21-Methylmelianodiols from Poncirus trifoliata as inhibitors of interleukin-5 bioactivity in Pro-B cells.


:Interleukin (IL)-5 plays an important role in the progression of allergic inflammation. Here, we have isolated 21alpha-methylmelianodiol and 21beta-methylmelianodiol from Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf., a plant of the Rutaceae family, as the inhibitors of IL-5-dependent growth of Y16 pro-B cells by bioassay-guided fractionation. 21alpha-Methylmelianodiol and 21beta-methylmelianodiol inhibited IL-5-dependent growth of Y16 cells in a dose-dependent manner with IC (50) values of 17 microM and 15 microM, respectively. A positive control, tyrphostin AG-490, exhibited an IC (50) value of 23 microM on IL-5 bioactivity. Further, we have documented that 21alpha-methylmelianodiol and 21beta-methylmelianodiol cause G1 arrest of IL-5-induced cell cycle progression of Y16 cells, and also reduce IL-5-dependent survival of the cells by apoptosis. This study could provide a pharmacological potential for P. trifoliata in treatment of IL-5-associated inflammatory disorders.


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Lee IJ,Xu GH,Ju JH,Kim JA,Kwon SW,Lee SH,Han SB,Kim Y




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  • Flavonoids from Litsea japonica Inhibit AGEs Formation and Rat Lense Aldose Reductase In Vitro and Vessel Dilation in Zebrafish.

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  • Tea triterpenoidal saponins from the roots of Camellia sinensis have inhibitory effects against alcohol dehydrogenase.

    abstract::Ten new polyhydroxyolean-12-ene pentacyclic triterpenoidal saponins, named rogchaponins 1-10, were isolated from the methanolic extract of the roots of Camellia sinensis by a series of chromatographic methods (silica gel flash column and C18 MPLC followed by C18 HPLC). Their structures were established by 1D and 2D-NM...

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  • alpha-Glucosidase inhibitors from Commelina communis.

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  • Three pyrone glucosidic derivatives from Conyza albida.

    abstract::Three new pyrone glucosidic derivatives, together with the known pyromeconic acid glucoside, three acytelenes and two eudesmanes, were obtained from the aerial parts of Conyza albida. The structures were elucidated by high field NMR spectroscopy. ...

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  • An in vitro Study on the Effect of Momordica charantia on Glucose Uptake and Glucose Metabolism in Rats.

    abstract::The effect of extracts of MOMORDICA CHARANTIA L. fruits on glucose metabolism and glucose uptake was investigated. The fruit of momordica, at all ripening stages, was found to contain two inhibitory compounds: one against hexokinase activity and the other against glucose uptake by rat intestinal fragments. Both inhibi...

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  • Capsaicin-like anti-obese activities of evodiamine from fruits of Evodia rutaecarpa, a vanilloid receptor agonist.

    abstract::Evodiamine, a major alkaloidal principle of Evodia fruits (Evodia rutaecarpa, Rutaceae), showed vanilloid receptor agonistic activities comparable to capsaicin. The Chinese literature refers to Evodia fruits as a "hot nature" herb. In spite of the similarities in the actions of evodiamine and capsaicin in vitro, evodi...

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  • A novel stilbene glucoside, oxyresveratrol 3'-O-beta-glucopyranoside, from the root bark of Morus alba.

    abstract::A novel stilbene glucoside was isolated from the root bark of Morus alba L. (Moraceae), along with mulberroside A, cis-mulberroside A, oxyresveratrol. The structure of the novel stilbene glucoside was determined as oxyresveratrol 3'-O-beta-glucopyranoside. ...

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    abstract::The chloroform extract of Valeriana officinalis led to the isolation of clionasterol-3-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside and a mixture of 6'-O-acyl-beta-D-glucosyl-clionasterols. The acyl moieties were identified as hexadecanoyl, 8 E,11 E-octadecadienoyl and 14-methylpentadecanoyl by alkaline hydrolysis followed by GC-MS analy...

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