Subfertility increases risk of testicular cancer: evidence from population-based semen samples.


OBJECTIVE:To further understand the association between semen quality and cancer risk by means of well defined semen parameters. DESIGN:Retrospective cohort study. SETTING:Not applicable. PATIENT(S):A total of 20,433 men who underwent semen analysis (SA) and a sample of 20,433 fertile control subjects matched by age and birth year. INTERVENTION(S):None. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S):Risk of all cancers as well as site-specific results for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and melanoma. RESULT(S):Compared with fertile men, men with SA had an increased risk of testicular cancer (hazard rate [HR] 3.3). When the characterization of infertility was refined using individual semen parameters, we found that oligozoospermic men had an increased risk of cancer compared with fertile control subjects. This association was particularly strong for testicular cancer, with increased risk in men with oligozoospermia based on concentration (HR 11.9) and on sperm count (HR 10.3). Men in the in the lowest quartile of motility (HR 4.1), viability (HR 6.6), morphology (HR 4.2), or total motile count (HR 6.9) had higher risk of testicular cancer compared with fertile men. Men with sperm concentration and count in the 90th percentiles of the distribution (≥178 and ≥579 × 10(6)/mL, respectively), as well as total motile count, had an increased risk of melanoma (HRs 2.1, 2.7, and 2.0, respectively). We found no differences in cancer risk between azoospermic and fertile men. CONCLUSION(S):Men with SA had an increased risk of testicular cancer which varied by semen quality. Unlike earlier work, we did not find an association between azoospermia and increased cancer risk.


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Hanson HA,Anderson RE,Aston KI,Carrell DT,Smith KR,Hotaling JM




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  • Spermometer: electrical characterization of single boar sperm motility.

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  • Recurrent implantation failure: gamete and embryo factors.

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  • Gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist administration enhances gonadotrope responsiveness at doses inadequate to suppress immunoassayable gonadotropin levels.

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  • Higher luteinizing hormone levels associated with antimüllerian hormone in postmenarchal daughters of women with polycystic ovary syndrome.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To study the reproductive and metabolic differences between daughters of women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOSd) and control women (Cd) after menarche. DESIGN:Case-control study. SETTING:Clinical endocrinology unit. PATIENT(S):We studied 43 PCOSd and 28 Cd 1.5-6 years after menarche. INTERVENTION(S):...

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  • Modified natural-cycle in vitro fertilization should be considered as the first approach in young poor responders.

    abstract::The use of modified natural-cycle in vitro fertilization (IVF) is a valuable alternative to controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in young poor responders and should be considered in patients who require IVF and demonstrate endocrinologic evidence of ovarian aging and in those who have had one or two canceled controlled...

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  • Noninvasive metabolomic profiling of embryo culture media using proton nuclear magnetic resonance correlates with reproductive potential of embryos in women undergoing in vitro fertilization.

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  • Reproductive sequelae of parental severe illness before the pandemic: implications for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Clinical management of mosaic results from preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A) of blastocysts: a committee opinion.

    abstract::Since the advent of preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A) in the 1990s, substantial changes in test methodology and technology now allow the detection and reporting of intermediate chromosome copy number (commonly referred to as mosaicism) for aneuploidy in a trophectoderm biopsy sample. Clinicians ar...

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    authors: Practice Committee and Genetic Counseling Professional Group (GCPG) of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Electronic address:

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  • Follicular blood flow is a better predictor of the outcome of in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer than follicular fluid vascular endothelial growth factor and nitric oxide concentrations.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate the relationship between follicular blood flow and the follicular fluid vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and nitric oxide (NO) concentrations and to determine which factor might be a better predictor of the outcome of IVF-ET. DESIGN:Prospective study. SETTING:Academic research labora...

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  • Complete evaluation of anatomy and morphology of the infertile patient in a single visit; the modern infertility pelvic ultrasound examination.

    abstract::The comprehensive "one-stop shop" ultrasound evaluation of an infertile woman, performed around cycle days 5 to 9, will reveal abundant information about the anatomy and morphology of the pelvic organs and thereby avoid costly radiation and iodinated contrast exposure. We propose a two-dimensional and three-dimensiona...

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  • Characterization and mutation analysis of the human formin-2 (FMN2) gene in women with unexplained infertility.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Formin-2 (Fmn2) mutant mice produce oocytes with meiosis I arrest. Our aim was to describe the human FORMIN-2 (FMN2) gene and to identify DNA sequence polymorphisms in patients with unexplained infertility and multiple failed IVF cycles. DESIGN:Institutional review board-approved observational case-control s...

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  • Public perspectives on placing age limits on men and women seeking fertility treatment.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess public attitudes toward placing age limits on men and women seeking fertility treatment. DESIGN:Cross-sectional web-based survey. SETTING:Not applicable. PATIENT(S):A nationally representative sample of 1,427 adults in the United States. INTERVENTION(S):Not applicable. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S):S...

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  • Danazol binding to rat androgen, glucocorticoid, progesterone, and estrogen receptors: correlation with biologic activity.

    abstract::Danazol was found to possess androgenic and glucocorticoid activity in rat bioassays. In contrast, danazol displayed no significant estrogenic activity. In support of these findings, danazol bound to the 8 S androgen receptor of rat prostate cytosol and to the glucocorticoid receptor of rat liver cytosol, but danazol ...

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    abstract::Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) appears to be due to a previously unrecognized type of steroidogenic abnormality, one in which hyperandrogenism arises from a regulatory abnormality (dysregulation) rather than from enzyme deficiency. It appears that PCOS typically arises from masculinized regulation of the androgen-...

