Large-scale influenza vaccination promotion on a mobile app platform: A randomized controlled trial.


:While health-care providers have used incentives in an attempt to motivate patients to obtain vaccinations, their effect on vaccination rates has not been systematically evaluated on a large scale. In this study, we examined whether mobile applications may improve population vaccination rates through enhanced communication and incentives education. Our study is the first randomized controlled trial assessing the effect of large-scale messaging combined with individualized incentives on influenza-vaccination rates. In this trial, we delivered messages regarding influenza vaccinations to 50,286 adults, aged 18 through 65, then compared the subsequent vaccination rate, the effectiveness of the message content and the timing. Multiple rounds of messaging occurred over a seven-week period during the 2016 flu season, after which vaccination rates were observed for one week. Participants were randomly assigned to one of three messaging approaches: conspicuous (highlighting the amount of rewards to be received for obtaining a flu shot); generic (promoting vaccinations with no mention of rewards); or no-message. Evidence of vaccination obtainment was indicated by medical and pharmacy claims, augmented by patients self-reporting through the mobile wellness app during the study period. Of the people assigned to receive messaging, 23.2% obtained influenza vaccination, compared to 22.0% of people who obtained vaccination in the no-messaging control arm. This difference was statistically significant (p < 0.01). The research revealed that messaging effectiveness decreased after each successive batch sent, suggesting that most participants responsive to messaging would become activated immediately after receiving one alert. Interestingly, in this large-scale study, there were no significant differences between conspicuous incentives and generic messaging, suggesting an important area for future research. Trial Registration: identifier: NCT02908893.






Lee WN,Stück D,Konty K,Rivers C,Brown CR,Zbikowski SM,Foschini L




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    abstract:INTRODUCTION:The Global Vaccine Action Plan and the Regional Immunization Action Plan of the Americas call for countries to improve immunization data quality. Immunization information systems, particularly electronic immunization registries (EIRs), can help to facilitate program management and increase coverage. Howeve...


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  • Assessment of epidermal cell viability by near infrared multi-photon microscopy following ballistic delivery of gold micro-particles.

    abstract::The use of gene guns in ballistically delivering DNA vaccine coated gold micro-particles to skin can potentially damage targeted cells, therefore influencing transfection efficiencies. In this paper, we assess cell death in the viable epidermis by non-invasive near infrared two-photon microscopy following micro-partic...


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  • Attitudinal and demographic predictors of measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine acceptance: development and validation of an evidence-based measurement instrument.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE:Parents' attitudes toward MMR vaccine and measles, mumps and rubella infections relate to their child's MMR status, therefore improving these attitudes is central to improving current suboptimal MMR uptake. However, no study has yet combined evidence-based, comprehensive and psychometrically va...


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