Nonrestorative Treatments for Caries: Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis.


:The goal of nonrestorative or non- and microinvasive caries treatment (fluoride- and nonfluoride-based interventions) is to manage the caries disease process at a lesion level and minimize the loss of sound tooth structure. The purpose of this systematic review and network meta-analysis was to summarize the available evidence on nonrestorative treatments for the outcomes of 1) arrest or reversal of noncavitated and cavitated carious lesions on primary and permanent teeth and 2) adverse events. We included parallel and split-mouth randomized controlled trials where patients were followed for any length of time. Studies were identified with MEDLINE and Embase via Ovid, Cochrane CENTRAL, and Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Pairs of reviewers independently conducted the selection of studies, data extraction, risk-of-bias assessments, and assessment of the certainty in the evidence with the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development, and Evaluation (GRADE) approach. Data were synthesized with a random effects model and a frequentist approach. Forty-four trials (48 reports) were eligible, which included 7,378 participants and assessed the effect of 22 interventions in arresting or reversing noncavitated or cavitated carious lesions. Four network meta-analyses suggested that sealants + 5% sodium fluoride (NaF) varnish, resin infiltration + 5% NaF varnish, and 5,000-ppm F (1.1% NaF) toothpaste or gel were the most effective for arresting or reversing noncavitated occlusal, approximal, and noncavitated and cavitated root carious lesions on primary and/or permanent teeth, respectively (low- to moderate-certainty evidence). Study-level data indicated that 5% NaF varnish was the most effective for arresting or reversing noncavitated facial/lingual carious lesions (low certainty) and that 38% silver diamine fluoride solution applied biannually was the most effective for arresting advanced cavitated carious lesions on any coronal surface (moderate to high certainty). Preventing the onset of caries is the ultimate goal of a caries management plan. However, if the disease is present, there is a variety of effective interventions to treat carious lesions nonrestoratively.


J Dent Res


Urquhart O,Tampi MP,Pilcher L,Slayton RL,Araujo MWB,Fontana M,Guzmán-Armstrong S,Nascimento MM,Nový BB,Tinanoff N,Weyant RJ,Wolff MS,Young DA,Zero DT,Brignardello-Petersen R,Banfield L,Parikh A,Joshi G,Carrasco-Labra




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  • In vivo remineralization using a sustained topical fluoride delivery system.

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    abstract::The synchronized cyrstal dissolution hypothesis previously proposed to explain the unusual dissolution behavior of human dental enamel and hydroxyapatite in partially saturated acidic media has been critically examined with dissolution-dialysis transport experiments. The findings are in accord with the hypothesis. A m...

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  • Breastfeeding and Oral Health: Evidence and Methodological Challenges.

    abstract::Breastfeeding is a powerful health-promoting behavior. A 2016 Lancet global collaboration to review the health implications of breastfeeding was among the first to consider oral health outcomes. While a role was suggested for breastfeeding in preventing malocclusion, caries was the only included disease condition unfa...

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  • 4-META opaque resin--a new resin strongly adhesive to nickel-chromium alloy.

    abstract::1) A new adhesive opaque resin containing a reactive monomer, 4-methacryloxy-ethyl trimellitate anhydride (4-META), was prepared, and its application to thermosetting acrylic resin veneer crowns was studied. 2) The 4-META opaque resin was applied to a variety of nickel-chromium dental alloy specimens which had undergo...

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    abstract::The dimensional accuracy of porcelain fused to metal crown and bridge castings was determined on truncated cone-shaped steel dies. Ni-Cr castings produced in manufacturers' laboratories were consistently undersize, while precious metal castings were consistently oversize. Ni-Cr castings, produced in NBS laboratories u...

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  • Relationship between growth and the pattern of tooth initiation in alligator embryos.

    abstract::The temporal and spatial patterns in which teeth are initiated in the growing jaws of embryos are constant for a species but different for different species. The sources of the patterns have been explained in two ways. First, they are the outcome of reactions between molecules created at stationary targets and those w...

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  • Wear and mechanical properties of nano-silica-fused whisker composites.

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  • Role of the activation of the nuclear enzyme poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase in the pathogenesis of periodontitis.

    abstract::We have investigated the role of the activation of nuclear poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) enzyme, a mediator of downstream nitric oxide toxicity, using a combined approach of pharmacological inhibition and genetic disruption in a ligature-induced-periodontitis model in rats and mice. Immunohistochemical analysis r...

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  • Glass-ionomer cement formulations. II. The synthesis of novel polycarobxylic acids.

    abstract::The synthesis of many polycarboxylic acids is reported. An account is given of their stability in aqueous solution and the properties of cements formed by their reaction with ion-leachable glasses. A copolymer of acrylic and itaconic acids was found to combine several favorable characteristics. ...

    journal_title:Journal of dental research

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Crisp S,Kent BE,Lewis BG,Ferner AJ,Wilson AD

    更新日期:1980-06-01 00:00:00

  • Autophagy Modulates Cell Mineralization on Fluorapatite-Modified Scaffolds.

    abstract::As a major intracellular degradation and recycling machinery, autophagy plays an important role in maintaining cellular homeostasis and remodeling during normal development. Our previous study showed that fluorapatite (FA) crystal-coated electrospun polycaprolactone (PCL) was capable of inducing differentiation and mi...

    journal_title:Journal of dental research

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Li Y,Guo T,Zhang Z,Yao Y,Chang S,Nör JE,Clarkson BH,Ni L,Liu J

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  • Mechanical significance of the trabecular microstructure of the human mandibular condyle.

    abstract::The human mandibular condyle has a parasagittal plate-like trabecular structure. We tested the hypothesis that this structure reflects the mechanical loading of the condyle. We developed a finite element model of the condyle to analyze the strains occurring during static compressive loading. The principal strains in t...

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    authors: van Ruijven LJ,Giesen EB,van Eijden TM

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