Improved vaccination against Newcastle disease by an in ovo recombinant HVT-ND combined with an adjuvanted live vaccine at day-old.


:The continuous outbreaks of fatal Newcastle disease (ND) in commercial poultry flocks demonstrate that current vaccination strategies are not fully efficacious and should be improved by new generation of vaccines. In this context, maternally immune conventional layer chickens were vaccinated in ovo with a turkey herpesvirus recombinant expressing the fusion (F) gene of NDV (rHVT-ND) and/or at day-old with an apathogenic enterotropic live ND vaccine co-administrated or not with chitosan by oculo-nasal route. The induced vaccinal immune responses and conferred protection against a challenge with a circulating NDV velogenic viscerotropic strain were evaluated. The innovative rHVT-ND/live ND-chitosan vaccination regimen provided the best protection against mortality and morbidity as well as the strongest reduction of virus shedding that could be related to the higher measured cellular immune response and digestive antibody-mediated immunity.






Rauw F,Gardin Y,Palya V,Anbari S,Lemaire S,Boschmans M,van den Berg T,Lambrecht B




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2010-01-08 00:00:00
















  • Comparison of immune responses generated by optimized DNA vaccination against SIV antigens in mice and macaques.

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  • Measles serological survey in the Italian population: interpretation of results using mixture model.

    abstract::In 2003-2004, a national measles seroprevalence study was conducted in Italy and data were analysed by using both commercial ELISA cut-off, and by applying a mixture model. Results of the two methods were compared and interpreted in the light of measles incidence, vaccination coverage and previous seroprevalence data....


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  • Protection against diverse highly pathogenic H5 avian influenza viruses in chickens immunized with a recombinant fowlpox vaccine containing an H5 avian influenza hemagglutinin gene insert.

    abstract::A recombinant fowlpox vaccine with an H5 hemagglutinin gene insert protected chickens against clinical signs and death following challenge by nine different highly pathogenic H5 avian influenza viruses. The challenge viruses had 87.3 to 100% deduced hemagglutinin amino acid sequence similarity with the recombinant vac...


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  • Reducing the loss of vaccines from accidental freezing in the cold chain: the experience of continuous temperature monitoring in Tunisia.

    abstract::Accidental freezing of vaccines is a growing threat and a real risk for national immunization programs when the potency of many vaccines can be compromised if these are exposed to sub-zero temperatures in the cold chain. In Tunisia, this issue is compounded by using sub-standard domestic cold chain equipment instead o...


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  • Genetic to genomic vaccination.

    abstract::Our development of genetic immunization (unfortunately named 'DNA'-immunization at times) seems to have great promise as a vaccine delivery system. However, one is still left with the often formidable problem of discovering what gene of the pathogen to include in the genetic immunization vector. The is particularly a ...


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  • Heterologous HA DNA vaccine prime--inactivated influenza vaccine boost is more effective than using DNA or inactivated vaccine alone in eliciting antibody responses against H1 or H3 serotype influenza viruses.

    abstract::The trivalent inactivated vaccine (TIV) is used to prevent seasonal influenza virus infection in humans, however, the immunogenicity of this vaccine may be influenced by the priming effect of previous influenza vaccinations or exposure to antigenically related influenza viruses. The current study examines the immunoge...


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  • Comparison of influenza virus yields and apoptosis-induction in an adherent and a suspension MDCK cell line.

    abstract::Cell culture-based manufacturing of influenza vaccines is ideally based on easily scalable platforms using suspension cells that grow in chemically defined media. Consequently, different adherent cell lines selected for high virus yields were adapted to grow in suspension culture. This includes the MDCK suspension cel...


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  • Influence of live respiratory syncytial virus priming on the immune response generated by a recombinant vaccine candidate, BBG2Na.

    abstract::Respiratory syncytial virus is one of the major respiratory pathogens for infants and immunocompromized children. With the exception of young children, all the population has encountered RSV and is seropositive. Recent reports have demonstrated however that the virus also affects the elderly and represents a major cau...


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