Genetic mechanisms of formation of radiation-induced instability of the genome and its transgenerational effects in the descendants of chronically irradiated individuals of Drosophila melanogaster.


:The article is devoted to the study of the role of intracellular mechanisms in the formation of radiation-induced genetic instability and its transgenerational effect in cells of different tissues of the descendants of Drosophila melanogaster mutant strains whose parents were exposed to chronic radiation (0.42 and 3.5 mGy/h). The level of DNA damage (alkali-labile sites (ALS), single-strand (SSB) and double-strand (DSB) breaks) in cells of somatic (nerve ganglia, imaginal discs) and generative (testis) tissues from directly irradiated animals and their unirradiated offspring was evaluated. Confident transgenerational instability (on the level of ALSs and SSBs), observed only in somatic tissues and only at the higher dose rate, is characteristic for mus209 mutant strains defective in excision repair and, less often, for mus205 and mus210 mutant strains. The greatest manifestation of radiation-induced genetic instability was found in evaluating the DSBs. Dysfunction of the genes mus205, mus304, mei-9 and mei-41, which are responsible for postreplicative repair, excision repair, recombination and control of the cell cycle, affects transgenerational changes in the somatic tissues of the offspring of parents irradiated in both low and high dose rates. In germ cells, the key role in maintaining genetic stability under chronic irradiation is played by the non-recombination postreplication repair mus101 gene. We revealed the tissue specificity of the radiation-induced effects, transgenerational transmission and accumulation of DNA damage to descendants of chronically irradiated animals.


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  • Influence of stable iodine on the transfer of 131I into cows' milk.

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  • ROS release and Hsp70 expression after exposure to 1,800 MHz radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in primary human monocytes and lymphocytes.

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  • Effects of lithium chloride as a potential radioprotective agent on radiation response of DNA synthesis in mouse germinal cells.

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  • Cosmic radiation and cancer mortality among airline pilots: results from a European cohort study (ESCAPE).

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  • Genetic effect of low doses of radiation in occupationally exposed workers in coal mines and in coal fired plants.

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  • Temperature dependent modification of radiosensitivity following hypoxic cytocidal action of chlorpromazine.

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  • NOREC, a Monte Carlo code for simulating electron tracks in liquid water.

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  • Temporarily increased TGFβ following radon spa correlates with reduced pain while serum IL-18 is a general predictive marker for pain sensitivity.

    abstract::Sustained pain relief following radon spa therapy in patients suffering from chronic painful diseases has been well described. But still, the underlying mechanisms are not fully understood. We conducted the prospective and explorative RAD-ON01 study which included 103 patients who suffered from chronic painful musculo...

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  • Radionuclide transfer to marine biota species: review of Russian language studies.

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  • Effect of negative pions, relative to 140 kV -- 29 MeV photons and 20 MeV electrons, on proliferation of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells.

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  • The influence of the channel size on the reduction of side effects in microchannel proton therapy.

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  • Neutron relative biological effectiveness for solid cancer incidence in the Japanese A-bomb survivors: an analysis considering the degree of independent effects from γ-ray and neutron absorbed doses with hierarchical partitioning.

    abstract::It has generally been assumed that the neutron and γ-ray absorbed doses in the data from the life span study (LSS) of the Japanese A-bomb survivors are too highly correlated for an independent separation of the all solid cancer risks due to neutrons and due to γ-rays. However, with the release of the most recent data ...

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  • p53-independent apoptosis in UV-irradiated mouse skin: possible inhibition by 50 Hz magnetic fields.

    abstract::Our recent results suggest that 50 Hz magnetic fields (MF) enhance ultraviolet (UV)-induced tumorigenesis in mouse skin. The aim of the present experiment was to study suppression of apoptosis as a possible mechanism for MF effects on skin tumorigenesis. Another aim was to test the importance of a UV and MF exposure s...

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  • Ionizing radiation-induced structural modification of human red blood cells.

    abstract::The effect of gamma radiation on red blood cells have been examined using a spin labeling method. For this purpose two spin labels were used to monitor membrane fluidity: methyl 5-doxylpalmitate (Met 5-DP) and methyl 12-doxylstearate (Met 12-DS). The irradiation of red cells with the doses of 200 and 500 Gy caused dec...

