Pharmacologically evoked apnoeas. Receptors and nervous pathways involved.


:This review analyses the knowledge about the incidence of transient apnoeic spells, induced by substances which activate vagal chemically sensitive afferents. It considers the specificity and expression of appropriate receptors, and relevant research on pontomedullary circuits contributing to a cessation of respiration. Insight is gained into an excitatory drive of 5-HT1A serotonin receptors in overcoming opioid-induced respiratory inhibition.


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  • Resveratrol ameliorates high glucose-induced oxidative stress injury in human umbilical vein endothelial cells by activating AMPK.

    abstract:AIMS:To investigate the effects of resveratrol on high glucose (HG)-induced vascular injury, and to establish the mechanism(s) underlying these effects. MAIN METHODS:Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) were treated with glucose, and then incubated with resveratrol in the presence or absence of Compound C, ...

    journal_title:Life sciences

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    authors: Zhou DY,Su Y,Gao P,Yang QH,Wang Z,Xu Q

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  • Prenatal zinc reduces stress response in adult rat offspring exposed to lipopolysaccharide during gestation.

    abstract:AIMS:Previous investigations by our group have shown that prenatal treatment with lipopolysaccharide (LPS; 100 μg/kg, intraperitoneally) on gestation day (GD) 9.5 in rats, which mimics infections by Gram-negative bacteria, induces short- and long-term behavioral and neuroimmune changes in the offspring. Because LPS ind...

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  • Effects of inhalation of sevoflurane at different concentrations on TRPV1 in airways of rats at different developmental stages.

    abstract::Aim Determine changes in the expressions of the ion channel-TRPV1-and neuropeptides-NKA, NKB, calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), and SP-in 14-, 21-, and 42-day-old rats after inhaling 1.5% and 2.6% sevoflurane. MAIN METHODS:A small in-house inhalation anesthesia chamber was designed to allow 14-, 21-, and 42-day...

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  • Molecular aspects of adrenal regulation for circadian glucocorticoid synthesis by chronic voluntary exercise.

    abstract::Chronic voluntary running of mice is known to increase the circadian peak of plasma corticosterone without change in the level of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). In order to investigate how chronic exercise modulates the circadian HPA axis, we used two weeks of voluntary wheel running of mice and confirmed the sig...

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    authors: Otawa M,Arai H,Atomi Y

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  • iTRAQ-based proteomics implies inflammasome pathway activation in the prefrontal cortex of CSDS mice may influence resilience and susceptibility.

    abstract:AIMS:Major depressive disorder, as a destructive mental health disorder, is a major contributor to disability and death. Numerous studies have illustrated that activation of inflammation and fluctuating immune reactions play a crucial role in the physiopathology of depression. The effectiveness of antidepressants is af...

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  • Intestinal epithelial cells and musculature contain different muscarinic binding sites.

    abstract::Muscarinic receptors on epithelial cells mediate intestinal secretion, while those in intestinal smooth muscle mediate motility. Experiments were carried out to determine whether the muscarinic receptors mediating each of these two functions in intestinal tissue might be associated with differences in the way agonist ...

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    authors: Tien XY,Wahawisan R,Wallace LJ,Gaginella TS

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  • Naloxone-induced hypodipsia: a CNS mapping study.

    abstract::Opiate antagonists have been shown to reliably attenuate drinking behavior. Recent research points to a central site of action for this antidipsogenic effect. To pursue this issue of site specificity, naloxone, a specific opiate antagonist, was delivered into a number of discrete subcortical areas in 23 hour water-dep...

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    authors: Czech DA,Stein EA,Blake MJ

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  • Biotransformation in monkey brain: coupling of sulfation to glutathione conjugation.

    abstract::Phenol sulfotransferase (PST, EC and glutathione-S-transferase (GST, EC, the phase II biotransformation enzymes inactivate many exo- and endogenous compounds. The effect of PST substrates (catecholamines, simple phenols, selected phenolic drugs) and PST products (phenolic sulfates) on GST activity w...

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    authors: Baranczyk-Kuzma A,Sawicki J

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  • High doses of sodium ascorbate interfere with the expansion of glioblastoma multiforme cells in vitro and in vivo.

    abstract:AIMS:Constant development of chemotherapeutic strategies has considerably improved the efficiency of tumor treatment. However, adverse effects of chemotherapeutics enforce premature treatment cessation, which leads to the tumor recurrence and accelerated death of oncologic patients. Recently, sodium ascorbate (ASC) has...

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    authors: Ryszawy D,Pudełek M,Catapano J,Ciarach M,Setkowicz Z,Konduracka E,Madeja Z,Czyż J

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  • Adrenaline causes potassium influx in skeletal muscle and potassium efflux in cardiac muscle in rats: the role of Na/K ATPase.

    abstract::Previous in vitro evidence suggests that adrenaline causes K influx in skeletal muscle by stimulating a ouabain sensitive Na/K ATPase membrane pump. However in rabbits, adrenaline induced hypokalaemia was not significantly altered by pretreatment with digoxin (50 micrograms/kg). Rats were infused with adrenaline or sa...

