The pattern of cytokeratin synthesis is a marker of type 2 cell differentiation in adult and maturing fetal lung alveolar cells.


:During the last stages of fetal life, the immature epithelial cells of the rat lung alveolus develop the properties of mature type 2 cells. Adult type 2 cells rapidly lose these same properties when isolated and maintained in cell culture. We have examined the synthesis of cytokeratin proteins by adult type 2 cells as they lose their differentiated characteristics during 1 week in culture, and of immature fetal alveolar epithelial cells as they differentiate either in utero or when cultured on an extracellular matrix. Freshly isolated adult type 2 cells synthesize four cytokeratins which by electrophoretic mobilities and Western blot analysis correspond to human cytokeratins Nos. 7, 8, 18, and 19. During 7 days in culture synthesis of cytokeratin No. 19 is dramatically decreased and cytokeratin No. 18 becomes the predominant acidic cytokeratin produced. Fetal lung epithelial cells at 18 days gestation lack most characteristics of mature type 2 cells. When freshly isolated, these cells synthesize cytokeratins Nos. 7, 8, and 18 but make only minimal amounts of cytokeratin No. 19. When these cells are allowed to mature either in utero or in culture on a whole basement membrane extract, they develop both the morphological characteristics and the pattern of cytokeratin synthesis of fully developed type 2 cells, with cytokeratins No. 19 being the major acidic cytokeratin produced.


Dev Biol


Developmental biology


Paine R,Ben-Ze'ev A,Farmer SR,Brody JS




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  • Inhibition by dibutyryl cyclic AMP of the transition to metaphase of mouse oocyte nuclei and its reversal by cell fusion to metaphase oocytes.

    abstract::Mouse oocytes at metaphase I of meiotic maturation were treated with puromycin, which caused the condensed chromosomes to become decondensed to form an interphase nucleus. The chromosomes returned to a metaphase state 6.3 hr after the oocytes were transferred to puromycin-free medium [H. J. Clarke and Y. Masui (1983) ...

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