Therapeutic efficacy of two different cytostatic-linked phosphonates in combination with razoxane in the transplantable osteosarcoma of the rat.


:Two new compounds, 4-[4-[bis-(2-chloroethyl)-amino-]phenyl]-1- hydroxybutane-1,1-bisphosphonic acid (BAD) and aminotris-(methylenephosphonato)-diamminoplatinum(II) (ADP) that both have cytostatic and osteotropic properties, have shown good therapeutic efficacy against an osteosarcoma which metastasizes and kills by lung metastases. We therefore combined each of these drugs with the antimetastic agent razoxane. Razoxane (20 mg/kg i.p., 5 days/week for 6 weeks) was administered in combination with either BAD (30 mg/kg i.p.) or ADP (37.5 mg/kg i.v.) twice weekly for 3 weeks. Tumour volumes, body weight, survival time and occurrence of metastases were recorded, in addition to the measurement of the metastasis area compared to the total lung area in serial histological lung samples. In both experiments, razoxane effected a significant increase in life span while being ineffective in tumour inhibition. Razoxane in combination with BAD displayed an enhanced anticancer activity which was not significant. ADP had a good antineoplastic activity and a large increase in survival time (144 per cent ILS). Razoxane used in combination with ADP did not influence antitumour efficacy. Median survivals of both ADP-treated groups were significantly longer than the razoxane-treated group. Analysis of the lung metastasis area showed a maximum of 57 per cent for the controls while all treated groups occupied a lesser area. The lowest metastases area was found with the combination treatment BAD + RAZ (18 per cent). This was considered an antimetastatic effect, while ADP treatment effected a time delay only. No change in metastatic pattern was observed in any of the treatment groups. Histological examination showed no effect on the capillaries in the proliferating region of the tumours that could account for the lower occurrence of metastases.


Clin Exp Metastasis


Klenner T,Wingen F,Keppler B,Valenzuela-Paz P,Amelung F,Schmähl D




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1990-07-01 00:00:00












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  • Metrazol enhances brain penetration and therapeutic efficacy of some anticancer agents: implications for brain metastases.

    abstract::The concurrent administration of Metrazol (60 mg/kg, i.v.) to anaesthetized rats enhances the cerebral penetration of the anticancer agent razoxane. Such an enhancement leads to an increase in the therapeutic efficacy of razoxane against intracerebrally sequestered L1210 leukaemia cells in mice. The combination of Met...

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  • Metastasis of mammary tumours in mice: relationship with morphology of primary tumour, and reproductive background of host.

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