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  • Role of angiotensin II in renal hemodynamic functions during the initial stages of acute ureteral obstruction.

    abstract::This investigation examines the role of Angiotensin II in renal hemodynamic functions during acute unilateral ureteral obstruction (UUO) in a dog model. An electro magnetic flow probe was utilized to assess renal blood flow while the arteriovenous extraction technique of technetium 99m DTPA was utilized for the assess...

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  • Alendronate induces gastric injury and delays ulcer healing in rodents.

    abstract::Gastric ulceration associated with the use of NSAIDs is most frequently observed in elderly women, the same sector of society most likely to be receiving therapy for osteoporosis. As some anti-osteoporosis medications have been suggested to irritate the upper gastrointestinal mucosa, we evaluated the ability of one su...

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    authors: Elliott SN,McKnight W,Davies NM,MacNaughton WK,Wallace JL

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  • Harmine inhibits the proliferation and migration of glioblastoma cells via the FAK/AKT pathway.

    abstract:AIMS:Glioblastoma is one of the most invasive tumors of the central nervous system, and has a high degree of malignancy and poor prognosis. Harmine, an active ingredient extracted from perennial herbs, has been reported to have obvious antitumor effects on various tumors. However, the effects of harmine on glioblastoma...

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    authors: Zhu YG,Lv YX,Guo CY,Xiao ZM,Jiang QG,Kuang H,Zhang WH,Hu P

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  • Anatomical changes of the GABAergic system in the inferior colliculus of the genetically epilepsy-prone rat.

    abstract::The number of GABAergic neurons as determined by GAD immunocytochemistry and total neurons as determined from Nissl preparations were counted and classified at the light microscopic level in the inferior colliculus (IC) of the genetically epilepsy prone rat (GEPR) and the non-epileptic Sprague-Dawley (SD) strain of ra...

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    authors: Roberts RC,Ribak CE

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  • Ionizing radiation induces opioid-mediated analgesia in male mice.

    abstract::The effects of exposure to ionizing radiation on the nociceptive thresholds of CF-1 mice were examined. Significant increases in thermal response latencies, indicative of analgesia were observed after exposure to either high or low doses of radiation. However, the onset of analgesia occurred significantly more rapidly...

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    authors: Teskey GC,Kavaliers M

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  • The effect of pertussis toxin on alpha-2-adrenoceptor-mediated pigment migration in fish melanophores.

    abstract::The aggregation of melanin-granules within fish pigment cells (melanophores) can be elicited either by electrical stimulation of intrinsic nerves or by the addition of adrenergic agonists. The pigment aggregation seems to be mediated by alpha-2-adrenoceptors. In this investigation we have used various agonists and ant...

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  • Antinociceptive effect of nifedipine and verapamil tested on rats chronically exposed to nicotine and after its withdrawal.

    abstract::Antinociceptive effect of nifedipine (15 mg/kg i.p.) and verapamil (10 mg/kg s.c.) was examined in rats chronically exposed to nicotine (6 mg/kg/day via Alzet osmotic pump for 28 days) and after nicotine withdrawal. Sham operated rats served as control for testing DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide, a solvent for nifedipine), ni...

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    authors: Zbuzek VK,Cohen B,Wu W

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  • Diabetex: A novel approach for diabetic wound healing.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION AND AIM:Wound healing is an orderly complex process involving inflammation, clotting, re-epithelialization, neovascularization and wound closure. In diabetic patients, such process is impaired and delayed, posing negative economic as well as social consequences. Diabetex, (patency# EP 0877617 A1) composed ...

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    authors: El-Bahy AAZ,Aboulmagd YM,Zaki M

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  • Long-lasting blockade of P2-receptors of the urinary bladder in vivo following photolysis of arylazido aminopropionyl ATP, a photoaffinity label.

    abstract::In the present study the possibility of provoking an irreversible blockade of P2-receptors in vivo by photolyzing ANAPP3 was investigated. ANAPP3 administered as an intraarterial infusion produced a short-lived blockade of P2-receptor mediated contractions of cat urinary bladders in situ. However, irradiation of the b...

    journal_title:Life sciences

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    authors: Theobald RJ Jr,Hoffman V

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  • Polymorphisms and genetic linkage of histamine receptors.

    abstract::Histamine is a biogenic amine that plays an essential role in controlling many physiological functions, both in the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS). Most of these physiological effects are mediated through interactions with four histamine receptor subtypes, all of which are members...

    journal_title:Life sciences

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    authors: Micallef S,Stark H,Sasse A

    更新日期:2013-10-10 00:00:00

  • Modulation of macrophage superoxide release by purine metabolism.

    abstract::Metabolic flux through the purine salvage pathway appears to modulate superoxide secretion by elicited macrophages. Exogenous adenosine, the first substrate of this pathway, stimulates superoxide secretion, and Allopurinol, a specific inhibitor of xanthine oxidase, inhibits superoxide secretion. The effects of these a...

    journal_title:Life sciences

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    authors: Tritsch GL,Niswander PW

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  • Theoretical study of the reactivity properties of two forms of stobadine.

    abstract::The cardio- and neuroprotective effect of the pyridoindole stobadine (S) is conditioned mainly by its good radical scavenging properties. It has been showed by EPR experiment, that the ultimate product of the reaction of stobadine with hydroxyl radical is the nitroxyl radical. However, for the unsaturated dehydrostoba...

