Expression of merA, amoA and hao in continuously cultured Nitrosomonas europaea cells exposed to zinc chloride additions.


:The effects of ZnCl2 additions on a mercuric reductase, merA, ammonia monooxygenase, amoA, and hydroxylamine (NH2OH) oxidoreductase, hao, gene expression were examined in continuously cultured Nitrosomonas europaea cells. The reactor was operated for 85 days with a 6.9 d hydraulic retention time and with four successive additions of ZnCl2 achieving maximum concentrations from 3 to 90 microM Zn2+. Continuously cultured N. europaea cells were more resistant to Zn2+ inhibition than previously examined batch cultured cells due to the presence of Mg2+ in the growth media, suggesting that Zn2+ enters the cell through Mg2+ import channels. The maximum merA up-regulation was 45-fold and expression increased with increases in Zn2+ concentration and decreased as Zn2+ concentrations decreased. Although Zn2+ irreversibly inactivated ammonia oxidation in N. europaea, the addition of either 600 microM CuSO4 or 2250 microM MgSO4 protected N. europaea from ZnCl2 inhibition, indicating a competition between Zn2+ and Cu2+/Mg2+ for uptake and/or AMO active sites. Since ZnCl2 inhibition is irreversible and amoA was up-regulated at 30 and 90 microM additions, it is hypothesized that de novo synthesis of the AMO enzyme is needed to overcome inhibition. The up-regulation of merA during exposure to non-inhibitory Zn2+ levels indicates that merA is an excellent early warning signal for Zn2+ inhibition.


Biotechnol Bioeng


Radniecki TS,Semprini L,Dolan ME




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    abstract::Refiner mechanical pulp was biologically treated with several higher fungi in order to test their potential for increasing the strength of paper. It was among the white-rot fungi that the best results were obtained. Polyporus versicolor gave the best overall improvement in handsheet properties with no reduction in tea...

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  • New soluble angiopoietin analog of Hepta-ANG1 prevents pathological vascular leakage.

    abstract::Vascular leak is a key driver of organ injury in diseases, and strategies that reduce enhanced permeability and vascular inflammation are promising therapeutic targets. Activation of the angiopoietin-1 (ANG1)-Tie2 tyrosine kinase signaling pathway is an important regulator of vascular quiescence. Here we describe the ...

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