Cardiovascular effects of acetylcholine microinjection into the ventrolateral and dorsal periaqueductal gray of rats.


:In the present study, we describe the cardiovascular effects of local acetylcholine (Ach) microinjection into both the ventrolateral (vlPAG) and dorsal (dPAG) periaqueductal gray areas of anesthetized rats and the possible local receptors involved with these responses. Microinjection of Ach (9, 27, 45 or 81 nmol/50 nL) into the vlPAG caused dose-related depressor responses. These hypotensive responses were blocked by local pretreatment with increasing doses of the nonselective muscarinic antagonist atropine (1, 3 or 9 nmol/50 nL)(.) The microinjection of Ach into the dPAG caused no significant cardiovascular responses in anesthetized rats. In conclusion, the present findings suggest that a cholinergic system present in the vlPAG, but not in the dPAG, is involved with cardiovascular system control. Moreover, these cardiovascular responses evoked by Ach are mediated by muscarinic receptors.


Brain Res


Brain research


Deolindo MV,Pelosi GG,Busnardo C,Resstel LB,Corrêa FM




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  • The maintenance of hippocampal pyramidal neuron populations is dependent on the modulation of specific cell cycle regulators by thyroid hormones.

    abstract::The onset of adult hypothyroidism causes neuronal damage in the CA3 hippocampal region, which is attenuated by T(4) administration. We analyzed the expression of molecular proliferation markers (Cyclin D1 and PCNA), cellular damage-arrest (p53 and p21), and apoptosis (Bax/Bcl-2 index) in the hippocampus of hypothyroid...

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  • Delayed behavioral response to antidepressant drugs following selective damage to the hippocampal noradrenergic innervation in rats.

    abstract::The present study was undertaken to investigate in rats the role of the noradrenergic innervation of the hippocampus in the reversal by antidepressant drugs of escape failures caused by previous exposure to inescapable shocks (learned helplessness design). Rats were either sham-operated or given a bilateral infusion o...

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  • Projections to the neostriatum from the cat precruciate cortex. Anatomy and physiology.

    abstract::The projections to the striatum from two cytoarchitectonically and functionally distinct subdivisions of the cat precruciate motor cortex were studied using anatomical and electrophysiological techniques. Our results indicate that the medial precruciate cortex (stimulation of which leads to movements of the axial and ...

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