A dispersive morph in the naked mole-rat.


:Close inbreeding is known for a variety of small mammal species for which a high probability of mortality during dispersal makes helping and delayed maturation a relatively secure fitness option. Prolonged inbreeding, however, is usually associated with lowered fitness, and it has been shown that most highly inbred small mammals and social insects have inbreeding-avoidance mechanisms that promote some degree of outbreeding. However, previous field and laboratory research on the naked mole-rat (Heterocephalus glaber) suggested that this cooperatively breeding rodent is highly inbred, with new colonies forming by fission. Here we report the discovery of a dispersal phenotype that may occasionally promote outbreeding in naked mole-rats. These dispersers are morphologically, physiologically and behaviourally distinct from other colony members. They are laden with fat, exhibit elevated levels of luteinizing hormone, have a strong urge to disperse, and only solicit matings with non-colony members. These findings suggest that, although rare, a dispersive morph exists within naked mole-rat colonies.






O'Riain MJ,Jarvis JU,Faulkes CG




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1996-04-18 00:00:00














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  • Designing CD4 immunoadhesins for AIDS therapy.

    abstract::A newly-constructed antibody-like molecule containing the gp120-binding domain of the receptor for human immunodeficiency virus blocks HIV-1 infection of T cells and monocytes. Its long plasma half-life, other antibody-like properties, and potential to block all HIV isolates, make it a good candidate for therapeutic u...


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  • Catalysis by hen egg-white lysozyme proceeds via a covalent intermediate.

    abstract::Hen egg-white lysozyme (HEWL) was the first enzyme to have its three-dimensional structure determined by X-ray diffraction techniques. A catalytic mechanism, featuring a long-lived oxocarbenium-ion intermediate, was proposed on the basis of model-building studies. The 'Phillips' mechanism is widely held as the paradig...


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  • Substituted ammonium ions as allergenic determinants in drug allergy.

    abstract::Serious, and occasionally fatal, anaphylactic-like (anaphylactoid) reactions may occur when a patient is exposed to a drug for the first time. Apart from the penicillins, nothing is known of the nature of antigenic or sensitizing drug determinants and, as yet, there is no evidence for the involvement of IgE antibodies...


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