Fixation, retention and exhalation of carrier-free 11C-labeled carbon monoxide by man.


:Carrier-free 11C-labeled carbon monoxide was produced by proton irradiation of a nitrogen gas flow target via the 14N(p, alpha)11C process followed by on-line reduction of the predominantly formed 11C-carbon dioxide with a yield of 0.4 mCi/muAmin. After appropriate quality control about 2 mCi of carrier-free 11C-carbon monoxide in 500 ml on nitrogen gas were inhaled by test subjects in one breath. The 11C-activity distribution was then followed in vivo by scanning above thorax, head, liver, thigh and os sacrum; simultaneously the 11c-activity of the blood was also followed by batch measurement. The data indicate that part of the 11C-activity migrates from the blood into the intercellular space, while another part is exhaled. The 11C-activity leaves the individual organs with a biological half-life ranging from about 120 to 200 min, a time which is short as compared to the one observed for 51Cr-labeled erythrocytes. A radio gas chromatographic analysis of the exhaled air showed that the 11C-activity leaves the body exculsively in the form of 11C-labeled carbon monoxide. Consequently, metabolism of the 11CO into 11CO2 or other compounds can be excluded.


Radiat Environ Biophys


Weinreich R,Ritzl F,Feinendegen LE,Schnippering HG,Stöcklin G





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1975-12-04 00:00:00












  • Trends in infant leukaemia in West Germany in relation to in utero exposure due to Chernobyl accident.

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  • Cause-of-death registers in radiation-contaminated areas of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

    abstract::Since the early 1990s, information on radiation-exposed populations other than those exposed from the Chernobyl accident in 1986 has become increasingly available for international scientific research. It is essential to understand how the cohorts of exposed populations have been defined and what mechanisms can be use...

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  • Radiobiological data for clinical dosimetry in pion tumour therapy.

    abstract::Ehrlich ascites tumour cells were irradiated with negative pions at different positions in the plateau and the peak of the depth absorbed dose curve. Dose-survival curves for immediate testing of the viability of the cells are given and are compared with other types of radiations in use for therapy. From the data obta...

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