Tracing of neuronal connections with cholera toxin subunit B: light and electron microscopic immunohistochemistry using monoclonal antibodies.


:Subunit B of cholera toxin was used as a tracer substance in the central nervous system after being injected into various brain regions, mainly somatosensory relay structures. The tracer was localized with an immunoperoxidase technique, using monoclonal antibodies raised in mouse hybridomas. This method, which is applicable in both light and electron microscopic studies, is characterized by high contrast between specific labeling and unspecific background activity. It yields excellent retrograde labeling of the dendritic tree and is thus suitable for studying the neuronal cytoarchitecture and, on the ultrastructural level, the synaptic organization of identified projection neurons.


J Neurosci Methods


Ericson H,Blomqvist A




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1988-07-01 00:00:00














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  • Enrichment of differentiated hNT neurons and subsequent analysis using flow-cytometry and xCELLigence sensing.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Human neurons (hNT neurons), obtained from the NTera2/D1 precursor cell line, are highly valued by many neuroscientists as isolation of adult human primary neuronal cells continues to elude us. hNT neurons are generated by differentiation of the NT2 precursors for a period of 4 weeks followed by 2 weeks of m...

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  • An integrative transcranial magnetic stimulation mapping technique using non-linear curve fitting.

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  • Wide-area measurement-based supervision of the cerebral venous hemodynamic in a novel rat model.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Traumatic brain injury (TBI) includes primary and secondary injuries, while monitoring intracranial pressure (ICP) and cerebral blood flow (CBF) is conducive to improve the prognosis of patients. However, the function of cerebral venous in this process is still unclear. NEW METHOD:An acute epidural hematoma...

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  • Reliability of the microdialysis pump CMA 107 under hyperbaric conditions.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Microdialysis measurements of extracellular substances under hyperbaric conditions were manifold used in several investigations. However, to our knowledge there is no analysis, which verified the applicability of microdialysis pumps under hyperbaric conditions. Thus, a goal of this study was to investigate th...

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