Off-resonance effects in the transient response of SSFP sequences.


:A previously developed eigenvector formalism is adapted to off-resonance in the transient response of quasiperiodic steady-state free precession (SSFP) sequences, including TrueFISP as a special case. The effective relaxation rates for essentially parallel and perpendicular deviations from the steady state are determined analytically in leading order perturbation theory. The latter are a known cause of oscillatory artifacts and therefore constitute the main target of a variety of preparation techniques. In addition, the former also play a dominating role in applications such as inversion recovery (IR) TrueFISP, which intentionally measure far away from the equilibrium. For both components, the approach toward equilibrium turns out to depend sensitively on field inhomogeneities, especially for smaller ratios of T2/T1. For the perpendicular deviations, the calculations show that--except very close to banding artifacts, where the steady-state signal is almost zero--field inhomogeneities additionally increase their effective relaxation rate almost as much as in the free induction decay (FID). The analytical results are tested against numerical simulation and MR measurements.


Magn Reson Med


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  • Comparison of measuring energy metabolism by different (31) P-magnetic resonance spectroscopy techniques in resting, ischemic, and exercising muscle.

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  • Evaluation of wave delivery methodology for brain MRE: Insights from computational simulations.

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  • MRI visualization of rodent liver structure and peritoneal adhesion with dialyzate enhancement.

    abstract::This study investigated the use of peritoneal dialysis fluid (dialyzate) as a MR contrast agent to visualize the liver structure and peritoneal adhesion in rats at 7 T. Intraperitoneal injection of dialyzate (approximately 0.1 ml/g) yielded excellent and consistent intraperitoneal enhancement that delineated the liver...

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  • Fast 31P chemical shift imaging using SSFP methods.

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  • Volumetric analysis of white matter, gray matter, and CSF using fractional volume analysis.

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    abstract::A deficit of fatty alcohol:NAD+ oxidoreductase complex (FAO) activity has been detected in patients with the Sjögren-Larsson syndrome (SLS). A moderate decrease in FAO activity has also been reported in heterozygote SLS subjects. Abnormal peaks were detected with proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H-MRS) in homo...

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  • A molecular MRI probe to detect treatment of cardiac apoptosis in vivo.

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  • A versatile multinuclear probe designed for in vivo NMR spectroscopy: applications to subcutaneous human tumors in mice.

    abstract::We describe a versatile NMR probe that is designed for a variety of in vivo spectroscopic studies on small animals in vertical wide-bore magnets. Replaceable brackets enable the coils to be exchanged readily in order to observe 1H, 13C, 31P, and other nuclei, and to carry out double-resonance experiments. Two solenoid...

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  • Quantitative analysis of the z-spectrum using a numerically simulated look-up table: Application to the healthy human brain at 7T.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To develop a method that fits a multipool model to z-spectra acquired from non-steady state sequences, taking into account the effects of variations in T1 or B1 amplitude and the results estimating the parameters for a four-pool model to describe the z-spectrum from the healthy brain. METHODS:We compared measu...

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  • Fourier decomposition pulmonary MRI using a variable flip angle balanced steady-state free precession technique.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Fourier decomposition (FD) is a noninvasive method for assessing ventilation and perfusion-related information in the lungs. However, the technique has a low signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in the lung parenchyma. We present an approach to increase the SNR in both morphological and functional images. METHODS:The d...

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  • Combined T2 -preparation and multidimensional outer volume suppression for coronary artery imaging with 3D cones trajectories.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To develop a modular magnetization preparation sequence for combined T2 -preparation and multidimensional outer volume suppression (OVS) for coronary artery imaging. METHODS:A combined T2 -prepared 1D OVS sequence with fat saturation was defined to contain a 90°-60 180°60 composite nonselective tip-down pulse,...

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  • Local planar gradients with order-of-magnitude strength and speed advantage.

    abstract::A three-axis uniplanar gradient coil was designed and built to provide order-of-magnitude increases in gradient strength of up to 500 mT/m on the x- and y-axes, and 1000 mT/m for the z-axis at 640 A input over a limited FOV ( approximately 16 cm) for superficial regions, compared to conventional gradient coils, with s...

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  • NMR determination of myocardial pH in vivo: separation of tissue inorganic phosphate from blood 2,3-DPG.

    abstract::Phosphorus NMR can measure myocardial tissue pH from the chemical shift of inorganic phosphate (Pi) in isolated buffer-perfused hearts, but in vivo the Pi peak originating from the myocardium is obscured by the resonance of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate (DPG) in the blood, making pH difficult to determine. Taking advantage o...

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  • An analytical solution for the SSFP signal in MRI.

    abstract::Among previous analyses of the steady-state free-precession (SSFP) signal in rapid MRI, one treatment resulted in equations that require the evaluation of infinite binomial series. Here, an analytical solution is derived by a transformation into the power series expansion of the derivative of the inverse sine function...

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  • A z-gradient array for simultaneous multi-slice excitation with a single-band RF pulse.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Multi-slice radiofrequency (RF) pulses have higher specific absorption rates, more peak RF power, and longer pulse durations than single-slice RF pulses. Gradient field design techniques using a z-gradient array are investigated for exciting multiple slices with a single-band RF pulse. THEORY AND METHODS:Two d...

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  • Reducing oblique flow effects in interleaved EPI with a centric reordering technique.

    abstract::Segmented interleaved echo planar imaging offers a fast and efficient approach to magnetic resonance angiography. Unfortunately, this technique is particularly sensitive to oblique flow in the imaging plane. In this work, a mathematical analysis of oblique flow effects for several types of k-space coverage is presente...

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    authors: Beck G,Li D,Haacke EM,Noll TG,Schad LR

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  • Fast design of local N-gram-specific absorption rate-optimized radiofrequency pulses for parallel transmit systems.

    abstract::Designing multidimensional radiofrequency pulses for clinical application must take into account the local specific absorption rate (SAR) as controlling the global SAR does not guarantee suppression of hot spots. The maximum peak SAR, averaged over an N grams cube (local NgSAR), must be kept under certain safety limit...

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    authors: Sbrizzi A,Hoogduin H,Lagendijk JJ,Luijten P,Sleijpen GL,van den Berg CA

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  • Transrectal probe for 1H MRI and 31P MR spectroscopy of the prostate gland.

    abstract::A transrectal probe for 1H imaging and 31P MR spectroscopy of the prostate gland is described. The probe is covered with plastic and consists of an insectional portion containing an rf coil and a handle containing a tuning and matching circuit. Using this transrectal probe, 1H MR images and the first 31P MR spectra of...

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    authors: Narayan P,Vigneron DB,Jajodia P,Anderson CM,Hedgcock MW,Tanagho EA,James TL

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