Molecular architecture of the Ub-PCNA/Pol η complex bound to DNA.


:Translesion synthesis (TLS) is the mechanism by which DNA polymerases replicate through unrepaired DNA lesions. TLS is activated by monoubiquitination of the homotrimeric proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) at lysine-164, followed by the switch from replicative to specialized polymerases at DNA damage sites. Pol η belongs to the Y-Family of specialized polymerases that can efficiently bypass UV-induced lesions. Like other members of the Y-Family polymerases, its recruitment to the damaged sites is mediated by the interaction with monoubiquitinated PCNA (Ub-PCNA) via its ubiquitin-binding domain and non-canonical PCNA-interacting motif in the C-terminal region. The structural determinants underlying the direct recognition of Ub-PCNA by Pol η, or Y-Family polymerases in general, remain largely unknown. Here we report a structure of the Ub-PCNA/Pol η complex bound to DNA determined by single-particle electron microscopy (EM). The overall obtained structure resembles that of the editing PCNA/PolB complex. Analysis of the map revealed the conformation of ubiquitin that binds the C-terminal domain of Pol η. Our present study suggests that the Ub-PCNA/Pol η interaction requires the formation of a structured binding interface, which is dictated by the inherent flexibility of Ub-PCNA.


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Lau WC,Li Y,Zhang Q,Huen MS




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  • Soil Properties Drive Microbial Community Structure in a Large Scale Transect in South Eastern Australia.

    abstract::Soil microbial communities directly affect soil functionality through their roles in the cycling of soil nutrients and carbon storage. Microbial communities vary substantially in space and time, between soil types and under different land management. The mechanisms that control the spatial distributions of soil microb...

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  • Sporadic colon cancer murine models demonstrate the value of autoantibody detection for preclinical cancer diagnosis.

    abstract::Although autoantibody detection has been proposed for diagnosis of colorectal cancer, little is known about their initial production and development correlation with cancer progression. Azoxymethane/dextran sodium sulfate (AOM/DSS)-treated mice developed colon adenocarcinoma in the distal colon similar to human sporad...

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