Measurement of the magnetic fields of high-voltage substations (230 kV) in Tehran (Iran) and comparison with the ACGIH threshold limit values.


:Measurements were made according to IEEE standard 644-1994 at a height of 1 m above floor level. It is concluded that none of the measurements exceeded the ACGIH threshold limit value. Among all control rooms the highest measured density amount is 0.69 μT in the control room of Ozgol substation and the lowest is 0.2 μT in the post of Shahid Firouzi. The control room of Ozgol substation is located in the second floor and bus-bars are located at a short distance from the window on the east, and so the highest recorded magnetic field is measured in this control room. Among all switchgear parts the highest amount 9.15 μT is measured in Kan substation. None of the measurements exceeded the ACGIH threshold limit value.


Radiat Prot Dosimetry


Fard MS,Nasiri P,Monazzam MR




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  • Novel developments in the MOSFET dosemeter for neutron dosimetry applications.

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  • Supine linac treatment versus tomotherapy in craniospinal irradiation: planning comparison and dosimetric evaluation.

    abstract::Craniospinal irradiation (CSI) is the standard treatment of primary intracranial tumour with risk of leptomeningeal dissemination. However, supine setup field-in-field technique does not need inter-fractional junction shift. Recently, the studies of CSI with tomotherapy showed excellent target coverage and tolerable n...

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    abstract::International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) established the framework for the use of exposure index (EI) for evaluating the exposure conditions with various digital systems. In this study, we investigated the feasibility of EI, as per the IEC, by comparing the EIs obtained through manual calculated and that displa...

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  • AVIDOS--a software package for European accredited aviation dosimetry.

    abstract::AVIDOS is a computer code used for the dose assessment of aircraft crew exposed to cosmic radiation. The code employs a multiparameter model built upon simulations of cosmic radiation exposure done using the FLUKA Monte Carlo code. AVIDOS calculates both ambient dose equivalent H*(10) and effective dose E for flight r...

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  • The use of a figure-of-merit (FOM) for optimisation in digital mammography: a literature review.

    abstract::The use of image quality parameters in digital mammography such as contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR), signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and detective quantum efficiency (DQE) has been widespread, with the intention of detector evaluation and/or quantitative evaluation of the system performance. These parameters are useful in en...

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    abstract::The aim of the study is to make a comparison of daily 238U excretion in urine among 115 active uranium miners and its modeled values obtained from inhalation intake of long-lived alpha emitters as measured by personal dosemeters and assessed by biokinetic models for different absorption parameters settings for inhaled...

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  • Comparison of two JAERI phantoms and the problems discovered.

    abstract::During the course of an intercomparison exercise it was possible to compare two JAERI phantoms with each other by using a multi-energy photon emitting lung set (241Am/152Eu). One belonged to the IAEA (Vienna), the other belonged to the Human Monitoring Laboratory (Ottawa). The intercomparison of the phantoms showed th...

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  • Dose assessment from activated sodium within a body in criticality accidents.

    abstract::Some data were derived using recent sophisticated methods to rapidly convert specific activity of induced 24Na to average dose over a whole body in criticality accidents. Monte Carlo calculations using the MCNP-4B code were performed to study energy spectra of neutrons and gamma rays for some criticality systems with ...

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  • Shortening the culture time in cytogenetic dosimetry using PCC-R assay.

    abstract::The fast assessment of the dose received by exposed persons is crucial in radiological accidents, so the 48 h of cell culture in conventional cytogenetic dosimetry in addition to some limitations after high doses becomes a disadvantage. The premature chromosome condensation (PCC) assay permits to analyse enough cells ...

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  • Assessment of the Absorbed Dose in the Kidney of Nuclear Nephrology Paediatric Patients using ICRP Biokinetic Data and Monte Carlo Simulations with Mass-Scaled Paediatric Voxel Phantoms.

    abstract::The aim of this work is to use Monte Carlo simulations and VOXEL phantoms to estimate the absorbed dose in paediatric patients (aged from 2 weeks to 16 y), with normal renal function, to whom technetium-99m-dimercaptosuccinic acid (99mTc-DMSA) was administered, for diagnostic renal scintigraphy purposes; and compare t...

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  • Evaluation of occupational exposure to naturally occurring radioactive materials in the Iranian ceramics industry.

    abstract::Zircon contains small amounts of uranium, thorium and radium in its crystalline structure. The ceramic industry is one of the major consumers of zirconium compounds that are used as an ingredient at ∼10-20 % by weight in glaze. In this study, seven different ceramic factories have been investigated regarding the prese...

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  • Dose distribution in the Russian Segment of the International Space Station.

    abstract::Absorbed dose and average linear energy transfer (LET) were assessed by means of (7)LiF:Mg,Ti (TLD-700) thermoluminescent (TL) detectors for different panels on-board the Russian Segment of the International Space Station in the timeframe between March and November 2002 (233 d). A technique is presented to correct the...

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    abstract::A new official albedo dosemeter based on thermoluminescent detectors has been introduced in 2015 by the individual monitoring service of the Helmholtz Zentrum München for monitoring persons who are exposed occupationally against photon and neutron radiation. To enhance the sensitivity for fast neutrons, a new badge wi...

