The preprotein translocation channel of the outer membrane of mitochondria.


:The preprotein translocase of the outer membrane of mitochondria (TOM complex) facilitates the recognition, insertion, and translocation of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial preproteins. We have purified the TOM complex from Neurospora crassa and analyzed its composition and functional properties. The TOM complex contains a cation-selective high-conductance channel. Upon reconstitution into liposomes, it mediates integration of proteins into and translocation across the lipid bilayer. TOM complex particles have a diameter of about 138 A, as revealed by electron microscopy and image analysis; they contain two or three centers of stain-filled openings, which we interpret as pores with an apparent diameter of about 20 A. We conclude that the structure reported here represents the protein-conducting channel of the mitochondrial outer membrane.






Künkele KP,Heins S,Dembowski M,Nargang FE,Benz R,Thieffry M,Walz J,Lill R,Nussberger S,Neupert W




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1998-06-12 00:00:00
















  • Evaluating the Effects of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Mutation D614G on Transmissibility and Pathogenicity.

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  • Trans-activation by HIV-1 Tat via a heterologous RNA binding protein.

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  • Disentangling inborn and acquired immunity in human twins.

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    abstract::E2F is a transcription factor believed to play a role in the activation of genes required for cellular proliferation. Its regulation is likely important for maintenance of G0 and for the initiation of cell growth. The retinoblastoma product (RB) forms a complex with E2F in G1 in primary and established human cells. As...


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  • Effects of androgens on the complexity of poly(A) RNA from rat prostate.

    abstract::Poly(A)-containing RNA, isolated from rat ventral prostate, has been analyzed for its base sequence complexity. The kinetics of hybridization of total cellular poly(A)-containing RNA with its complementary DNA (cDNA) from normal and castrated animals are markedly different. RNA from normal animals consists of three ab...


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  • Crystal structure of the glucocorticoid receptor ligand binding domain reveals a novel mode of receptor dimerization and coactivator recognition.

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  • Identification of F-actin as the dynamic hub in a microbial-induced GTPase polarity circuit.

    abstract::Polarity in mammalian cells emerges from the assembly of signaling molecules into extensive biochemical interaction networks. Despite their complexity, bacterial pathogens have evolved parsimonious mechanisms to hijack these systems. Here, we develop a tractable experimental and theoretical model to uncover fundamenta...


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  • 95 kd sperm proteins bind ZP3 and serve as tyrosine kinase substrates in response to zona binding.

    abstract::In the mouse, the zona pellucida (ZP) glycoprotein ZP3 both binds intact sperm and induces acrosomal exocytosis. The subsequent signaling pathway(s) is still uncertain, but Gi-like proteins have been implicated. By analogy with other signal transduction mechanisms, we examined anti-phosphotyrosine antibody reactivity ...


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  • The sqt-1 gene of C. elegans encodes a collagen critical for organismal morphogenesis.

    abstract::Different mutations in the sqt-1 gene of C. elegans can lengthen, shorten, or helically twist the entire animal. We have cloned the sqt-1 gene and have shown that it encodes a collagen. sqt-1 was localized to a 35 kb region of DNA by physical mapping of chromosomal deficiencies. A transposon (Tc1)-induced mutation of ...


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