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  • Photoproducts generated from hematoporphyrin under high-intensity picosecond flash photolysis. Evidences for involvement of biophotonic processes.

    abstract::Hematoporphyrin (Hp) solutions were subjected to a wide range high intensity (0.2-10.0 GW/cm2) near-UV laser pulse radiation (lambda exc = 355 nm, pulse duration 30 ps). The formation of stable Hp photoproducts was followed by UV-VIS absorption spectroscopy and liquid-gel column chromatography. As judged by the influe...

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  • Differential effects of genes of the Rb1 signalling pathway on osteosarcoma incidence and latency in alpha-particle irradiated mice.

    abstract::Osteosarcoma is the most frequent secondary malignancy following radiotherapy of patients with bilateral retinoblastoma. This suggests that the Rb1 tumour suppressor gene might confer genetic susceptibility towards radiation-induced osteosarcoma. To define the contribution of the Rb1 pathway in the multistep process o...

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  • Meta-analysis of case-control studies on the relationship between lung cancer and indoor radon exposure.

    abstract::Indoor exposure to natural radon is a factor that influences lung cancer risk worldwide. The present study includes a meta-analysis of epidemiological data on the relationship between lung cancer and indoor radon. Altogether, 31 case-control studies with 20,703 cases, 34,518 controls and 140 individual odds ratio (OR)...

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  • A method for determining weights for excess relative risk and excess absolute risk when applied in the calculation of lifetime risk of cancer from radiation exposure.

    abstract::Radiation-related risks of cancer can be transported from one population to another population at risk, for the purpose of calculating lifetime risks from radiation exposure. Transfer via excess relative risks (ERR) or excess absolute risks (EAR) or a mixture of both (i.e., from the life span study (LSS) of Japanese a...

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  • On the mechanism of 60-Hz electric field induced effects in Pisum sativum L. roots: vertical field exposures.

    abstract::Roots of Pisum sativum L. were chronically exposed to 60-Hz vertical electric fields ranging from 150 to 450V/m in an aqueous medium whose conductivity was approximately 0.07 S/m. Control and exposed roots were grown concomitantly in the same tank whose medium was continuously circulated and maintained at 19 degrees C...

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  • The effects of simulating a realistic eye model on the eye dose of an adult male undergoing head computed tomography.

    abstract::In head computed tomography, radiation upon the eye lens (as an organ with high radiosensitivity) may cause lenticular opacity and cataracts. Therefore, quantitative dose assessment due to exposure of the eye lens and surrounding tissue is a matter of concern. For this purpose, an accurate eye model with realistic geo...

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  • The action of ionizing radiation on DNA in the presence of quinacrine. I. UV absorption and fluorescence measurements.

    abstract::It is shown by UV absorption and absolute fluorescence spectroscopy of solutions containing both DNA and quinacrine that the components experience mutual radio-protection due to scavenging of water radicals. From measurements at different ionic strengths it is inferred that quinacrine bound to DNA is more efficiently ...

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  • A comparative kinetic study on the conversion of fluoresceindiacetate to fluorescein in living cells and in vitro.

    abstract::The kinetics of fluoresceindiacetate (FDA)-hydrolysis in erythrocytes, CHO-cells and homogenized cells was investigated by means of fluorescence spectroscopy. At a 10(-6)m FDA concentration the enzymatic conversion in the homogenized cells can be described by first order reactions. When studying intact cells, total ki...

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    authors: Sontag W

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  • Studies on incorporated short-lived beta-emitters with regard to the induction of late effects.

    abstract::The rare earth radionuclides 177 Lu and 153Sm were administered as single i.p. injections in NMRI mice. Lu was deposited principally (up to 60%) in the skeleton if the quantity of stable carrier was low. Increase of stable carrier enhanced deposition in the reticulo-endothelial system. Sm was preferentially deposited ...

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    authors: Müller WA,Scháffer EH,Linzner U

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  • Effects of sparsely and densely ionizing radiation on plants.

    abstract::One of the main purposes leading botanists to investigate the effects of ionizing radiations is to understand plant behaviour in space, where vegetal systems play an important role for nourishment, psychological support and functioning of life support systems. Ground-based experiments have been performed with particle...

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    authors: De Micco V,Arena C,Pignalosa D,Durante M

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  • Oxygenation of malignant tumors after localized microwave hyperthermia.

    abstract::The oxyhemoglobin saturation (HbO2) of single red blood cells within tumor microvessels (diameter: 3-12 micrometers) of DS-Carcinosarcoma was studied using a cryophotometric micromethod. In untreated control tumors (mean tissue temperature approx. 35 degrees C) the measured values scattered over the whole saturation r...

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