Identification of a novel alkaline amylopullulanase from a gut metagenome of Hermetia illucens.


:A novel pullulanase gene, PulSS4, was identified from the gut microflora of Hermetia illucens by a function-based metagenome screening. The PulSS4 gene had an open reading frame of 4455 base pairs, and encoded a mature protein of 1484 amino acids, with a signal peptide sequence of 44 amino acids. The deduced amino acid sequence of PulSS4 gene showed 51% identity with that of the amylopullulanase of Amphibacillus xylanus, exhibiting no significant sequence homology to already known pullulanases. A conserved domain analysis revealed it to be a pullulanase type II with respective active sites at the N-terminal pullulanase and C-terminal amylase domain. PulSS4 was active in the temperature range of 10-50°C, with an optimum activity at 40°C. It was active in the pH range of 6.5-10.5, with optimum pH at 9.0, and retained more than 80% of its original activity in a broad pH range of 5-11 for 24h at 30°C. Also, PulSS4 was highly stable against many different chemical reagents, including 10% polar organic solvents and 1% non-ionic detergents. Overall, PulSS4 is expected to have the strong potential for application in biotechnological industries that require high activity at moderate temperature and alkaline conditions.


Int J Biol Macromol


Lee YS,Seo SH,Yoon SH,Kim SY,Hahn BS,Sim JS,Koo BS,Lee CM




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2016-01-01 00:00:00












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  • Binding of actin to thioglycolic acid modified superparamagnetic nanoparticles for antibody conjugation.

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    abstract::In this study, chitosan/halloysite nanotubes/tea polyphenol (CS/HNTs/TP) nanocomposite films were prepared by the solution casting method. The scanning electron microscopy (SEM) result showed that the nanocomposite film with a CS/HNTs ratio of 6:4 and a TP content of 10% (C6H4-TP10) had a relatively smooth surface and...

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  • Antioxidant and ion-induced gelation functions of pectins enabled by polyphenol conjugation.

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  • Vital insights into prokaryotic genome compaction by nucleoid-associated protein (NAP) and illustration of DNA flexure angles at single-molecule resolution.

    abstract::Integration Host Factor (IHF) is a heterodimeric site-specific nucleoid-associated protein (NAP), well known for its DNA bending ability. Although the IHF induced bending states of DNA have been captured by both X-ray Crystallography and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), the range of flexibility and degree of heterogenei...

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  • Development of behenic acid-ethyl cellulose oleogel stabilized Pickering emulsions as low calorie fat replacer.

    abstract::This study investigated the optimization of thermal, functional and rheological properties of Ethyl Cellulose (EC)-based oleogel considering different concentrations of Behenic Acid (BA) and stability of water in oleogel (w/og) emulsions. The results showed that the combination of EC and BA improved the oleogel proper...

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  • The antitumor activity of a red alga polysaccharide complexes carrying 5-fluorouracil.

    abstract::Porphyran is a sulfated galactan isolated from red algae Porphyra haitanensis, and have been reported to have many kinds of biological activities such as antitumor activity. In order to provide a water-soluble macromolecule prodrug of 5-Fu showing slow release of 5-Fu and reducing side-effect, we carried out fixation ...

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  • Evaluation of amygdalin-loaded alginate-chitosan nanoparticles as biocompatible drug delivery carriers for anticancerous efficacy.

    abstract::Amygdalin, despite possessing anticancerous properties, has been viewed as a controversial choice due to the presence of the cyanide group. Here, we synthesise and investigate the potential of alginate-chitosan nanoparticles (ACNPs) as drug delivery agents for amygdalin encapsulation and its delivery to cancer cells. ...

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  • Inhibitory effects of four anthraquinones on tyrosinase activity: Insight from spectroscopic analysis and molecular docking.

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  • Synthesis and characterization of carboxymethyl potato starch and its application in reactive dye printing.

    abstract::Carboxymethyl potato starch (CMPS) was synthesized with a simple dry and multi-step method as a product of the reaction of native potato starch and monochloroacetic acid in the presence of sodium hydroxide. The influence of the molar ratio of sodium hydroxide to anhydroglucose unit, the volume of 95% (v/v) ethanol, th...

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  • Tuned cell attachments by double-network hydrogels consisting of glycol chitosan, carboxylmethyl cellulose and agar bearing robust and self-healing properties.

    abstract::Herein we present a tuned cell attachment on self-healable double network hydrogel bearing dynamic covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds. Agar formed first network, while glycol chitosan and oxidized carboxylmethyl cellulose formed second network in the resultant double network hydrogel. Because of the simple one-pot prep...

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  • Еvaluation of biocompatibility and antioxidant efficiency of chitosan-alginate nanoparticles loaded with quercetin.

    abstract::The present study deals with development and evaluation of the safety profile of chitosan/alginate nanoparticles as a platform for delivery of a natural antioxidant quercetin. The nanoparticles were prepared by varying the ratios between both biopolymers giving different size and charge of the formulations. The biocom...

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  • Anti-obesity effect and protection of liver-kidney functions by Codium fragile sulphated polysaccharide on high fat diet induced obese rats.

    abstract::The present study investigates the hypolipidemic effects of sulphated polysaccharide obtained from Codium fragile (CFSP) in induced obese rats (HFD). The results showed an increase in body weight of HFD rats by 21.56% as compared to control normal rats. Moreover, serum lipase activity underwent an increase which led t...

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    authors: Kolsi RBA,Jardak N,Hajkacem F,Chaaben R,Jribi I,Feki AE,Rebai T,Jamoussi K,Fki L,Belghith H,Belghith K

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  • Optimized purification process of polysaccharides from Carex meyeriana Kunth by macroporous resin, its characterization and immunomodulatory activity.

    abstract::The analytical hierarchy process (AHP) combined with response surface methodology (RSM) was used to optimize the purification conditions of crude polysaccharides from Carex meyeriana Kunth (CMKP) by macroporous resin. The optimal purification conditions as follows: elution volume of 2.74 BV, flow rate of 1.88 BV/h, an...

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  • Evaluation of in vivo antioxidant activity of Hericium erinaceus polysaccharides.

    abstract::Hericium erinaceus polysaccharide (HEP) is a traditional Chinese medicine. In the present study, chemical composition and antioxidant activity of HEP was investigated. HPLC analysis showed that the HEP was composed of xylose (7.8%), ribose (2.7%), glucose (68.4%), arabinose (11.3%), galactose (2.5%) and mannose (5.2%)...

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