Porphobilinogen deaminase is encoded by a single gene in Arabidopsis thaliana and is targeted to the chloroplasts.


:Porphobilinogen deaminase (PBG deaminase) is an early enzyme of the pathway for chlorophyll and heme synthesis. Using degenerate oligonucleotide primers, based on amino acid sequence data for purified PBG deaminase from pea, a fragment was amplified from Arabidopsis genomic DNA by PCR, and then used to isolate both a cDNA and a genomic clone for PBG deaminase from Arabidopsis. The cDNA, shown to be full-length by primer extension, encodes a precursor protein of 382 residues, which can be imported into isolated chloroplasts and processed to the mature size. The genomic clone encodes an identical sequence to the cDNA, except for the presence of four introns within the coding region of the mature protein, and 1.7 kb of upstream sequence. There is no obvious TATA box within 50 bp of the transcription start. Southern blot analysis suggests that PBG deaminase is encoded by a single gene in the Arabidopsis genome, and RNase protection experiments demonstrated that this gene is expressed in both leaves and roots. These results support the conclusion that there is only one form of PBG deaminase in all plant cells, which is located in the plastid.


Plant Mol Biol


Plant molecular biology


Lim SH,Witty M,Wallace-Cook AD,Ilag LI,Smith AG




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