Biomimetic approaches to protein and gene delivery for tissue regeneration.


:Novel therapeutic strategies that promote wound healing seek to mimic the response of the body to wounding, to regenerate rather than repair injured tissues. Many synthetic or natural biomaterials have been developed for this purpose and are used to deliver wound therapeutics in a controlled manner that prevents unwanted and potentially harmful side-effects. Here, we review the natural and synthetic biomaterials that have been developed for protein and gene delivery to enhance tissue regeneration. Particular emphasis is placed on novel biomimetic materials that respond to environmental stimuli or release their cargo according to cellular demand. Engineering biomaterials to release therapeutic agents in response to physiologic signals mimics the natural healing process and can promote faster tissue regeneration and reduce scarring in severe acute or chronic wounds.


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Trends in biotechnology


Andreadis ST,Geer DJ




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  • Commercialization of microfluidic devices.

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  • Glowing jellyfish, luminescence and a molecule called coelenterazine.

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  • Applications of pHLIP Technology for Cancer Imaging and Therapy.

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  • Reconstituted viral envelopes--'Trojan horses' for drug delivery and gene therapy?

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  • Emerging strategies for spatiotemporal control of stem cell fate and morphogenesis.

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  • Angels and Devils: Dilemmas in Dual-Use Biotechnology.

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  • Towards a 'universal' nucleant for protein crystallization.

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  • Nanosilver as a new generation of nanoproduct in biomedical applications.

    abstract::Nanosilver (NS), comprising silver nanoparticles, is attracting interest for a range of biomedical applications owing to its potent antibacterial activity. It has recently been demonstrated that NS has useful anti-inflammatory effects and improves wound healing, which could be exploited in developing better dressings ...

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  • Bioencapsulation within synthetic polymers (Part 1): sol-gel encapsulated biologicals.

    abstract::Since its inception a decade ago, sol-gel encapsulation has opened up an intriguing new way to immobilize biological materials. An array of substances, including catalytic antibodies, DNA, RNA, antigens, live bacterial, fungal, plant and animal cells and whole protozoa, have been encapsulated in silica, metal-oxide, o...

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  • The myth of the biotech revolution.

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  • Metabolic footprinting in microbiology: methods and applications in functional genomics and biotechnology.

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  • Bioelectrochemical Power-to-Gas: State of the Art and Future Perspectives.

    abstract::Bioelectrochemical power-to-gas (BEP2G) is considered a potentially convenient way of storing renewable surplus electricity in the form of methane. In methane-producing bioelectrochemical systems (BESs), carbon dioxide and electrical energy are converted into methane, using electrodes that supply either electrons or h...

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  • Designing and optimizing library selection strategies for generating high-affinity antibodies.

    abstract::Since its invention at the beginning of the 1990s, antibody phage display has revolutionized the generation of monoclonal antibodies and their engineering. It is now possible to create antibodies binding to any chosen target antigen without the use of laboratory animals or hybridomas, in a system that completely by-pa...

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  • Monitoring the efficacy of bioremediation.

    abstract::The general acceptance of bioremediation technology as an environmentally sound and economic treatment for hazardous waste requires the demonstration of its efficacy, reliability and predictability, as well as its advantages over conventional treatments. An effective monitoring design includes protocols for treatment-...

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  • FTIR microspectroscopy for improved prostate cancer diagnosis.

    abstract::Accurate diagnosis and prognosis is essential for cancer management but is subject to sampling and inter-observer error. In a recent study, Baker et al. compared Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) microspectroscopy with histological pathology to evaluate prostate tissue for disease severity. The authors found that bioc...

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  • Vibrational spectroscopy in stem cell characterisation: is there a niche?

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  • Rethinking production of Taxol® (paclitaxel) using endophyte biotechnology.

    abstract::Taxol® (generic name paclitaxel) represents one of the most clinically valuable natural products known to mankind in the recent past. More than two decades have elapsed since the notable discovery of the first Taxol®-producing endophytic fungus, which was followed by a plethora of reports on other endophytes possessin...

