Transneuronal transport of WGA-HRP in immature rat visual pathways.


:Wheat germ agglutinin conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (WGA-HRP) was used to study transneuronal transport in the developing rat visual pathways. Intraocular injections of WGA-HRP were made in neonatal albino rat pups at different ages from the day of birth, postnatal day 0 (P0), to one month of age. Transneuronal labeling in geniculostriate fibers and in tectoparabigeminal terminals was observed as early as P1 and showed little change with eye-opening. However, at early ages, consistent transneuronal labeling was found to require injection of up to 4 times the amount of tracer (0.18 mg WGA-HRP) as adults (0.04 mg WGA-HRP), delivered in two injections. Control injections of HRP alone produced heavy anterograde labeling at all ages, without requiring increased injections. The results suggest that transneuronal transport precedes synaptic transmission, and may illustrate a mechanism for exchanging molecules between neurons. One explanation for the requirement of increased tracer is that axonal and/or transneuronal transport of WGA-HRP may be selectively limited to certain cells in the postnatal retina.


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  • Corticotropin releasing factor administered into the ventricular CSF stimulates the pituitary-adrenal axis.

    abstract::Ovine corticotropin releasing factor (CRF) given intracerebroventricularly to rhesus monkeys at doses of 0.1-1 microgram/kg activates the pituitary-adrenal axis. The increases of plasma cortisol concentrations after intraventricular injection of CRF were similar to those observed after intravenous administration of th...

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  • Barbiturate tolerance: effects on GABA-operated chloride channel function.

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  • Low maternal care is associated with increased oxidative stress in the brain of lactating rats.

    abstract::Maternal care is crucial for offspring development and licking/grooming patterns can be induced by sensorial, neuroendocrine, and metabolic variations in the CNS. Important brain functions, such as learning and memory, can be influenced by oxidative stress, which can also modulate pathophysiological processes (e.g., d...

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  • Behavioral effects of short-term administration of lithium and valproic acid in rats.

    abstract::Lithium and valproic acid are mood-stabilizing agents that are often used to manage the episodes of mania and depression that characterize bipolar disorder. These agents develop clinical efficacy with chronic treatment, but the neurobiological actions that contribute to their therapeutic effects remain unclear. The pr...

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  • Antibodies to ependymin block the sharpening of the regenerating retinotectal projection in goldfish.

    abstract::The regenerating optic nerve of goldfish first reestablishes a rough retinotopic map on the tectum, then goes through an activity dependent refinement that appears to involve the elimination of inappropriate branches from early regenerated arbors. Retinotopically appropriate branches and synapses may be stabilized bec...

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  • Long-lasting conditioning of the human soleus H reflex following quadriceps tendon tap.

    abstract::Percussion of the quadriceps tendon was used to test the hypothesis that knee extensor muscle spindle discharge initiates down-regulation of the gain of the soleus H reflex. Seven subjects participated. Soleus H reflex magnitude was observed for up to 15 s, following conditioning tendon taps of 60 N or 80 N force and ...

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  • The neural pathway underlying a numerical working memory task in abacus-trained children and associated functional connectivity in the resting brain.

    abstract::Training can induce significant changes in brain functioning and behavioral performance. One consequence of training is changing the pattern of brain activation. Abacus training is of interest because abacus experts gain the ability to handle digits with unusual speed and accuracy. However, the neural correlates of nu...

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  • Supporting evidence for negative modulation by protons of an ion channel associated with the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor complex in rat brain using ligand binding techniques.

    abstract::The addition of L-glutamic acid (Glu) alone, both Glu and glycine (Gly) or Glu/Gly/spermidine (SPD) was effective in potentiating [3H]5-methyl-10,11-dihydro-5H-dibenzo[a,d]cyclohepten-5,10- imine (MK-801) binding before equilibrium to an ion channel associated with the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor complex in b...

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  • Evoked and event related coherence of Alzheimer patients manifest differentiation of sensory-cognitive networks.

    abstract::In previous studies on Alzheimer's patients it was shown that, in frontal and parietal locations, delta and theta responses of AD patients were greatly reduced. The present study analyzed coherence functions in these highly affected frontal and parietal areas. Visual sensory and event related coherences of patients wi...

