Bioelectrochemical Power-to-Gas: State of the Art and Future Perspectives.


:Bioelectrochemical power-to-gas (BEP2G) is considered a potentially convenient way of storing renewable surplus electricity in the form of methane. In methane-producing bioelectrochemical systems (BESs), carbon dioxide and electrical energy are converted into methane, using electrodes that supply either electrons or hydrogen to methanogenic archaea. This review summarizes the performance of methane-producing BESs in relation to cathode potential, electrode materials, operational strategies, and inoculum. Analysis and estimation of energy input and production rates show that BEP2G may become an attractive alternative for thermochemical methanation, and biochemical methanogenesis. To determine if BEP2G can become a future power-to-gas technology, challenges relating to cathodic energy losses, choice of a suitable electron donor, efficient reactor design/operation, and experience with large reactors need to be overcome.


Trends Biotechnol


Trends in biotechnology


Geppert F,Liu D,van Eerten-Jansen M,Weidner E,Buisman C,Ter Heijne A




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  • Engineering Synthetic Gene Circuits in Living Cells with CRISPR Technology.

    abstract::One of the goals of synthetic biology is to build regulatory circuits that control cell behavior, for both basic research purposes and biomedical applications. The ability to build transcriptional regulatory devices depends on the availability of programmable, sequence-specific, and effective synthetic transcription f...

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  • Toward nanoscale genome sequencing.

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  • The potential of lyases for the industrial production of optically active compounds.

    abstract::Lyases catalyse the cleavage of C-C, C-N, C-O and other bonds by elimination to produce double bonds or, conversely, catalyse the addition of groups to double bonds. These enzymes do not require cofactor recycling, show an absolute stereospecificity and can give a theoretical yield of 100%, compared with only 50% for ...

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  • Peptide nucleic acids on microarrays and other biosensors.

    abstract::The analysis of biomolecules using microarrays and other biosensors has a significant role in molecular biotechnology, and will become even more important in the future as a versatile tool for research and diagnostics. For many applications, the synthetic DNA mimic peptide nucleic acid (PNA) could be advantageous as a...

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  • Potential of siderophore-producing bacteria for improving heavy metal phytoextraction.

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  • Antibody-structure-based design of pharmacological agents.

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  • Cloning of endangered mammalian species: any progress?

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  • Mass spectrometric imaging of small molecules.

    abstract::Small molecules are defined as low molecular weight organic compounds (typically <1000 Da), which could be either natural or artificial. Because established imaging methods are not able to selectively detect the positions, concentrations and structures of small molecules in biological samples, new methods have been de...

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  • Autonomous surveillance for biosecurity.

    abstract::The global movement of people and goods has increased the risk of biosecurity threats and their potential to incur large economic, social, and environmental costs. Conventional manual biosecurity surveillance methods are limited by their scalability in space and time. This article focuses on autonomous surveillance sy...

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  • Nanoenvironmental Effects Dramatically Influence the Sensitivity of Immunoassays.

    abstract::It is possible to improve the sensitivity of immunoassays by several orders of magnitude by exploiting nanoenvironmental effects. This approach can detect trace amounts of compounds and will better illuminate the presence of signal substances in biological systems. Here we describe a method for ultrasensitive immunoas...

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  • The evolution of structural databases.

    abstract::Starting with the Protein Data Bank (PDB) as a common ancestor, the evolution of structural databases has been driven by the rapprochement of the structural world and the practical applications. The result is an impressive number of secondary structural databases that is welcomed by structural biologists and bioinform...

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  • European research infrastructures for the development of nanobiotechnologies.

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  • Recent Advances in Microbial Production of Aromatic Chemicals and Derivatives.

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  • Rational and systematic protein purification process development: the next generation.

    abstract::Current biopharmaceutical manufacturing strongly relies on using purification platform processes, offering harmonization of practices and speed-to-market. However, the ability of such processes to respond quickly to anticipated higher quality and capacity demands is under question. Here, we describe novel approaches f...

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  • Alginate as immobilization matrix for cells.

    abstract::In recent years, entrapment of cells within spheres of Ca2+ alginate has become the most widely used technique for immobilizing living cells. This versatile method includes applications ranging from immobilization of living or dead cells in bioreactors, immobilization of plant protoplasts for micropropagation and immo...

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  • Protein-protein docking: is the glass half-full or half-empty?

    abstract::Are current docking methods capable of building complexes from putative component protein structures? Results of recent computational studies, including those of the CAPRI (Critical Assessment of Protein Interactions) competition, were used to determine the key properties for successful docking and introduce a classif...

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  • Recent developments in computational proteomics.

    abstract::The mapping of the human genome was completed earlier this year and efforts are underway to understand the role of gene products (i.e. proteins) in biological pathways and human disease and to exploit their functional roles to derive protein therapeutics and protein-based drugs. A key component to the next revolution ...

