MERS-CoV: Understanding the Latest Human Coronavirus Threat.


:Human coronaviruses cause both upper and lower respiratory tract infections in humans. In 2012, a sixth human coronavirus (hCoV) was isolated from a patient presenting with severe respiratory illness. The 60-year-old man died as a result of renal and respiratory failure after admission to a hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The aetiological agent was eventually identified as a coronavirus and designated Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV). MERS-CoV has now been reported in more than 27 countries across the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and Asia. As of July 2017, 2040 MERS-CoV laboratory confirmed cases, resulting in 712 deaths, were reported globally, with a majority of these cases from the Arabian Peninsula. This review summarises the current understanding of MERS-CoV, with special reference to the (i) genome structure; (ii) clinical features; (iii) diagnosis of infection; and (iv) treatment and vaccine development.






Chafekar A,Fielding BC




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  • Advanced Therapeutics, Vaccinations, and Precision Medicine in the Treatment and Management of Chronic Hepatitis B Viral Infections; Where Are We and Where Are We Going?

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  • New Markers in Monitoring the Reactivation of Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Immunocompromised Hosts.

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  • A Decade in Review: A Systematic Review of Universal Influenza Vaccines in Clinical Trials during the 2010 Decade.

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  • Substantial Antigenic Drift in the Hemagglutinin Protein of Swine Influenza A Viruses.

    abstract::The degree of antigenic drift in swine influenza A viruses (swIAV) has historically been regarded as minimal compared to that of human influenza A virus strains. However, as surveillance activities on swIAV have increased, more isolates have been characterized, revealing a high level of genetic and antigenic differenc...


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  • Therapeutic Use of Native and Recombinant Enteroviruses.

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  • Construction and Immunogenicity of Novel Chimeric Virus-Like Particles Bearing Antigens of Infectious Bronchitis Virus and Newcastle Disease Virus.

    abstract::Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) and Newcastle disease virus (NDV) are two poultry pathogens seriously affecting the poultry industry. Here, IBV S1 and the ectodomain of NDV F proteins were separately linked with the trans-membrane and carboxy-terminal domain of IBV S protein (STMCT), composing rS and rF; thus, a nov...


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  • Transcriptome Analysis and In Situ Hybridization for FcaGHV1 in Feline Lymphoma.

    abstract::Lymphoma is one of the most common malignancies in domestic cats. The lymphomagenic potential of Felis catus gammaherpesvirus 1 (FcaGHV1), a common infection in domestic cats, is unknown. In other species, including humans, cellular transformation by gammaherpesviruses is typically mediated by viral genes expressed du...


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  • Induction of Brain Tumors by the Archetype Strain of Human Neurotropic JCPyV in a Transgenic Mouse Model.

    abstract::JC Virus (JCPyV), a member of the Polyomaviridiæ family, is a human neurotropic virus with world-wide distribution. JCPyV is the established opportunistic infectious agent of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, a fatal demyelinating disease, which results from the cytolytic infection of oligodendrocytes. Mutat...


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  • Vampire bat rabies: ecology, epidemiology and control.

    abstract::Extensive surveillance in bat populations in response to recent emerging diseases has revealed that this group of mammals acts as a reservoir for a large range of viruses. However, the oldest known association between a zoonotic virus and a bat is that between rabies virus and the vampire bat. Vampire bats are only fo...


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  • Super-resolution microscopy: a virus' eye view of the cell.

    abstract::It is difficult to observe the molecular choreography between viruses and host cell components, as they exist on a spatial scale beyond the reach of conventional microscopy. However, novel super-resolution microscopy techniques have cast aside technical limitations to reveal a nanoscale view of virus replication and c...


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  • Rotavirus Genomic RNA Complex Forms via Specific RNA-RNA Interactions: Disruption of RNA Complex Inhibits Virus Infectivity.

    abstract::Rotavirus (RV), a member of the Reoviridae family, causes infection in children and infants, with high morbidity and mortality. To be viable, the virus particle must package a set of eleven RNA segments. In order to understand the packaging mechanism, here, we co-synthesized sets of RNA segments in vitro in different ...