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  • Trigemino-cardiac reflex during transsphenoidal surgery for pituitary adenomas: methodological description of a prospective skull base study protocol.

    abstract::A systematic clinical neuroscience protocol is described for the use to examine the trigemino-cardiac reflex (TCR) response in humans. Target neurosurgical conditions are operations that require manipulations around the peripheral and central part of the trigeminal nerve and its branches, e.g. the cerebellopontine ang...

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  • Brief ganglioside treatment produces delayed enhancement of functional recovery after medial septal lesions.

    abstract::The effects of a 5-day ganglioside (GM1) treatment (30 mg/kg) on body weight and water intake subsequent to medial septal lesions were evaluated for 44 consecutive days. In addition, activity, rearing, and repetitive motor acts were measured on postsurgery days 5, 10, 40, and 60. The rate of increase in the body weigh...

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  • Identification, characterization and stereotaxic mapping of intraneuronal alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone-like immunoreactive peptides in discrete regions of the rat brain.

    abstract::A highly specific antibody to alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH) was used to histochemically localize and biochemically identify and quantitate alpha-MSH immunoreactivity in nerve fibers and cell bodies of the rat brain. alpha-MSH-like immunoreactivity was contained in fibers throughout the brain. The di...

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  • Combined therapy affects outcomes differentially after mild traumatic brain injury and secondary forebrain ischemia in rats.

    abstract::Muscarinic and NMDA receptors contribute to post-traumatic hypersensitivity to secondary ischemia. However, the effect of these receptor antagonists on behavior and CA1 neuronal death after traumatic brain injury (TBI) with acute (1 h after TBI) forebrain ischemia has not been systematically assessed. We examined cogn...

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  • Red cell velocity and autoregulation in the cerebral cortex of the cat.

    abstract::This report deals with a comparison of total and regional cerebral blood flow with red cell velocity in the microcirculation of the ecto- and suprasylvian areas of the cerebral cortex of the cat and their response to changes in systemic blood pressure. Total and regional blood flows were measured during a steady-state...

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  • Radioautographic demonstration and localization of glucagon receptors in duck brain.

    abstract::The discovery of glucagon biosynthesis and receptors within mammalian brain has led one to suspect a neurotransmitter role for glucagon. In order to address this hypothesis in birds, we investigated the existence of glucagon receptors in duck brain by radioligand binding on fresh tissue sections and radioautography. S...

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  • Evidence that both intragastric and subcutaneous administration of methylenedioxymethylamphetamine (MDMA) produce serotonin neurotoxicity in rhesus monkeys.

    abstract::It has been demonstrated that repeated, subcutaneous administration of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) to rats, guinea pigs, and squirrel monkeys produces long-lasting depletions of serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine; 5-HT) in several brain regions. Since evidence of degenerating 5-HT neurons has been observed in...

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  • Environmental enrichment restores cognitive deficits induced by prenatal maternal seizure.

    abstract::Maternal seizure has adverse effects on brain histology as well as on learning and memory ability in progeny. An enriched environment (EE) is known to promote structural changes in the brain and improve cognitive and motor deficits following a variety of brain injuries. Whether EE treatment in early postnatal periods ...

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  • Inward-rectifying membrane currents activated by hyperpolarization in immature rat olfactory cortex neurones in vitro.

    abstract::The properties of inward-rectifying membrane currents in immature rat olfactory cortex neurones (postnatal day (P) 10-22) were analysed using whole-cell patch-clamp recordings. In 78% of cells (40/51), injection of hyperpolarizing current pulses elicited graded electrotonic potentials showing a slowly developing sag i...

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    authors: Sciancalepore M,Constanti A

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  • Cortical spreading depression produces increased cGMP levels in cortex and brain stem that is inhibited by tonabersat (SB-220453) but not sumatriptan.

    abstract::Migraine headache is proposed to be mediated by nitric oxide (NO). Suitable mechanisms for eliciting increases in brain NO concentration in migraineurs have not yet been identified, although, animal models highlight cortical spreading depression (CSD) as a potential candidate. These studies have focused on CSD-associa...

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  • Characterization of metorphamide-like immunoreactivity in the zona incerta and lateral hypothalamus: co-localization with alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone-like immunoreactivity.

    abstract::Double-staining in either vibratome or paraffin sections using contrasting chromogens revealed an alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH)-containing cell group in the arcuate nucleus, a metorphamide-containing cell group in the paraventricular hypothalamus, and an extensive group of magnocellular perikarya in...

