Cellular localization of cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator protein in piglet and mouse intestine.


:Antibodies raised against the cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator protein (CFTR) were used to localize CFTR in intestinal tissues of piglets and mice. Positive staining for CFTR was detected in goblet cells of both species. A second population of epithelial cells of unknown phenotype was also labeled by anti-CFTR antibodies. The labeling pattern was abolished by preincubation of anti-CFTR antibodies with the immunogen or when non-immune IgG was used in place of anti-CFTR antibodies. These results support other studies that suggest that alterations in goblet cell function may be involved in the intestinal abnormalities associated with cystic fibrosis.


Cell Tissue Res


Cell and tissue research


Hayden UL,Carey HV




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  • Endogenous peroxidase activity in brush cell-like cells in the large intestine of the bullfrog tadpole, Rana catesbeiana.

    abstract::A special cell type was identified in the mucosal epithelium of the large intestine of the tadpole of the bullfrog, Rana catesbeiana. It is a slender, columnar cell, with a dark, basally situated nucleus. By electron microscopy the cell displays prominent bundles of filaments emerging from each microvillus and extendi...

    journal_title:Cell and tissue research

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    authors: Sugimoto K,Ichikawa Y,Nakamura I

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  • Sympathectomy causes increased root resorption after orthodontic tooth movement in rats: immunohistochemical study.

    abstract::Accumulating evidence suggests that the sympathetic nervous system modulates inflammatory responses and bone remodeling. We have studied the effects of sympathectomy and orthodontic tooth movement (OTM) on root resorption, immunocompetent cell recruitment, neuropeptide, neurokinin-1 receptor (NK1-R), and interleukin 6...

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  • Effects of dexamethasone on expression and maintenance of cartilage in serum-containing cultures of calvaria cells.

    abstract::The effects of dexamethasone on the ability of cells enzymatically isolated from 21-day fetal rat calvaria to produce cartilage in vitro has been investigated. Primary cultures of single-cell suspensions of rat calvaria were grown for up to 28 days in vitro in alpha-minimal essential medium containing 15% fetal bovine...

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  • Dominance of parental genomes in embryonic stem cell/fibroblast hybrid cells depends on the ploidy of the somatic partner.

    abstract::Two dozen hybrid clones were produced by fusion of diploid embryonic stem (ES) cells positive for green fluorescent protein (GFP) with tetraploid fibroblasts derived from DD/c and C57BL-I(I)1RK mice. Cytogenetic analysis demonstrated that most cells from these hybrid clones contained near-hexaploid chromosome sets. Ad...

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    authors: Kruglova AA,Matveeva NM,Gridina MM,Battulin NR,Karpov A,Kiseleva EV,Morozova KN,Serov OL

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  • The anionic barrier system in the mesonephric renal glomerulus of the arctic lamprey, Entosphenus japonicus (Martens) (Cyclostomata).

    abstract::To examine the selective permeability of the nephrons of lower vertebrates, the permeability of the glomerulus in the kidney of an arctic lamprey, Entosphenus japonicus (Martens), to native anionic ferritin or cationized ferritin was studied by observing the distribution of ionized anionic groups in renal tissues. The...

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    authors: Tsujii T,Naito I,Ukita S,Ono T,Seno S

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  • Is the nuclear envelope a 'generator' of membrane? Developmental sequences in cytomembrane elaboration.

    abstract::Early diplotene oocytes from Necturus maculosus ranging from approximately 0.2 to 0.5 mm in diameter were examined by electron microscopy. In the smallest oocytes of this range, the cytoplasm is largely devoid of membranes, but contains primarily ribosomes and mitochondria. In slightly larger oocytes, smooth-surfaced ...

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  • Spatiotemporal expression patterns of clusterin in the mouse inner ear.

    abstract::Clusterin (CLU) is an extracellular chaperone protein that is implicated in diverse physiological and pathophysiological cellular processes. CLU expression is upregulated in response to cellular stress and under certain conditions, such as neurodegenerative disease and cancer. CLU primarily functions as a chaperone th...

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    authors: Lee S,Shin JO,Sagong B,Kim UK,Bok J

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  • Human melanomas express functional P2 X(7) receptors.

    abstract::Adenosine 5'-triphosphate is known to function as a potent extracellular messenger, producing its effects via a distinct family of cell surface receptors. Different receptor subtypes have been shown to modulate different cellular functions such as proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. We have investigated the ...

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  • β Integrin-like protein-mediated adhesion and its disturbances during cell cultivation of the mussel Mytilus trossulus.

    abstract::In this study, we focus on the specific contribution of β integrin-like protein to adhesion-mediated events in molluscan larval cells in culture that could not have been investigated within the whole animal. An analysis of disturbances to cell-substratum adhesion, caused by the integrin receptor inhibiting Arg-Gly-Asp...

