Neuronal responses to motion and apparent motion in the optic tectum of chickens.


:The ability to detect moving objects is crucial for survival and is a basic capability in the animal kingdom. In the optic tectum, a major center of the visual pathway of birds, neurons have been found that seem to be perfectly suited to encode motion. These cells, located in the stratum griseum centrale, receive a direct retinal input at their distal dendrites. If the sequential activation of the dendrites is the driving force behind the motion sensitivity of these cells, it is expected that they respond similarly to motion and apparent motion, where the stimulus traverses the exact same trajectory, but in discontinuous steps. To test this hypothesis, we recorded extracellularly from the optic tectum and stimulated the eyes with motion and apparent motion stimuli. Our experiments revealed two different types of responses. The first response type ('Type A') is characterized by an almost equally strong response to apparent motion as to normal motion when the stimulus moves in the preferred direction. The second response type ('Type B') is characterized by a sharp response to rarely occurring visual stimuli, independent of their temporal relation to other stimuli. In addition, these units responded well to stimuli independent of whether they were shown in the preferred, anti-preferred, or pseudorandom order. Units showing these two response patterns could be the units previously characterized as the SGC-III ('Type A') and SGC-I ('Type B') subtypes of the stratum griseum centrale and encode motion and novelty, respectively.


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  • Long-term potentiation in slices from subcortically deafferented hippocampi.

    abstract::Long-term potentiation (LTP) can be initiated in CA1, but not in the dentate, region of slices from rats with bilateral subcortical deafferentation at 8 week survival time. At about one week survival time, LTP is present in the CA1 region of all and also in the dentate of about 50% of slices. The results suggest that ...

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  • SPARC, an extracellular matrix glycoprotein containing the follistatin module, is expressed by astrocytes in synaptic enriched regions of the adult brain.

    abstract::Although extracellular matrix (ECM) glycoproteins play important roles in neural development, their levels are generally believed to decrease in the adult brain. Immunohistochemical analysis indicates that the anti-adhesive ECM glycoprotein SPARC/osteonectin, which contains a follistatin 'module,' is expressed in the ...

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  • Acceleration deficit in patients with cerebellar lesions. A study of kinematic and EMG-parameters in fast wrist movements.

    abstract::Slowness of goal-directed movements is a frequent symptom following cerebellar lesions. So far it has not been demonstrated whether this slowness represents compensation for impaired braking which is a feature of cerebellar dysfunction with the consequence of hypermetria, or whether it is an independent part of cerebe...

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  • Functional properties of the cerebellorubral synapses in the cat.

    abstract::Facilitation of cerebellorubral transmission was illustrated in nembutalized cats on paired stimulation of the cerebellar nucleus interpositus by an example of monosynaptic EPSPs of the rubrospinal neurons. It was found that the facilitation stated is not determined by the change in the presynaptic volley of impulses....

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  • Effects of conditioned taste aversion on extracellular serotonin in the lateral hypothalamus and hippocampus of freely moving rats.

    abstract::This study used microdialysis to monitor extracellular levels of 5-HT and its metabolite, 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid (5-HIAA) in the lateral hypothalamus (LH) and hippocampus of freely moving rats that had developed a CTA to a 2.5 mM saccharin solution (CS) following its pairing with illness induced by lithium chlori...

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