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    authors: Merchenthaler I,Maderdrut JL,Weber E,Petrusz P

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  • Long-term potentiation in Schaffer collateral and commissural systems of the hippocampus: in vitro study in rats pretreated with kainic acid.

    abstract::Experiments were carried out on hippocampal slices from rats pretreated with a unilateral intraventricular injection of kainic acid. The kainic acid produced a lesion of the CA3 area in the hippocampus ipsilateral to the site of injection. The resulting neuroanatomically modified hippocampal slices allowed the indepen...

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  • Neuromuscular patterns of stereotypic hindlimb behaviors in the first two postnatal months. I. Stepping in normal kittens.

    abstract::Neuromuscular patterns associated with the development of hindlimb stepping behaviors were studied from birth to postnatal day 60 in normal kittens. Hindlimb muscles were chronically implanted with EMG electrodes at birth to characterize interlimb coordination and intralimb synergies during development of overground a...

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  • Differential alterations of synaptic plasticity in dentate gyrus and CA1 hippocampal area of Calbindin-D28K knockout mice.

    abstract::Regulation of the intracellular calcium concentration ([Ca(2+)](i)) is of critical importance for synaptic function. Therefore, neurons buffer [Ca(2+)](i) using intracellular Ca(2+)-binding proteins (CaBPs). Previous evidence suggests that Calbindin-D(28K) (CB), an abundantly expressed endogenous fast CaBP, plays an i...

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  • Chronic ingestion of ethanol increases the number of Ca2+ channels of hippocampal neurons of long-sleep but not short-sleep mice.

    abstract::Whole cell and single channel Ca2+ currents were compared for hippocampal neurons of normal and ethanol-tolerant long-sleep and short-sleep mice. The properties of these currents were equivalent for normal LS and SS mice. In contrast, the peak amplitude of the whole cell Ca2+ current increased significantly for neuron...

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  • Single unit sensory activity in free walking crabs: force sensitive mechanoreceptors of the dactyl.

    abstract::Activities of individual, force-sensitive mechanoreceptors (funnel canal organs) of the terminal segment (dactyl) of the crab leg have been recorded in freely moving animals. During the stance phase of walking receptors discharge in regular bursts that are closely correlated with activity of the opener muscle of the p...

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    authors: Zill SN,Libersat F,Clarac F

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  • Collision-like interactions between acoustic and electrical signals that produce startle reflexes in reticular formation sites.

    abstract::A startle-like response can be evoked at low currents by one-pulse electrical stimulation of reticular formation sites from the rostrolateral pons to the caudomedial medulla. To test whether this response is mediated by the same reticular formation neurons as those that mediate the acoustic startle, we delivered a bri...

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    authors: Yeomans JS,Cochrane KA

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  • Direct in vivo comparison of two mechanisms releasing dopamine in the rat striatum.

    abstract::A push-pull cannula supplied with artificial CSF was implanted in the striatum of anaesthetized rats, and the basal extracellular DA and DOPAC was assayed in the superfusates using HPLC and electrochemical detection. Simultaneously, a carbon fibre electrode was implanted in close proximity of the cannula and the evoke...

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    authors: Olivier V,Guibert B,Leviel V

    更新日期:1995-10-09 00:00:00

  • Origins and collateralization of corticospinal, corticopontine, corticorubral and corticostriatal tracts: a multiple retrograde fluorescent tracing study.

    abstract::Cerebral cells of origin for the corticospinal (CST), corticopontine (CP), corticorubral (CR) and corticostriatal (CS) fibers in the rat were identified following the simultaneous retrograde transport of propidium iodide (PI), fast blue (FB), fluorogold (FG) and diamidino yellow (DY). PI was injected into the contrala...

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    authors: Akintunde A,Buxton DF

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  • Increased preproenkephalin mRNA and preprotachykinin mRNA in the striatum of Rolling mouse Nagoya.

    abstract::Although Rolling mouse Nagoya (RMN) has been considered to demonstrate cerebellar dysfunction, our previous metabolic and electrophysiological studies also revealed a dysfunction of the basal ganglia, with the presumable primary site of dysfunction being the striatum. In the present study, we investigated the neuroche...

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    authors: Taniwaki T,Shinoda H,Kaseda Y,Kato M,Goto I

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