Influence of fluoride on rat kidney antioxidant system: effects of methionine and vitamin E.


:The aim of the study has been to determine and compare the influence upon the kidney antioxidative system, exercised by administration of vitamin E, and vitamin E in combination with methionine, under conditions of oxidative stress induced by sodium fluoride. The experiment was carried out on Wistar FL rats (adult males) that, for 35 days, were administered water, NaF, NaF with vitamin E, or vitamin E with methionine (doses: 10 mg NaF/kg of body mass/24 h, 3 mg vitamin E per 10 microl per rat for 24 h, 2 mg methionine per rat for 24 h). The influence of administered sodium fluoride and antioxidants upon the antioxidative system in kidney was examined by analyzing the concentration of malondialdehyde (MDA) and the activity of the most important antioxidative enzymes (SOD, total and both its isoenzymes, GPX, GST, GR, and CAT). The studies carried out confirmed the disadvantageous effect of the administered dose of NaF upon the antixodiative system in rats (increase in the concentration MDA, decrease activity of all antioxidative enzymes). The administration of vitamin E increased the activity of studied enzymes with the exception of glutathione reductase GR; it also reduced the processes of lipid peroxidation. It has been found that combined doses of vitamin E and methionine were most effective in inhibiting lipid peroxidation processes. The results confirmed the antioxidative properties of methionine.


Biol Trace Elem Res


Błaszczyk I,Grucka-Mamczar E,Kasperczyk S,Birkner E




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2008-01-01 00:00:00












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