Analysis of G protein alpha subunit mRNA abundance in preimplantation mouse embryos using a rapid, quantitative RT-PCR approach.


:We have developed a novel reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)-based approach for systematically quantifying in a single experiment the abundances of many different mRNAs in preimplantation mouse embryos. With this approach, the entire mRNA population from a small number of embryos is amplified while preserving the relative abundance of each mRNA in the cDNA population. The cDNA is analyzed by quantitative hybridization to radiolabeled probes. The approach is very sensitive and provides reliable, quantitative data regarding changes in mRNA abundance. A major advantage of this method is that estimates of mRNA copy number can be obtained and compared between different mRNAs. With this approach, we analyzed the patterns of expression of nine G protein alpha subunit mRNAs (G alpha s, G alpha i, G alpha q, G alpha o, and G alpha 11-15) in oocytes, eggs, and preimplantation embryos from fertilization to the blastocyst stage. Six alpha subunit mRNAs were expressed at significant levels, all of which underwent significant temporal alterations in expression. The mRNAs encoding some alpha subunit types were expressed predominantly in the egg and 1-cell embryo, underwent sharp reductions during the 2-cell stage, and were re-expressed between the 8-cell and blastocyst stages. One alpha subunit mRNA increased in abundance at the early blastocyst stage. The possible significance of these alterations in G protein mRNA abundance to embryonic development is discussed.


Mol Reprod Dev


Rambhatla L,Patel B,Dhanasekaran N,Latham KE




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1995-07-01 00:00:00












  • Direct evidence that the mouse sex-determining gene Sry is expressed in the somatic cells of male fetal gonads and in the germ cell line in the adult testis.

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  • PLAC1 expression increases during trophoblast differentiation: evidence for regulatory interactions with the fibroblast growth factor-7 (FGF-7) axis.

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  • Nuclear transplantation in bovine embryo: fine structural and autoradiographic studies.

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  • Role of adiponectin in delayed embryonic development of the short-nosed fruit bat, Cynopterus sphinx.

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  • Follicle-oocyte atresia and temporal taphonomy in cold-stored domestic cat ovaries.

    abstract::In vitro oocyte maturation followed by in vitro fertilization (IVM/IVF) success in the domestic cat remains inferior to commonly studied livestock or laboratory species. The objectives here were (1) to histologically assess atresia status of freshly excised follicle/oocyte complexes, and (2) to evaluate taphonomic cha...

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  • Evolution of octopod sperm I: comparison of nuclear morphogenesis in Eledone and Octopus.

    abstract::Morphogenesis of the Eledone cirrhosa sperm nucleus, as studied by electron microscopic techniques, is compared with that of Octopus vulgaris. Both species of cephalopods belong to the family Octopodidae. The results indicate that extensive nuclear helicoidization during E. cirrhosa spermiogenesis is brought about by ...

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  • Suppression of translation during in vitro maturation of pig oocytes despite enhanced formation of cap-binding protein complex eIF4F and 4E-BP1 hyperphosphorylation.

    abstract::In this study, we document that the overall rate of protein synthesis decreases during in vitro maturation (IVM) of pig oocytes despite enhanced formation of the 5' cap structure eIF4F. Within somatic/interphase cells, formation of the eIF4F protein complex correlates very well with overall rates of protein translatio...

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  • Viable rabbits derived from reconstructed oocytes by germinal vesicle transfer after intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

    abstract::Abnormal oocyte spindle due to the improper function of ooplasm is associated with female infertility of advanced maternal age. A possible way to overcome this problem is to transfer an oocyte germinal vesicle (GV) which contains genetic materials of a patient with a history of poor embryo development to the cytoplast...

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  • Molecular cloning and characterization of SRG-L, a novel mouse gene developmentally expressed in spermatogenic cells.

    abstract::Full-length cDNA of a novel mouse gene upregulated in late stages of spermatogenic cells was cloned from mouse testis using overlapping RT-PCR and RACE. The mRNA of the gene was expressed mainly in diplotene/pachytene spermatocytes, round and elongating spermatids. We named this gene as SRG-L (Spermatogenesis Related ...