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    authors: Májeková M,Májek P,Mach P

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  • The use of intermediate electron acceptors to enhance MTT bioreduction in a microculture tetrazolium assay for human growth hormone.

    abstract::We contrast the effects of three intermediate electron acceptors (IEAs) on the highly quantitative ESTA bioassay for human growth hormone. This is a microculture tetrazolium assay based upon the in vitro reduction of the tetrazolium salt MTT, by Nb2 cells which have been activated with hGH. Each of the IEAs influenced...

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    authors: Goodwin CJ,Holt SJ,Downes S,Marshall NJ

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  • Gestational exposure to excessive levels of dexamethasone impairs maternal care and impacts on the offspring's survival in rats.

    abstract::Administration of dexamethasone (DEX) during late gestation is a model to study growth restriction in rodents, but the pup's mortality index can be high, depending on DEX dosage, and little is known about the effects of DEX on maternal care (MC). Considering that an inadequate MC can also contribute to pup's mortality...

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    authors: Cella EC,Conte J,Stolte RCK,Lorenzon F,Gregorio T,Simas BB,Rafacho A,Lima FB

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  • Molecular mechanisms of interplay between autophagy and metabolism in cancer.

    abstract::Autophagy is an essential mechanism of cellular degradation, a way to protect the cells under stress conditions, such as deprivation of nutrients, growth factors and cellular damage. However, in normal physiology autophagy plays a significant role in cancer cells. Current research is in progress to understand how auto...

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    authors: Raj S,Chandel V,Kumar A,Kesari KK,Asthana S,Ruokolainen J,Kamal MA,Kumar D

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  • Protolichesterinic acid enhances doxorubicin-induced apoptosis in HeLa cells in vitro.

    abstract:AIM:The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of protolichesterinic acid, a lichen secondary metabolite, on anti-proliferative activity of doxorubicin in three human cancer cell lines, HeLa, SH-SY5Y and K562 cells. MAIN METHODS:The data obtained from MTT assays, performed on cells treated with protolichester...

    journal_title:Life sciences

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    authors: Brisdelli F,Perilli M,Sellitri D,Bellio P,Bozzi A,Amicosante G,Nicoletti M,Piovano M,Celenza G

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  • Naloxone effect on the neurological deficit induced by forebrain ischemia in rats.

    abstract::The effect of naloxone upon neurologic deficit was evaluated in a model of transient forebrain ischemia in rats. Awake male Wistar rats were subjected to a 30 minute ischemia by occluding both common carotid arteries 8 days after cauterizing vertebral arteries. Administration of naloxone 1 or 5 mg/kg iv 10 minutes aft...

    journal_title:Life sciences

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    authors: Capdeville C,Pruneau D,Allix M,Plotkine M,Boulu RG

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  • Evaluation of serum uric acid changes in different forms of hepatic vascular inflow occlusion in human liver surgeries.

    abstract::Uric acid values in serum have been analyzed as one of the markers to predict cellular damage due to ischemia reperfusion injury in the field of organ transplantation. The present study was conducted to confirm that uric acid values in serum could be an efficient marker of ischemic injury of liver parenchyma following...

    journal_title:Life sciences

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Kogure K,Ishizaki M,Nemoto M,Kuwano H,Tatemoto K,Maruyama Y,Ikarashi Y,Makuuchi M

    更新日期:1999-01-01 00:00:00

  • Allethrin interactions with the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor channel.

    abstract::Interactions of the synthetic pyrethroid allethrin with the nicotinic acetylcholine (ACh) receptor/channel were studied in membranes from Torpedo electric organ. Allethrin did not inhibit binding of [3H]ACh to the receptor sites, but inhibited noncompetitively binding of [3H]perhydrohistrionicotoxin ([3H]H12-HTX) to t...

    journal_title:Life sciences

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    authors: Abbassy MA,Eldefrawi ME,Eldefrawi AT

    更新日期:1982-10-11 00:00:00

  • Decreased Na,K-ATPase gene expression in cardiomyopathic hamster hearts.

    abstract::We studied Na,K-ATPase mRNA expression in cardiomyopathic (Bio 14.6) and normal (F1b) Syrian hamster ventricles. In Northern blot analysis, Na,K-ATPase alpha 1, alpha 2, alpha 3 and beta 1 isoform mRNAs were detected in 3-week-old Bio 14.6 and F1b hamster ventricles. We then investigated the expression of alpha 1 subu...

    journal_title:Life sciences

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Tsuruya Y,Ikeda U,Yamamoto K,Seino Y,Kanbe T,Shimada K

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