Quality and authenticity of heterologous proteins synthesized in yeast.


:Yeast, especially Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pichia pastoris, are major hosts employed in the expression of authentic heterologous proteins of high quality in the biopharmaceutical, industrial and academic environments. There has been recent progress in characterizing and controlling the factors involved in determining authenticity.


Curr Opin Biotechnol


Eckart MR,Bussineau CM




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  • Why recombinant antibodies - benefits and applications.

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  • The Hox gene family in transgenic mice.

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  • Exploiting molecular motors as nanomachines: the mechanisms of de novo and re-engineered cytoskeletal motors.

    abstract::Cytoskeletal molecular motors provide exciting proof that nanoscale transporters can be highly efficient, moving for microns along filamentous tracks by hydrolyzing ATP to fuel nanometer-size steps. For nanotechnology, such conversion of chemical energy into productive work serves as an enticing platform for re-purpos...

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  • Stabilization of protein structures.

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  • Genetically encoded tools for RNA imaging in living cells.

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  • Heterologous production of polyketides by modular type I polyketide synthases in Escherichia coli.

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  • Engineering and application of polymerases for synthetic genetics.

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  • Engineering solventogenic clostridia.

    abstract::Solventogenic clostridia are strictly anaerobic, endospore forming bacteria that produce a large array of primary metabolites, like butanol, by anaerobically degrading simple and complex carbohydrates, including cellulose and hemicellulose. Two genomes have been sequenced and some genetic tools have been developed, bu...

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  • Microorganisms relevant to bioremediation.

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  • Advances in the genetics of thermophilic lactic acid bacteria.

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  • DNA nanotechnology with one-dimensional self-assembled nanostructures.

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  • Continuous integrated manufacturing of therapeutic proteins.

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  • Molecular and biotechnological approaches to fish vaccines.

    abstract::Global aquaculture is projected to grow from 10 million to 20 million metric tons by the year 2000. To meet this projection, the aquaculture industry must bring some of its infectious disease problems under control without relying on antibiotics and chemotherapeutics. Thus, vaccines for fish and shellfish are being so...

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  • Targeting split vaccines to the endosome improves vaccination.

    abstract::Compared to 'live' vaccines, the immunogenicity of 'split' vaccines based on recombinant antigen (Ag) is poor, presumably because exogeneous recombinant Ag fails to efficiently access the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I processing pathway needed for 'cross-presentation'. Here we discuss recent evidence ...

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    authors: Wagner H,Heit A,Schmitz F,Bauer S

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  • Aquatic phototrophs: efficient alternatives to land-based crops for biofuels.

    abstract::To mitigate some of the potentially deleterious environmental and agricultural consequences associated with current land-based-biofuel feedstocks, we propose the use of biofuels derived from aquatic microbial oxygenic photoautotrophs (AMOPs), more commonly known as cyanobacteria, algae, and diatoms. Herein we review t...

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  • Steps towards 'drop-in' biofuels: focusing on metabolic pathways.

    abstract::The past decade has witnessed rapid advance in microbial production of 'drop-in' biofuels from renewable resources. Various biosynthetic pathways have been constructed to produce biofuels with diverse structures, and multiple metabolic engineering strategies have been developed to increase biofuel titers, yields, prod...

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  • Bioavailability of pollutants and chemotaxis.

    abstract::The exposure of bacteria to pollutants induces frequently chemoattraction or chemorepellent reactions. Recent research suggests that the capacity to degrade a toxic compound has co-evolved in some bacteria with the capacity to chemotactically react to it. There is an increasing amount of data which show that chemoattr...

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  • Extracellular production of recombinant proteins using bacterial autotransporters.

    abstract::Escherichia coli is still a very popular host for the production of recombinant proteins at an analytical or industrial scale. Secretion of the proteins into the culture medium or display at the cell surface would be preferred in many applications but is hampered by the complex two-layered cell envelope. The autotrans...

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  • Ligand-binding domain of estrogen receptors.

    abstract::Estrogen receptors are multi-domain proteins that interact with other proteins and DNA to fulfil their function: the regulation of transcription. During the past 2-3 years, our understanding of this complex process has increased tremendously as crystal structures of isolated ligand-binding domains in complex with vari...

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  • Optimizing the fluorescent protein toolbox and its use.

    abstract::Fluorescent proteins (FPs) and fluorescent protein-derived biosensors are indispensable tools in life sciences. They make it possible to probe the location, activity, or interaction of molecules of interest from a subcellular to a multicellular scale. The desire for high-resolution and multidimensional information imp...

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  • Technical issues in the large-scale hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgal biomass to biocrude.

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  • The emerging CHO systems biology era: harnessing the 'omics revolution for biotechnology.

    abstract::Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells are the primary factories for biopharmaceuticals because of their capacity to correctly fold and post-translationally modify recombinant proteins compatible with humans. New opportunities are arising to enhance these cell factories, especially since the CHO-K1 cell line was recently s...

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