The effect of dietary antioxidant supplementation in a vertebrate host on the infection dynamics and transmission of avian malaria to the vector.


:Host susceptibility to parasites is likely to be influenced by intrinsic factors, such as host oxidative status determined by the balance between pro-oxidant production and antioxidant defences. As a result, host oxidative status acts as an environmental factor for parasites and may constrain parasite development. We evaluated the role of host oxidative status on infection dynamics of an avian malarial parasite by providing canaries (Serinus canaria) with an antioxidant supplementation composed of vitamin E (a lipophilic antioxidant) and olive oil, a source of monounsaturated fatty acids. Another group received a standard, non-supplemented food. Half of the birds in each group where then infected with the haemosporidian parasite, Plasmodium relictum. We monitored the parasitaemia, haematocrit level, and red cell membrane resistance, as well as the transmission success of the parasite to its mosquito vector, Culex pipiens. During the acute phase, the negative effect of the infection was more severe in the supplemented group, as shown by a lower haematocrit level. Parasitaemia was lower in the supplemented group during the chronic phase only. Mosquitoes fed on supplemented hosts were more often infected than mosquitoes fed on the control group. These results suggest that dietary antioxidant supplementation conferred protection against Plasmodium in the long term, at the expense of a short-term negative effect. Malaria parasites may take advantage of antioxidants, as shown by the increased transmission rate in the supplemented group. Overall, our results suggest an important role of oxidative status in infection outcome and parasite transmission.


Parasitol Res


Parasitology research


Delhaye J,Glaizot O,Christe P




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  • Trypanosoma cruzi: enhanced alpha-macroglobulin levels correlate with the resistance of BALB/cj mice to acute infection.

    abstract::Trypanosoma cruzi proteinases are very likely involved in host-cell invasion. Physiological plasma-proteinase inhibitors from the macroglobulin (MG) family, among them alpha-2-macroglobulin (A2M), are found in tissues and in the plasma of mammals. By complexing to all classes of proteinases, MGs inhibit their action o...

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  • Multilocus genotyping of Giardia duodenalis in Bactrian camels (Camelus bactrianus) in China.

    abstract::The protozoan parasite Giardia duodenalis is known to infect humans and a wide range of animals globally. However, no studies on G. duodenalis infection in Bactrian camels have been reported. In the present study, in order to examine the prevalence and genetic diversity of G. duodenalis in Bactrian camels, 852 fecal s...

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  • Echinococcus multilocularis (Cestoda, Cyclophyllidea, Taeniidae): functional ultrastructure of the penetration glands and nerve cells within the oncosphere.

    abstract::The fine structure of the infective hexacanths of Echinococcus multilocularis was examined with particular emphasis on the functional ultrastructure of penetration glands and nerve cells directly involved in the mechanism of initial host infection. The oncosphere contains two types of penetration glands, PG1 and PG2, ...

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  • Efficacy of eprinomectin against Toxacara canis in dogs.

    abstract::This study was made to investigate efficacy of eprinomectin against to Toxocara canis in dogs. In the study, 20 stray dogs naturally infected with T. canis were divided into two groups as treatment (ten dogs) and control (ten dogs). Eprinomectin (100 microg/kg, Eprinex 250 ml) was given to treatment group dogs orally,...

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    abstract::Gyrodactylus bubyri Osmanov, 1965, a monogenean parasite of Caucasian dwarf goby Knipowitschia caucasica (Berg) described from Aral Sea and subsequently reported from the same host from Strymon River, Greece, is recorded from Atanasovsko Lake, Bulgarian Black Sea coast (the first record of G. bubyri from the Black Sea...

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