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  • Rehabilitation of adaptive immunity and regeneration of beta cells.

    abstract::Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease resulting from the destruction of pancreatic insulin-producing beta cells that most frequently occurs in genetically predisposed children. Recent observations illustrating the regenerative capability of the endocrine pancreas in addition to advances in stem cell and gene ...

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  • Single chain antibody variable regions.

    abstract::The use of antibodies or antibody fragments for targeting tumors (either for tumor imaging or as carriers for drugs or toxins), has encountered problems of clearance, and non-specific or inefficient binding in clinical trials. A novel approach, linking two antibody variable fragments (Fvs), with a short peptide to gen...

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  • Drugs against superbugs: private lessons from bacteriophages.

    abstract::Bacterial genomics has provided a plethora of potential targets for antibacterial drug discovery, however, success in the hunt for new antibiotics will hinge on selecting targets with the highest potential. A recent paper by Liu and coworkers describes a new approach to target selection that uncovers strategies used b...

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    authors: Brown ED

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  • Purification of proteins by adsorption chromatography in expanded beds.

    abstract::Adsorption in stable expanded beds enables proteins to be recovered directly from particulate-containing feedstocks, such as fermentation broths and preparations of disrupted cells, without the need for prior removal of the suspended solids, which would normally result in the blockage of packed beds. The adoption of t...

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    authors: Chase HA

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  • Four-dimensional imaging: the exploration of space and time.

    abstract::The process of studying dynamic three-dimensional samples has a long history in biological research. Recent advances in hardware and software have made it easier to visualise and record interior detail from multiple focal planes of three-dimensional samples as they change over time (four-dimensional imaging). Once cap...

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    authors: Thomas CF,White JG

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  • Vascularization and Angiogenesis in Tissue Engineering: Beyond Creating Static Networks.

    abstract::Engineered tissues need a vascular network to supply cells with nutrients and oxygen after implantation. A network that can connect to the vasculature of the patient after implantation can be included during in vitro culture. For optimal integration, this network needs to be highly organized, including venules, capill...

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  • Soft robotics: a bioinspired evolution in robotics.

    abstract::Animals exploit soft structures to move effectively in complex natural environments. These capabilities have inspired robotic engineers to incorporate soft technologies into their designs. The goal is to endow robots with new, bioinspired capabilities that permit adaptive, flexible interactions with unpredictable envi...

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  • Allergenicity Assessment of Novel Food Proteins: What Should Be Improved?

    abstract::Allergenicity prediction is one of the most challenging aspects in the safety assessment of foods derived from either biotechnology or novel food proteins. Here we present a bottom-up strategy that defines a priori the specific risk assessment (RA) needs based on a database appropriately built for such purposes. ...

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    authors: Fernandez A,Mills ENC,Koning F,Moreno FJ

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  • The myth of the biotech revolution.

    abstract::The existence of a medicinal 'biotech revolution' has been widely accepted and promoted by academics, consultants, industry and government. This has generated expectations about significant improvements in the drug discovery process, healthcare and economic development that influence a considerable amount of policy-ma...

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    authors: Nightingale P,Martin P

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  • Nanowire Sensors in Cancer.

    abstract::In 2006, the group of Dr C.M. Lieber pioneered the field of nanowire sensors by fabricating devices for the ultra-sensitive label-free detection of biological macromolecules. Since then, nanowire sensors have demonstrated their ability to detect cancer-associated analytes in peripheral blood, tumor tissue, and the exh...

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    authors: Doucey MA,Carrara S

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  • Transgenic animals as models of neurodegenerative diseases in humans.

    abstract::Neurodegenerative diseases are of major socioeconomic importance and represent an enormous challenge for the scientific and medical communities. Advances in molecular genetics during the past decade have begun to provide approaches for the establishment of animal models for these disorders using transgenic technology....

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    authors: Theuring F,Thunecke M,Kosciessa U,Turner JD

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  • Microbial biosurfactants: challenges and opportunities for future exploitation.

    abstract::The drive for industrial sustainability has pushed biosurfactants to the top of the agenda of many companies. Biosurfactants offer the possibility of replacing chemical surfactants, produced from nonrenewable resources, with alternatives produced from cheap renewable feedstocks. Biosurfactants are also attractive beca...

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    authors: Marchant R,Banat IM

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  • Enzymes as Green Catalysts and Interactive Biomolecules in Wound Dressing Hydrogels.

    abstract::Hydrogels are 3D hydrophilic polymer networks that absorb and hold huge amounts of water. Although hydrogels have traditionally been synthesized using chemical and physical methods, rapid developments in enzyme technology that, like chemical-based methods, enable the formation of stable covalent bonds are fast emergin...

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