Functional study of gene hp0169 in Helicobacter pylori pathogenesis.


:Many virulence genes have been reported to play important roles in Helicobacter pylori pathogenesis. However the detailed mechanisms of many of them have not been completely clear. In this study, we found gene hp0169, encoding a putative collagenase (HpPrtC), was involved in pathogenesis of H. pylori. Recombinant HpPrtC shows activities to both native and heat-denatured collagens. This result indicated that HpPrtC may act as a virulence factor to help the bacterium colonize in their host stomach by degrading surrounding collagens. hp0169 was deleted by homologous recombination to study its function in bacterium-host cell interaction. For the pathogenic functions on the host cells, the hp0169 mutant exhibits no significant changes on inducing apoptosis of GES-1 cells. However, the viability and proliferation rate of GES-1 cells infected with mutant strain were higher than the cells infected with wild-type strain. These results indicated that except for its collagenolytic activity, HpPrtC might participate in H. pylori pathogenesis through an additional pathway. Functional studies on hp0169 involved in pathogenesis would shed light on deep understanding of the pathogenic mechanism of H. pylori.


Microb Pathog


Microbial pathogenesis


Zhao H,Ji X,Chen X,Li J,Zhang Y,Du Z,Zhang Y,Li B




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2017-03-01 00:00:00












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