LynA regulates an inflammation-sensitive signaling checkpoint in macrophages.


:Clustering of receptors associated with immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motifs (ITAMs) initiates the macrophage antimicrobial response. ITAM receptors engage Src-family tyrosine kinases (SFKs) to initiate phagocytosis and macrophage activation. Macrophages also encounter nonpathogenic molecules that cluster receptors weakly and must tune their sensitivity to avoid inappropriate responses. To investigate this response threshold, we compared signaling in the presence and absence of receptor clustering using a small-molecule inhibitor of Csk, which increased SFK activation and produced robust membrane-proximal signaling. Surprisingly, receptor-independent SFK activation led to a downstream signaling blockade associated with rapid degradation of the SFK LynA. Inflammatory priming of macrophages upregulated LynA and promoted receptor-independent signaling. In contrast, clustering the hemi-ITAM receptor Dectin-1 induced signaling that did not require LynA or inflammatory priming. Together, the basal-state signaling checkpoint regulated by LynA expression and degradation and the signaling reorganization initiated by receptor clustering allow cells to discriminate optimally between pathogens and nonpathogens.






Freedman TS,Tan YX,Skrzypczynska KM,Manz BN,Sjaastad FV,Goodridge HS,Lowell CA,Weiss A




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2015-10-30 00:00:00








  • Gdf3 is required for robust Nodal signaling during germ layer formation and left-right patterning.

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  • Different dendritic domains of the GnRH neuron underlie the pulse and surge modes of GnRH secretion in female mice.

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  • Time- and polarity-dependent proteomic changes associated with homeostatic scaling at central synapses.

    abstract::In homeostatic scaling at central synapses, the depth and breadth of cellular mechanisms that detect the offset from the set-point, detect the duration of the offset and implement a cellular response are not well understood. To understand the time-dependent scaling dynamics we treated cultured rat hippocampal cells wi...


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