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    authors: Maiorova MA,Odintsova NA

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  • Ultrastructure and distribution of somatostatin-like immunoreactive neurons and nerve fibres in the coeliac ganglion of cats.

    abstract::Somatostatin-like immunoreactivity was localized in nerve cell bodies and nerve terminals in the cat coeliac ganglion. Two types of somatostatin-immunoreactive cell bodies were revealed, the first being large (diameter 35 microns), numerous and weakly labelled, whereas the second was considerably smaller (diameter 10....

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    authors: Fehér E,Burnstock G

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  • Intraepithelial inclusions resembling human biondi bodies in the choroid plexus of an aged chimpanzee.

    abstract::Complex intracellular inclusion bodies of the Biondi type were observed in the choroidal epithelium (choroid plexus of the lateral ventricle) of a 43-year-old male chimpanzee. The specific components of these inclusions are bundles of filaments 8-15 nm in diameter, which are associated with lipid droplets and a wide v...

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  • Developmental patterns of proteoglycan-containing extracellular matrix in perineuronal nets and neuropil of the postnatal rat brain.

    abstract::The extracellular matrix is involved in various morphogenetic processes which are accompanied by changes in its physicochemical properties and spatial organization. In the adult brain it contributes to cellular communication and the regulation of neuronal activity. The present study deals with the postnatal appearance...

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  • Some evidence for the ampullary organs in the European cave salamander Proteus anguinus (Urodela, Amphibia).

    abstract::The multicellular epithelial organs in Proteus anguinus, which Bugnion (1873) assumed to be developing neuromasts, have been analyzed by light- and electron-microscopy. Their fundamental structure consists of single ampullae with sensory and accessory cells with apical parts that extend into the pit of the ampulla, an...

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    authors: Istenic L,Bulog B

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  • Serum-free cryopreservation of porcine hepatocytes.

    abstract::The use of porcine hepatocytes in xenotransplantation, bioartificial liver support or pharmacological approaches demands serum-free cryopreservation protocols yielding high quality, viable, functional hepatocytes. Here, primary porcine hepatocytes were frozen without serum in liquid nitrogen by the use of a computer-a...

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  • The eyes of mesopelagic crustaceans. II. Streetsia challengeri (amphipoda).

    abstract::In Streetsia challengeri left and right eyes have fused and become a single cylindrical photoreceptor, which occupies the basal half of a forward directed head projection. This unusual compound eye consists of approximately 2500 ommatidia, which are arranged in such a way that the animal has almost circumferential vis...

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    authors: Meyer-Rochow VB

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  • Neuronal background of activation of estivated snails, with special attention to the monoaminergic system: a biochemical, physiological, and neuroanatomical study.

    abstract::Osmotic stimulation activates both estivated and inactivated specimens of Helix pomatia and increases their central arousal. High-pressure liquid chromatography has shown that, during activation, the level of both serotonin and dopamine decreases in the central nervous system (CNS) but increases in the foot and heart,...

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    authors: Hernádi L,Vehovszky A,Gyori J,Hiripi L

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  • Microridges of oral mucosal epithelium in carp, Cyprinus carpio.

    abstract::The surface of carp oral mucosa is characterized by various patterns of microridges about 0.3 micron wide, 0.1 micron high, and of various lengths. To elucidate the derivation and function of these microridges, the oral epithelium was examined by light- and electron microscopy. Microridges were present only on the sur...

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  • Trilayered tissue construct mimicking the orientations of three layers of a native heart valve leaflet.

    abstract::A tissue-engineered heart valve can be an alternative to a prosthetic valve in heart valve replacement; however, it is not fully efficient in terms of long-lasting functionality, as leaflets in engineered valves do not possess the trilayered native leaflet structure. Previously, we developed a flat, trilayered, orient...

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    authors: Jana S,Lerman A

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  • Immunocytochemical analysis of misplaced rhodopsin-positive cells in the developing rodent retina.

    abstract::During the first postnatal weeks of the developing rodent retina, rhodopsin can be detected in a number of neuron-like cells in the inner retina. In the present study, we aim to characterize the morphology, number and staining characteristics of this peculiar population. Misplaced rhodopsin-positive cells (MRCs) were ...

    journal_title:Cell and tissue research

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    authors: Szabó K,Szabó A,Enzsöly A,Szél A,Lukáts A

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  • Control of the pars intermedia of the lizard, Anolis carolinensis. III. Changes in the ultrastructure of the disconnected neuro-intermediate lobe.

    abstract::Morphological changes in the disconnected neuro-intermediate lobe were studied in the lizard, Anolis carolinensis from the 2nd to the 14th post-operative day using a threefold aldehyde fixative (Rodríguez, 1969). Two phases of colour change capacity were exhibited: Phase I started immediately after the transection, la...

    journal_title:Cell and tissue research

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    authors: Larsson L,Rodriguez EM,Meurling P

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  • The roles of nanocarriers on pigment epithelium-derived factor in the differentiation of human cardiac stem cells.

    abstract::Over the past decade, adult stem cells have attracted great attention because of their ability to potentially regenerate desired tissues or entire organs. With the emergence of nanomaterial-based gene therapy, adult stem cells have been considered as a proper tool for the biomedical field. In this study, we utilized o...

