Isozyme and morphological characteristics of the anaerobic fungus Piromyces mae isolated from the duodenum, rumen and faeces of sheep.


:Isolates of anaerobic fungi obtained from the rumen, duodenum and faeces of sheep were identified as Piromyces mae based on their morphological characteristics observed using light microscopy. There was no significant morphological variation among the isolates of P. mae from the rumen, duodenum and faeces. Isozymes of 12 isolates of P. mae (one each from the rumen, duodenum and faeces from 4 different sheep) were analysed by PAGE. A total of 12 isozymes were studied and 5 isozyme loci were successfully typed. They were malic enzyme, malate dehydrogenase, shikimate dehydrogenase, alpha-esterase and beta-esterase. All the isolates of P. mae regardless of whether they were from the rumen, duodenum or faeces or from different animals produced very similar isozyme banding patterns for each of the enzyme systems. The similar isozyme profiles of the isolates indicate that they are of the same species although they exist in different regions of the alimentary tract.


FEMS Microbiol Lett


Wong MV,Ho YW,Tan SG,Abdullah N,Jalaludin S




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1995-12-01 00:00:00














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