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    abstract::Therapeutic carbon ion beams produce a complex and variable radiation field that changes along the penetration depth due to the high density of energy loss along the particle track together with the secondary particles produced by nuclear fragmentation reactions. An accurate physical characterisation of such complex m...

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  • Dose and dose rate effectiveness of space radiation.

    abstract::Dose and dose rate effectiveness factors (DDREF), in conjunction with other weighting factors, are commonly used to scale atomic bomb survivor data in order to establish limits for occupational radiation exposure, including radiation exposure in space. We use some well-known facts about the microscopic pattern of ener...

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  • Radiation exposure during paediatric CT in Sudan: CT dose, organ and effective doses.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to assess the magnitude of radiation exposure during paediatric CT in Sudanese hospitals. Doses were determined from CT acquisition parameters using CT-Expo 2.1 dosimetry software. Doses were evaluated for three patient ages (0-1, 1-5 and 5-10 y) and two common procedures (head and abdome...

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  • Dose Estimating Application Software Modification: Additional Function of a Size-Specific Effective Dose Calculator and Auto Exposure Control.

    abstract::Adequate dose management during computed tomography is important. In the present study, the dosimetric application software ImPACT was added to a functional calculator of the size-specific dose estimate and was part of the scan settings for the auto exposure control (AEC) technique. This study aimed to assess the prac...

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  • Comparison of results from quality control of physical parameters and results from clinical evaluation of mammographic images for the mammography screening facilities in Poland.

    abstract::The material for this study comprised control protocols from 248 mammography screening facilities, prepared by physicists employed at 16 Regional Coordinating Centres and the results from the clinical evaluation of mammographic images in 248 facilities in Poland. All mammograms were evaluated independently by three ex...

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  • Reconstruction of cluster distributions at 100% detection efficiency for a track-nanodosimetric counter through a Bayesian analysis.

    abstract::A Bayesian unfolding has been applied to ionisation distributions due to 5.4 MeV alpha particles in a 20-nm site obtained using Monte Carlo simulations, taking into account different detection efficiency conditions. The ideal case of a target volume with uniform efficiency has been investigated to study the dependence...

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  • High background radiation areas: the case of Villar de la Yegua village (Spain).

    abstract::The starting point of the Spanish experience in the study of High Background Radiation Areas is the development of a nationwide indoor radon survey carried out in 1988. This campaign, belonging to the first Spanish Radon Framework, consisted of approximately 2000 indoor radon measurements which represented a valuable ...

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  • Non-radiation induced signals in TL dosimetry.

    abstract::One source of background signals, which are non-radiation related, is the reader system and it includes dark current, external contaminants and electronic spikes. These factors can induce signals equivalent to several hundredths of mSv. Mostly, the effects are minimised by proper design of the TLD reader, but some eff...

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  • Panel discussion: Do non-targeted effects impact the relation between microdosimetry and risk?

    abstract::An invited panel discussed with the participants of the Symposium their views on the impact of non-targeted effects on the relationship between microdosimetry and risk. The discussion was wide ranging and lively, with divergences of opinion. At one end was the view that understanding microscopic features and distribut...

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  • Reference dosimetry for light-ion beams based on graphite calorimetry.

    abstract::Developments in hadron therapy require efforts to improve the accuracy of the dose delivered to a target volume. Here, the determination of the absorbed dose under reference conditions was analysed. Based on the International Atomic Energy Agency TRS-398 code of practice, for hadron beams, the combined standard uncert...

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  • Effective dose and breast dose reduction in paediatric scoliosis X-ray radiography by an optimal positioning.

    abstract::The purpose of this article is to recommend positioning to reduce the effective and breast-absorbed-doses in paediatric scoliosis radiography. Effective and breast-absorbed-doses were evaluated using Monte Carlo simulations. Head directed towards the anode (HTA) positioning rather than head directed towards the cathod...

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  • Ten years of monitoring the occupational radiation exposure in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    abstract::Monitoring of occupationally exposed persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina started in 1960s and it was interrupted in 1992. Dosimetry service resumed in 1999 when the International Atomic Energy Agency provided Harshaw 4500 TLD-reader and the first set of TLDs for the Radiation Protection Centre (RPC) of the Institute of ...

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  • Detection of primary and secondary cosmic ray particles aboard the ISS using SSNTD stacks.

    abstract::To study the radiation environment inside the International Space Station, solid state nuclear track detector stacks were used. Within the BRADOS experiments, Phase 1, seven stacks were exposed at different locations of the Russian segment 'Zvezda' for 248 days in 2001. It was supposed that the radiation field inside ...

    journal_title:Radiation protection dosimetry

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  • The response of a bonner sphere spectrometer to charged hadrons.

    abstract::Bonner sphere spectrometers (BSSs) are employed in neutron spectrometry and dosimetry since many years. Recent developments have seen the addition to a conventional BSS of one or more detectors (moderator plus thermal neutron counter) specifically designed to improve the overall response of the spectrometer to neutron...

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