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  • Learning from Nature to Expand the Genetic Code.

    abstract::The genetic code is the manual that cells use to incorporate amino acids into proteins. It is possible to artificially expand this manual through cellular, molecular, and chemical manipulations to improve protein functionality. Strategies for in vivo genetic code expansion are under the same functional constraints as ...

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    authors: Ros E,Torres AG,Ribas de Pouplana L

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  • The Tortoise and the Hare: Evolving Regulatory Landscapes for Biosimilars.

    abstract::Challenges in demonstrating interchangeability and safety, as well as the ongoing evolution of regulations governing biosimilars, have meant that the development of the biosimilars industry has not been, and will not be, a carbon copy of the generics industry. Complexity in the development process reduces the cost adv...

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    authors: Konara CS,Barnard RT,Hine D,Siegel E,Ferro V

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  • Potential of siderophore-producing bacteria for improving heavy metal phytoextraction.

    abstract::Phytoremediation holds promise for in situ treatment of heavy metal contaminated soils. Recently, the benefits of combining siderophore-producing bacteria (SPB) with plants for metal removal from contaminated soils have been demonstrated. Metal-resistant SPB play an important role in the successful survival and growth...

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    authors: Rajkumar M,Ae N,Prasad MN,Freitas H

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  • Advances in Dental Materials through Nanotechnology: Facts, Perspectives and Toxicological Aspects.

    abstract::Nanotechnology is currently driving the dental materials industry to substantial growth, thus reflecting on improvements in materials available for oral prevention and treatment. The present review discusses new developments in nanotechnology applied to dentistry, focusing on the use of nanomaterials for improving the...

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    authors: Padovani GC,Feitosa VP,Sauro S,Tay FR,Durán G,Paula AJ,Durán N

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  • Antibody separation by hydrophobic charge induction chromatography.

    abstract::Hydrophobic charge induction chromatography using 4-mercapto-ethyl-pyridine as the ligand is an effective method for the separation of antibodies from a variety of feedstocks. Antibodies are adsorbed in physiological conditions without preliminary concentration. Desorption occurs when the pH is lowered, thus inducing ...

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  • Using Prokaryotes for Carbon Capture Storage.

    abstract::Geological storage of CO2 is a fast-developing technology that can mitigate rising carbon emissions. However, there are environmental concerns with the long-term storage and implications of a leak from a carbon capture storage (CCS) site. Traditional monitoring lacks clear protocols and relies heavily on physical meth...

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  • Scientific Citizenship and good governance: implications for biotechnology.

    abstract::In the wake of public distrust regarding biotechnology, it has been suggested that the debate should be moved "upstream", whereby the public help to set research priorities. Although many scientists see this as an illogical reaction to a loss of faith in science, we argue that the boundaries between science and its te...

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  • Platforms for enrichment of phosphorylated proteins and peptides in proteomics.

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  • Imaging techniques in the analysis of brain function and behaviour.

    abstract::Techniques such as positron-emission tomography, single-photon-emission computed tomography, functional magnetic-resonance imaging and magnetoencephalography permit the observation of biological processes in the brain in a noninvasive manner. They have yielded new insights into the biological interrelations of sensory...

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  • Harnessing SLE Autoantibodies for Intracellular Delivery of Biologic Therapeutics.

    abstract::Intracellular delivery of therapeutic antibodies is highly desirable but remains a challenge for biomedical research and the pharmaceutical industry. Approximately two-thirds of disease-associated targets are found inside the cell. Difficulty blocking these targets with available drugs creates a need for technology to...

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  • Promises and pitfalls of synthetic chromosomes in plants.

    abstract::This review summarizes synthetic chromosome construction in plants and speculates on how they might be applied to various uses in the future, as well as the possible impact for synthetic biology. The procedures to construct foundational platforms for synthetic chromosomes in plants are described, together with some ch...

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