The transient responses of hybridoma cells to nutrient additions in continuous culture: II. Glutamine pulse and step changes.


:The transient and steady-state responses of hybridoma growth and metabolism to glutamine pulse and step changes have been examined. Metabolic quotients are reported for oxygen, glucose, lactate, ammonia, glutamine, alanine, and other amino acids. The specific glutamine consumption rate increased rapidly after all glutamine additions, but the responses of the glucose and oxygen consumption rates and the cell concentration were found to depend on the intial feed glutamine concentration. The glucose consumption rate was 1.4-10.9 times that of glutamine, and serine and branched-chain amino acids were consumed in larger amounts at the higher glucose: glutamine uptake ratios. It was estimated that maintenance accounted for ca. 60% of the cellular ATP requirements at specific growth rates ranging from 0.57 to 0.68 day(-1).


Biotechnol Bioeng


Miller WM,Wilke CR,Blanch HW




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1989-01-20 00:00:00












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  • Mechanized systems for media dispensing, inoculation, and replication of microorganisms.

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    abstract::Although widely used in experimental and industrial situations, genetically engineered plasmids containing the lac promoter from Escherichia coli are subject to catabolite repression when grown in glucose-containing media. Several methods of overcoming this problem have been investigated by studying the expression of ...

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  • Impact of membrane solid-liquid separation on design of biological nutrient removal activated sludge systems.

    abstract::Installing membranes for solid-liquid separation into biological nutrient removal (BNR) activated sludge (AS) systems makes a profound difference not only in the design of the BNR system itself, but also in the design approach for the whole wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). In multizone BNR systems with membranes in ...

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  • Effect of non-feeding period length on the intermittent operation of UASB reactors treating dairy effluents.

    abstract::Recent environmental concerns have prompted a re-evaluation of conventional management strategies and refueled the search of innovative waste management practices. In this sense, the anaerobic digestion of both fat and the remaining complex organic matter present in dairy wastewaters is attractive, although the contin...

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