranged 120-600, 60-420, and 150-370 min after 90, 180, and 360 Gy, respectively. A dose dependent decrease of the brain uptake index of haloperidol was observed 1 and 3 h post radiation. On the other hand an...

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  • Developmental toxicity and oxidative stress induced by gamma irradiation in zebrafish embryos.

    abstract::This study aimed to evaluate the biological effects of gamma irradiation on zebrafish embryos. Different doses of gamma rays (0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5 and 1 Gy) were used to irradiate zebrafish embryos at three developmental stages (stage 1, 6 h post-fertilization (hpf); stage 2, 12 hpf; stage three, 24 hpf), respectively...

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  • Criteria of applicability for autoradiography of tritium.

    abstract::Autoradiography is an effective tool for the imaging of radionuclide distributions in various samples. In sophisticated applications with special preparation and development of sample-emulsion combinations and subsequent grain counts it can be highly quantitative, but it requires carefully controlled conditions and a ...

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  • Rate constants studies of the dye-sensitized photoinactivation of lysozyme.

    abstract::The rate constants for the photodynamic inactivation of hen egg-white lysozyme at different temperatures were studied. Arrhenius plots of the methylene blue sensitized photo-inactivation of lysozyme gave an experimental activation energy of 7.5 kcal/mol. The rate constants for the photodynamic inactivation of lysozyme...

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  • Reconstruction of the contamination of the Techa River in 1949-1951 as a result of releases from the "Mayak" Production Association.

    abstract::More accurate reconstruction of the radioactive contamination of the Techa River system in 1949-1951 has been made on the basis of refined data on the amounts and the rate of discharge of radionuclides into the Techa River from the Mayak Production Association; this has led to the development of a modified Techa River...

    journal_title:Radiation and environmental biophysics

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    authors: Shagina NB,Vorobiova MI,Degteva MO,Peremyslova LM,Shishkina EA,Anspaugh LR,Napier BA

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  • Development and testing of a revised dynamic model of radiocaesium transfer to sheep tissues.

    abstract::The model of radiocaesium transfer to sheep presented by Galer et al. provides reliable predictions only for sheep of a similar body weight to those used in the development of the model (approximately 30 kg). To extend the applicability of the model, it was necessary to re-parameterise it in terms of activity concentr...

    journal_title:Radiation and environmental biophysics

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    authors: Crout NM,Beresford NA,Howard BJ,Mayes RW,Assimakopoulos PA,Vandecasteele CM

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  • 125Iodine decay in DNA: a discussion of its effectiveness for the breaking of DNA strands.

    abstract::125I incorporated in DNA is known to be exceptionally toxic. Values of D0 range from about 40 to about 90 decays for survival of mammalian cells. The effectiveness of 125I in DNA with respect to the induction of breaks of the DNA strands, however, appears to be comparatively low. The numbers of strand breaks per energ...

    journal_title:Radiation and environmental biophysics

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    authors: Tisljar-Lentulis G,Schneeweiss FH,Feinendegen LE

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  • 5-Fluorouracil treatment after irradiation impairs recovery of bone marrow functions.

    abstract::In mice, persisting radiation-induced growth retardation of hematopoietic tissue suggested that at least part of the surviving stem cells are genetically injured. Additional mitotic stress some time after the radiation insult might remove injured stem cells, thus improving the overall recovery of the irradiated bone m...

    journal_title:Radiation and environmental biophysics

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    authors: von Wangenheim KH,Peterson HP,Cronkite EP,Feinendegen LE

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  • p53-independent apoptosis in UV-irradiated mouse skin: possible inhibition by 50 Hz magnetic fields.

    abstract::Our recent results suggest that 50 Hz magnetic fields (MF) enhance ultraviolet (UV)-induced tumorigenesis in mouse skin. The aim of the present experiment was to study suppression of apoptosis as a possible mechanism for MF effects on skin tumorigenesis. Another aim was to test the importance of a UV and MF exposure s...

    journal_title:Radiation and environmental biophysics

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    authors: Kumlin T,Heikkinen P,Kosma VM,Alhonen L,Jänne J,Juutilainen J