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    authors: Liang H,Duan W,Hou H,Yi W,Zhang J,Jin Z,Zhai M,Yu S,Liu J,Yi D

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  • Immunocytochemical localization of lipophorins in the flight muscles of the migratory locust (Locusta migratoria) at rest and during flight.

    abstract::Locust lipoproteins (lipophorins) were localized by indirect immunofluorescence- and immunogold labelling in cryosections of dorsolongitudinal flight muscles. Immunolabelling was performed with monoclonal antibodies against apolipoproteins epitopes that are exposed at the surfaces of the lipophorin particles. Both at ...

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    authors: Van Antwerpen R,Linnemans WA,Van der Horst DJ,Beenakkers AM

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  • Electron-microscopic studies on the presence of gap junctions between corneal fibroblasts in rabbits.

    abstract::Corneal fibroblasts, major cellular components of the corneal stroma, are loosely arrayed between collagen lamellae. They play an important role in the metabolic and physiological homeostasis mechanisms by which the cornea is kept transparent. This paper deals with the demonstration of the gap junctions between the co...

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    authors: Ueda A,Nishida T,Otori T,Fujita H

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  • Calretinin and calbindin in the retina of the developing chick.

    abstract::Calretinin and calbindin-D28k are two calcium-binding proteins that are present in largely different sets of nerve cells in the central nervous system. Their appearance during development of the chick retina was studied by immunohistochemistry and Western blots. The patterns are mature one day before hatching. Each ce...

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    authors: Ellis JH,Richards DE,Rogers JH

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  • Aquaporin expression is downregulated in a murine model of colitis and in patients with ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease and infectious colitis.

    abstract::Colitis is associated with alterations in electrolyte and water transport. These changes give rise to some of the symptoms experienced by patients with colitis. Alterations in fluid flux may also contribute to increased susceptibility to mucosal injury. Recently, endogenous water channel proteins (aquaporins; AQPs), h...

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    authors: Hardin JA,Wallace LE,Wong JF,O'Loughlin EV,Urbanski SJ,Gall DG,MacNaughton WK,Beck PL

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  • Neurohormones in the intercellular clefts and in glia-like cells of the rat brain.

    abstract::With the aid of electron microscopic immunocytochemistry following the application of antisera against somatostatin and luliberin (LRF), a labeling of the intercellular clefts in different areas of the brain was observed. This labeling is especially conspicuous near the basal pose of the cuboidal ependymal cells, but ...

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    authors: Krisch B,Leonhardt H

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  • Bisphenol A exposure at an environmentally relevant dose induces meiotic abnormalities in adult male rats.

    abstract::Whether environmental exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) may induce reproductive disorders is still controversial but certain studies have reported that BPA may cause meiotic abnormalities in C. elegans and female mice. However, little is known about the effect of BPA on meiosis in adult males. To determine whether BPA exp...

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    authors: Liu C,Duan W,Zhang L,Xu S,Li R,Chen C,He M,Lu Y,Wu H,Yu Z,Zhou Z

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  • The caveolae in rabbit sinus node and atrium.

    abstract::Caveolae or membrane vesicles are commonly observed in smooth and skeletal muscle as well as in working heart muscle. Using sections of fixed tissue and replicas of freeze-cleaved material, we show in this study that caveolae are also very numerous in sinus node cells of the rabbit, and to a lesser degree, in the atri...

    journal_title:Cell and tissue research

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Masson-Pévet M,Gros D,Besselsen E

    更新日期:1980-01-01 00:00:00

  • Effect of neonatal sympathectomy on the postnatal differentiation of the submandibular gland of the rat.

    abstract::Right superior cervical sympathectomy was performed in one-day old rats. This operation had a small but definite effect on the postnatal development of the submandibular gland. The gland on the sympathectomized side weighed less and contained smaller amounts of DNA, RNA and protein than the contralateral intact gland....

    journal_title:Cell and tissue research

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Srinivasan R,Chang WW

    更新日期:1977-05-10 00:00:00

  • Neurohormones as putative circadian clock output signals in the central nervous system of two cricket species.

    abstract::Antisera to the neuropeptides corazonin (Crz) and crustacean cardioactive peptide (CCAP) and to the diapause hormone (DH) react with small sets of neurones in the cephalic ganglia of the crickets Dianemobius nigrofasciatus and Allonemobius allardi. The distribution of their immunoreactivities is similar in the two spe...

    journal_title:Cell and tissue research

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Sehadová H,Shao QM,Sehnal F,Takeda M

    更新日期:2007-04-01 00:00:00