Robust quantum valley Hall effect for vortices in an interacting bosonic quantum fluid.


:Topologically protected pseudospin transport, analogous to the quantum spin Hall effect, cannot be strictly implemented for photons and in general bosons because of the lack of symmetry-protected pseudospins. Here we show that the required protection can be provided by the real-space topological excitation of an interacting quantum fluid: a quantum vortex. We consider a Bose-Einstein condensate at the Γ point of the Brillouin zone of a quantum valley Hall system based on two staggered honeycomb lattices. We demonstrate the existence of a coupling between the vortex winding and the valley of the bulk Bloch band. This leads to chiral vortex propagation on each side of the zigzag interface between two regions of inverted staggering. The topological protection provided by the vortex winding prevents valley pseudospin mixing and resonant backscattering, allowing a truly topologically protected valley pseudospin transport.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Bleu O,Malpuech G,Solnyshkov DD




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2018-09-28 00:00:00












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  • Bond percolation in coloured and multiplex networks.

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  • Weakening of the stratospheric polar vortex by Arctic sea-ice loss.

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  • Global urban expansion offsets climate-driven increases in terrestrial net primary productivity.

    abstract::The global urbanization rate is accelerating; however, data limitations have far prevented robust estimations of either global urban expansion or its effects on terrestrial net primary productivity (NPP). Here, using a high resolution dataset of global land use/cover (GlobeLand30), we show that global urban areas expa...

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  • Gas-responsive porous magnet distinguishes the electron spin of molecular oxygen.

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  • In vivo genome editing with a small Cas9 orthologue derived from Campylobacter jejuni.

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  • Large-scale mutational analysis of Kv11.1 reveals molecular insights into type 2 long QT syndrome.

    abstract::It has been suggested that deficient protein trafficking to the cell membrane is the dominant mechanism associated with type 2 Long QT syndrome (LQT2) caused by Kv11.1 potassium channel missense mutations, and that for many mutations the trafficking defect can be corrected pharmacologically. However, this inference wa...

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  • Interpreting nanovoids in atom probe tomography data for accurate local compositional measurements.

    abstract::Quantifying chemical compositions around nanovoids is a fundamental task for research and development of various materials. Atom probe tomography (APT) and scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) are currently the most suitable tools because of their ability to probe materials at the nanoscale. Both technique...

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  • Observation of a new superfluid phase for 3He embedded in nematically ordered aerogel.

    abstract::In bulk superfluid 3He at zero magnetic field, two phases emerge with the B-phase stable everywhere except at high pressures and temperatures, where the A-phase is favoured. Aerogels with nanostructure smaller than the superfluid coherence length are the only means to introduce disorder into the superfluid. Here we us...

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  • Synthesis of acetic acid via methanol hydrocarboxylation with CO2 and H2.

    abstract::Acetic acid is an important bulk chemical that is currently produced via methanol carbonylation using fossil based CO. Synthesis of acetic acid from the renewable and cheap CO2 is of great importance, but state of the art routes encounter difficulties, especially in reaction selectivity and activity. Here we report a ...

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  • Conformational maps of human 20S proteasomes reveal PA28- and immuno-dependent inter-ring crosstalks.

    abstract::Hydrogen-Deuterium eXchange coupled to Mass Spectrometry (HDX-MS) is now common practice in structural biology. However, it is most of the time applied to rather small oligomeric complexes. Here, we report on the use of HDX-MS to investigate conformational differences between the human standard 20S (std20S) and immuno...

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