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  • Noncanonical expression of a murine cytomegalovirus early protein CD8 T-cell epitope as an immediate early epitope based on transcription from an upstream gene.

    abstract::Viral CD8 T-cell epitopes, represented by viral peptides bound to major histocompatibility complex class-I (MHC-I) glycoproteins, are often identified by "reverse immunology", a strategy not requiring biochemical and structural knowledge of the actual viral protein from which they are derived by antigen processing. In...


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  • Replication cycle and molecular biology of the West Nile virus.

    abstract::West Nile virus (WNV) is a member of the genus Flavivirus in the family Flaviviridae. Flaviviruses replicate in the cytoplasm of infected cells and modify the host cell environment. Although much has been learned about virion structure and virion-endosomal membrane fusion, the cell receptor(s) used have not been defin...


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  • Application of CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing System on MDV-1 Genome for the Study of Gene Function.

    abstract::Marek's disease virus (MDV) is a member of alphaherpesviruses associated with Marek's disease, a highly contagious neoplastic disease in chickens. Complete sequencing of the viral genome and recombineering techniques using infectious bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) clones of Marek's disease virus genome have ide...


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  • Interactions of Human Dermal Dendritic Cells and Langerhans Cells Treated with Hyalomma Tick Saliva with Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus.

    abstract::Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus is one the most important and wide spread tick-borne viruses. Very little is known about the transmission from the tick and the early aspects of pathogenesis. Here, we generate human cutaneous antigen presenting cells-dermal dendritic cells and Langerhans cells-from umbilical cord...


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  • Phylogenomic Analysis of Global Isolates of Canid Alphaherpesvirus 1.

    abstract::Canid alphaherpesvirus 1 (CHV-1) is a widespread pathogen of dogs with multiple associated clinical signs. There has been limited prior investigation into the genomics and phylogeny of this virus using whole viral genome analysis. Fifteen CHV-1 isolates were collected from animals with ocular disease based in the USA....


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  • Serological Survey of Lyssaviruses in Polish Bats in the Frame of Passive Rabies Surveillance Using an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay.

    abstract::Background: Bats are known to host a number of nonpathogenic viruses, as well as highly pathogenic viruses causing fatal diseases like rabies. Serological surveys as part of active and passive bat rabies surveillance mainly use seroneutralization assays, demonstrating the presence of lyssavirus-specific antibodies in ...


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  • Portable Rabies Virus Sequencing in Canine Rabies Endemic Countries Using the Oxford Nanopore MinION.

    abstract::As countries with endemic canine rabies progress towards elimination by 2030, it will become necessary to employ techniques to help plan, monitor, and confirm canine rabies elimination. Sequencing can provide critical information to inform control and vaccination strategies by identifying genetically distinct virus va...


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  • In Vitro Inhibition of Zika Virus Replication with Poly(Sodium 4-Styrenesulfonate).

    abstract::Zika virus (ZIKV) is an emerging mosquito-borne pathogen associated with microcephaly and other congenital abnormalities in newborns as well as neurologic complications in adults. The explosive transmission of the virus in the last ten years put it in the limelight and improved our understanding of its biology and pat...


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    authors: Botwina P,Obłoza M,Szczepański A,Szczubiałka K,Nowakowska M,Pyrć K

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  • Requirements within the Ebola Viral Glycoprotein for Tetherin Antagonism.

    abstract::Tetherin is an interferon-induced, intrinsic cellular response factor that blocks release of numerous viruses, including Ebola virus, from infected cells. As with many viruses targeted by host factors, Ebola virus employs a tetherin antagonist, the viral glycoprotein (EboGP), to counteract restriction and promote viru...


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    authors: Vande Burgt NH,Kaletsky RL,Bates P

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  • Herpesviruses placating the unwilling host: manipulation of the MHC class II antigen presentation pathway.

    abstract::Lifelong persistent infection by herpesviruses depends on the balance between host immune responses and viral immune evasion. CD4 T cells responding to antigens presented on major histocompatibility complex class II (MHC-II) molecules are known to play an important role in controlling herpesvirus infections. Here we r...