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  • Developmental arrest induced in cleavage stage porcine embryos following microinjection of mRNA encoding Brahma (Smarca 2), a chromatin remodeling protein.

    abstract::Smarca 2 (Brahma) and Smarca 4 (Brahma related gene 1, BRG1) alternatively occupy the catalytic site of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complexes. Mammalian embryos undergo a dramatic amount of epigenetic remodeling during cleavage development, which plays key roles in regulating both gene transcription and the developme...

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  • Bovine mater-like NALP9 is an oocyte marker gene.

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  • Association of MPF, MAPK, and nuclear progression dynamics during activation of young and aged bovine oocytes.

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  • Heat stress, a serious threat to reproductive function in animals and humans.

    abstract::Global warming represents a major stressful environmental condition that compromises the reproductive efficiency of animals and humans via a rise of body temperature above its physiological homeothermic point (heat stress [HS]). The injuries caused by HS on reproductive function involves both male and female component...

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  • Germ line specific expression of a vasa homologue gene in turbot (Scophthalmus maximus): evidence for vasa localization at cleavage furrows in euteleostei.

    abstract::Specification of primordial germ cells during early embryogenesis is a critical biological issue in reproduction and development. Yet, little is known in marine economic fish species. Vasa, a component of germ plasm, is the most-documented germ cell marker in teleosts. We isolated a full-length vasa cDNA (Smvas) from ...

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  • Mouse preimplantation embryo development in vitro: effect of sodium concentration in culture media on RNA synthesis and accumulation and gene expression.

    abstract::Results of previous studies indicate that culture of preimplantation mouse embryos in SOM medium containing 85 mM NaCl promotes better development in vitro, as well as supporting higher rates of protein synthesis, when compared to culture in SOM containing 125 mM NaCl (Anbari and Schultz, 1993, Mol Reprod Dev 35:24-28...

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  • Stage-dependent and alternative splicing of sGnRH messengers in rainbow trout testis during spermatogenesis.

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  • The sensitive period for male-to-female sex reversal begins at the embryonic stage in the Nile tilapia and is associated with the sexual genotype.

    abstract::In this study, we sought to determine the mechanism of early sex reversal in a teleost by applying 4 hr feminization treatments to XY (17α-ethynylestradiol 2000 μg L(-1) ) and YY (6500 μg L(-1) ) Nile tilapia embryos on the first day post-fertilization (dpf). We then searched for changes in the expression profiles of ...

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  • Cyclin A2 is phosphorylated during the G2/M transition in mouse two-cell embryos.

    abstract::In the present study, we investigated the expression of cyclin A2 in mouse two-cell embryos to elucidate the role of cyclin A2 at the G2/M transition. Two forms of cyclin A2 on SDS-PAGE (an upper and a lower band) were detected in two-cell embryos synchronized at the M phase by nocodazole. To investigate the nature of...

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  • Plac1 (placenta-specific 1) is essential for normal placental and embryonic development.

    abstract::Plac1 is a recently identified, X-linked gene whose expression is restricted primarily to cells of the trophoblast lineage. It localizes to a chromosomal locus previously implicated in placental growth. We therefore sought to determine if Plac1 is necessary for placental and embryonic development by examining a mutant...

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  • Sex determination and gender expression: Reproductive investment in snails.

    abstract::Sex determination is generally seen as an issue of importance for separate-sexed organisms; however, when considering other sexual systems, such as hermaphroditism, sex allocation is a less-binary form of sex determination. As illustrated here, with examples from molluscs, this different vantage point can offer import...

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  • Isolation and characterization of permanent cell lines from inner cell mass cells of bovine blastocysts.

    abstract::Inner cell masses (ICM) from in vitro produced day 8 or 9 bovine blastocysts were isolated by immunosurgery and cultured under different conditions in order to establish which of two feeder cell types and culture media were most efficient in supporting attachment and outgrowth of the bovine ICM cells. The efficiency o...

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  • Centrosome reduction during Rhesus spermiogenesis: gamma-tubulin, centrin, and centriole degeneration.

    abstract::Centrosome reduction during spermiogenesis has been studied using anti-gamma-tubulin and anti-centrin antibodies and electron microscopy in nonhuman primates. Rhesus spermatids possess apparently normal centrosomes comprising a pair of centrioles associated with gamma-tubulin and centrin. However, they do not nucleate...

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