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  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of preimplantation genetic screening and in vitro fertilization versus expectant management in patients with unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine whether in vitro fertilization with preimplantation genetic screening (IVF/PGS) is cost effective compared with expectant management in achieving live birth for patients with unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL). DESIGN:Decision analytic model comparing costs and clinical outcomes. SETTIN...

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  • Recovery of ovarian activity in women with functional hypothalamic amenorrhea who were treated with cognitive behavior therapy.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine whether cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) targeted to problematic attitudes common among women with functional hypothalamic amenorrhea would restore ovarian function. DESIGN:Randomized, prospective, controlled intervention. SETTING:Clinical research center in an academic medical institution. PA...

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    authors: Berga SL,Marcus MD,Loucks TL,Hlastala S,Ringham R,Krohn MA

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  • An immunosorption assay for antibodies to spermatozoa: comparison with agglutination and immobilization tests.

    abstract::We have developed an enzyme-linked immunosorption assay (ELISA) with an antigen extract made by treatment of freeze-thawed sperm pools with 0.3 M lithium 3,5-diiodosalicylate (LIS). This procedure is quick, safe, and simple to perform in a clinical laboratory. When the LIS antigen preparation was compared by ELISA wit...

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  • Cryptorchidism in the subfertile male.

    abstract::Certain conclusions may be drawn from the present review and presentation of new data concerning the unilaterally cryptorchid patient and possible subfertility: 1. The truly undescended testis--not the retractile testis of infancy--will not descend spontaneously after 1 year of age. 2. The seminal quality of the unila...

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  • The benefit of human chorionic gonadotropin supplementation throughout the secretory phase of frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess whether supplementation with hCG throughout the secretory phase of hormonally modulated cycles of frozen-thawed embryos might positively affect the outcome of such cycles. DESIGN:Prospective, randomized controlled trial. SETTING:University teaching hospital. PATIENT(S):Patients undergoing frozen-...

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  • Consecutive gonadotropin-releasing hormone-antagonist in vitro fertilization cycles: does the elapsed time interval between successive treatments affect outcomes?

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine whether patients who failed an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle can proceed with a subsequent IVF cycle after waiting only one menstrual cycle, or whether there is a benefit to allowing two or more menstrual cycles to elapse before proceeding. DESIGN:Retrospective cohort study. SETTING:Academ...

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  • Long-term treatment of leiomyomas with gestrinone.

    abstract::A prospective randomized study was conducted in 100 women with leiomyomas in order to evaluate the effect of gestrinone, a synthetic derivative of ethynil-nor-testosterone. Patients in group A received capsules containing 2.5 mg of gestrinone three times weekly orally. Those in group B received capsules containing 5.0...

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  • Lipopolysaccharide-promoted proliferation of endometriotic stromal cells via induction of tumor necrosis factor alpha and interleukin-8 expression.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To evaluate the effect of lipopolysaccharide (LPS) on the expression of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFalpha) and interleukin-8 (IL-8) protein in endometriotic stromal cells (ESC) and their effect on the proliferation of ESC. DESIGN:Prospective study. SETTING:Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Tottor...

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  • Endometriosis and the development of tuboperitoneal fistulas after tubal ligation.

    abstract::The present study details gross and histologic findings of 79 previously ligated fallopian tubes from 3 groups of patients. Of 20 oviducts removed after documented sterilization failure (group I), 6 revealed a process compatible with endometriosis. Four of nine previously ligated fallopian tubes removed at the Johns H...

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  • A prospective randomized comparison of luteal phase versus concurrent follicular phase initiation of gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist for in vitro fertilization.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To compare the effects of gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist (GnRH-a) initiation either preceding or concurrent with controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) in patients undergoing in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer (IVF-ET). DESIGN:Fifty-five patients were prospectively randomized to receive either...

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    authors: San Roman GA,Surrey ES,Judd HL,Kerin JF

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  • Seasonality and the prediction of weight at resumption of menses in anorexia nervosa.

    abstract::Predictors of weight at resumption of menses were studied in 118 subjects with lifetime anorexia nervosa who recovered their ovarian function without hormonal therapies. About 64% of subjects had menses resumption during spring/summer season. The body mass index (BMI) at resumption of menses was significantly predicte...

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    authors: Favaro A,Santonastaso P

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  • DNA microarray analysis of gene expression in eutopic endometrium from patients with deep endometriosis using laser capture microdissection.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate differentially expressed genes in epithelial and stromal cells of eutopic endometrium from patients with deep endometriosis and women with normal pelvic cavities using laser capture microdissection and complementary DNA microarrays. DESIGN:Prospective study. SETTING:University hospital. PATI...

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    authors: Matsuzaki S,Canis M,Vaurs-Barrière C,Boespflug-Tanguy O,Dastugue B,Mage G

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  • Factors affecting sperm motility. IV. Incubation of human semen with caffeine, kallikrein, and other metabolically active compounds.

    abstract::The effect of six metabolically active compounds, namely caffeine, kallikrein, cyclic adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate, prostaglandin E, triiodothyronine, and insulin on spermatozoal motility was investigated. Hypokinetic and normokinetic semen specimens from fertile and infertile patients were incubated with various con...

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  • Rudimentary uterine horn pregnancy: a mystery diagnosis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To emphasize the importance of complete ultrasonographic evaluation during the first trimester of pregnancy. DESIGN:Case report. SETTING:Obstetric unit in a training and research hospital. PATIENT(S):A 27-year-old primigravida woman who reached 37 weeks' gestation with a noncommunicating rudimentary horn p...

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