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  • Ethanol Extract of Caesalpinia decapetala Inhibits Influenza Virus Infection In Vitro and In Vivo.

    abstract::Influenza virus infections can lead to viral pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome in severe cases, causing significant morbidity and mortality and posing a great threat to human health. Because of the diversity of influenza virus strains and drug resistance to the current direct antiviral agents, there ha...


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  • Comparative Analysis of Different Serological and Molecular Tests for the Detection of Small Ruminant Lentiviruses (SRLVs) in Belgian Sheep and Goats.

    abstract::Countries rely on good diagnostic tests and appropriate testing schemes to fight against economically important small ruminant lentivirus (SRLV) infections. We undertook an extensive comparative analysis of seven commercially available serological tests and one in-house real-time PCR (qPCR) detecting genotype A and B ...


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  • Influence of Irradiance and Temperature on the Virus MpoV-45T Infecting the Arctic Picophytoplankter Micromonas polaris.

    abstract::Arctic marine ecosystems are currently undergoing rapid changes in temperature and light availability. Picophytoplankton, such as Micromonas polaris, are predicted to benefit from such changes. However, little is known about how these environmental changes affect the viruses that exert a strong mortality pressure on t...


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  • Cell Culture Systems and Drug Targets for Hepatitis A Virus Infection.

    abstract::Hepatitis A virus (HAV) infection is one of the major causes of acute hepatitis, and this infection occasionally causes acute liver failure. HAV infection is associated with HAV-contaminated food and water as well as sexual transmission among men who have sex with men. Although an HAV vaccine has been developed, outbr...


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  • RNase L Is Involved in Liposaccharide-Induced Lung Inflammation.

    abstract::RNase L mediates interferon (IFN) function during viral infection and cell proliferation. Furthermore, the role of RNase L in the regulation of gene expression, cell apoptosis, autophagy, and innate immunity has been well established in the last decade. Tissue distribution reveals that RNase L is highly expressed in t...


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  • A Survey of Mycoviral Infection in Fusarium spp. Isolated from Maize and Sorghum in Argentina Identifies the First Mycovirus from Fusarium verticillioides.

    abstract::Mycoviruses appear to be widespread in Fusarium species worldwide. The aim of this work was to identify mycoviral infections in Fusarium spp., isolated from maize and sorghum grown in Argentina, and to estimate their potential effects on the pathogenicity and toxigenesis of the host fungus towards maize. Mycoviruses w...


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    authors: Jacquat AG,Theumer MG,Cañizares MC,Debat HJ,Iglesias J,García Pedrajas MD,Dambolena JS

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  • Factors That Improve RT-QuIC Detection of Prion Seeding Activity.

    abstract::Rapid and sensitive detection of prions is important in managing prion diseases. The real-time quaking-induced conversion (RT-QuIC) assay for prion seeding activity has been applied to many prion diseases and provides for specific antemortem diagnostic testing. We evaluated RT-QuIC's long-term consistency and varied m...


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    authors: Orrú CD,Hughson AG,Groveman BR,Campbell KJ,Anson KJ,Manca M,Kraus A,Caughey B

    更新日期:2016-05-23 00:00:00

  • Organization, Function, and Therapeutic Targeting of the Morbillivirus RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase Complex.

    abstract::The morbillivirus genus comprises major human and animal pathogens, including the highly contagious measles virus. Morbilliviruses feature single stranded negative sense RNA genomes that are wrapped by a plasma membrane-derived lipid envelope. Genomes are encapsidated by the viral nucleocapsid protein forming ribonucl...


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    authors: Sourimant J,Plemper RK

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  • Characterization of a Novel Thermobifida fusca Bacteriophage P318.

    abstract::Thermobifida fusca is of biotechnological interest due to its ability to produce an array of plant cell wall hydrolytic enzymes. Nonetheless, only one T. fusca bacteriophage with genome information has been reported to date. This study was aimed at discovering more relevant bacteriophages to expand the existing knowle...


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    authors: Cheepudom J,Lin TL,Lee CC,Meng M

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