Latin Americans show wide-spread Converso ancestry and imprint of local Native ancestry on physical appearance.


:Historical records and genetic analyses indicate that Latin Americans trace their ancestry mainly to the intermixing (admixture) of Native Americans, Europeans and Sub-Saharan Africans. Using novel haplotype-based methods, here we infer sub-continental ancestry in over 6,500 Latin Americans and evaluate the impact of regional ancestry variation on physical appearance. We find that Native American ancestry components in Latin Americans correspond geographically to the present-day genetic structure of Native groups, and that sources of non-Native ancestry, and admixture timings, match documented migratory flows. We also detect South/East Mediterranean ancestry across Latin America, probably stemming mostly from the clandestine colonial migration of Christian converts of non-European origin (Conversos). Furthermore, we find that ancestry related to highland (Central Andean) versus lowland (Mapuche) Natives is associated with variation in facial features, particularly nose morphology, and detect significant differences in allele frequencies between these groups at loci previously associated with nose morphology in this sample.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Chacón-Duque JC,Adhikari K,Fuentes-Guajardo M,Mendoza-Revilla J,Acuña-Alonzo V,Barquera R,Quinto-Sánchez M,Gómez-Valdés J,Everardo Martínez P,Villamil-Ramírez H,Hünemeier T,Ramallo V,Silva de Cerqueira CC,Hurtado M,Villegas V




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  • Endothelin-1 signaling maintains glial progenitor proliferation in the postnatal subventricular zone.

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  • Whole blood stabilization for the microfluidic isolation and molecular characterization of circulating tumor cells.

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    更新日期:2017-11-23 00:00:00

  • A critical view on transgenerational epigenetic inheritance in humans.

    abstract::Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance refers to the transmission of epigenetic information through the germline. While it has been observed in plants, nematodes and fruit flies, its occurrence in mammals-and humans in particular-is the matter of controversial debate, mostly because the study of transgenerational ep...

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  • Modelling kidney disease with CRISPR-mutant kidney organoids derived from human pluripotent epiblast spheroids.

    abstract::Human-pluripotent-stem-cell-derived kidney cells (hPSC-KCs) have important potential for disease modelling and regeneration. Whether the hPSC-KCs can reconstitute tissue-specific phenotypes is currently unknown. Here we show that hPSC-KCs self-organize into kidney organoids that functionally recapitulate tissue-specif...

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    authors: Freedman BS,Brooks CR,Lam AQ,Fu H,Morizane R,Agrawal V,Saad AF,Li MK,Hughes MR,Werff RV,Peters DT,Lu J,Baccei A,Siedlecki AM,Valerius MT,Musunuru K,McNagny KM,Steinman TI,Zhou J,Lerou PH,Bonventre JV

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  • Author Correction: P53 and mTOR signalling determine fitness selection through cell competition during early mouse embryonic development.

    abstract::The original version of this article contained an error in the spelling of Juan Pedro Martinez-Barbera, which was incorrectly given as Juan Pedro Martinez Barbera. This error has now been corrected in both the PDF and HTML versions of the Article. ...

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    pub_type: 杂志文章,已发布勘误


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