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  • Preclinical radiobiology with pions: RBE--values for mouse skin damage as a function of single doses of pions.

    abstract::The macroscopic reaction of the mouse skin was used to derive RBE values for negative pi-Mesons. Hind limbs of mice were irradiated with pions or X-rays. The pions were produced by the 590 MeV accelerator of the Schweizerisches Institut für Nuklearforschung (SIN). Early reaction was assessed over a period of 6--30 day...

    journal_title:Radiation and environmental biophysics

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    authors: Fröhlich EM,Blattmann H,Pfister L,Cordt I,Zehnder J,Fritz-Niggli H

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  • On the mechanism of 60-Hz electric field induced effects in Pisum sativum L. roots: vertical field exposures.

    abstract::Roots of Pisum sativum L. were chronically exposed to 60-Hz vertical electric fields ranging from 150 to 450V/m in an aqueous medium whose conductivity was approximately 0.07 S/m. Control and exposed roots were grown concomitantly in the same tank whose medium was continuously circulated and maintained at 19 degrees C...

    journal_title:Radiation and environmental biophysics

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    authors: Miller MW,Dooley DA,Cox C,Carstensen EL

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  • Gamma-ray spectrometry of humans at the University of Utah.

    abstract::A human total-body counter was designed and built with two 20 X 10 cm NaI (Tl) crystals suspended over an "isoresponse surface" upon which the subject reclines. This surface is curved from head to knee and from left to right, so that a gamma-ray emitting object is detected with equal efficiency when placed anywhere up...

    journal_title:Radiation and environmental biophysics

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    authors: Lloyd RD,Mays CW,Taysum DH

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  • Leukemia incidence among people exposed to chronic radiation from the contaminated Techa River, 1953-2005.

    abstract::Beginning in 1950, people living on the banks of the Techa River received chronic low-dose-rate internal and external radiation exposures as a result of releases from the Mayak nuclear weapons plutonium production facility in the Southern Urals region of the Russian Federation. The Techa River cohort includes about 30...

    journal_title:Radiation and environmental biophysics

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    authors: Krestinina L,Preston DL,Davis FG,Epifanova S,Ostroumova E,Ron E,Akleyev A

    更新日期:2010-05-01 00:00:00

  • Microcalorimetric investigation of the metabolism of yeasts. V. Influence of ploidy on growth and metabolism.

    abstract::Microcalorimetric experiments on growth and maintenance metabolism of Saccharomyces strains ranging from haploid to hexaploid are described. During growth, the mean dry weight, the mean volume and the maximum heat flux of the cells are nearly linear functions of ploidy. These parameters are correlated with the cell co...

    journal_title:Radiation and environmental biophysics

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    authors: Lamprecht I,Schaarschmidt B,Welge G

    更新日期:1976-03-30 00:00:00

  • Ionization-cluster distributions of alpha-particles in nanometric volumes of propane: measurement and calculation.

    abstract::The probability of the formation of ionization clusters by primary alpha-particles at 5.4 MeV in nanometric volumes of propane was studied experimentally and by Monte Carlo simulation, as a function of the distance between the center line of the particle beam and the center of the target volume. The volumes were of cy...

    journal_title:Radiation and environmental biophysics

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    authors: De Nardo L,Colautti P,Conte V,Baek WY,Grosswendt B,Tornielli G

    更新日期:2002-12-01 00:00:00

  • Lifetime study in mice after acute low-dose ionizing radiation: a multifactorial study with special focus on cataract risk.

    abstract::Because of the increasing application of ionizing radiation in medicine, quantitative data on effects of low-dose radiation are needed to optimize radiation protection, particularly with respect to cataract development. Using mice as mammalian animal model, we applied a single dose of 0, 0.063, 0.125 and 0.5 Gy at 10 ...

    journal_title:Radiation and environmental biophysics

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    authors: Dalke C,Neff F,Bains SK,Bright S,Lord D,Reitmeir P,Rößler U,Samaga D,Unger K,Braselmann H,Wagner F,Greiter M,Gomolka M,Hornhardt S,Kunze S,Kempf SJ,Garrett L,Hölter SM,Wurst W,Rosemann M,Azimzadeh O,Tapio S,Au

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