Hyperamylinemia as a risk factor for accelerated cognitive decline in diabetes.


:Type II diabetes increases the risk for cognitive decline via multiple traits. Amylin is a pancreatic hormone that has amyloidogenic and cytotoxic properties similar to the amyloid-β peptide. The amylin hormone is overexpressed in individuals with pre-diabetic insulin resistance or obesity leading to amylin oligomerization and deposition in pancreatic islets. Amylin oligomerization was implicated in the apoptosis of the insulin-producing β-cells. Recent studies showed that brain tissue from diabetic patients with cerebrovascular dementia or Alzheimer's disease contains significant deposits of oligomerized amylin. It has also been reported that the brain amylin deposition reduced exploratory drive, recognition memory and vestibulomotor function in a rat model that overexpresses human amylin in the pancreas. These novel findings are reviewed here and the hypothesis that type II diabetes is linked with cognitive decline by amylin accumulation in the brain is proposed. Deciphering the impact of hyperamylinemia on the brain is critical for both etiology and treatment of dementia.


Expert Rev Proteomics


Ly H,Despa F




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  • Targeted proteomics of solid cancers: from quantification of known biomarkers towards reading the digital proteome maps.

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  • Proteomic analysis in allergy and intolerance to wheat products.

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  • Update on: proteome analysis in thyroid pathology - part II: overview of technical and clinical enhancement of proteomic investigation of the thyroid lesions.

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  • Sperm proteomics: potential impact on male infertility treatment.

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  • Advanced proteomic technologies for cancer biomarker discovery.

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  • Global views of proteasome-mediated degradation by mass spectrometry.

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  • Framework for a systems approach to proteomic biomarker profiling in polycystic ovary syndrome.

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  • Proteomics: advances in biomarker discovery.

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  • Colorectal cancer biomarker discovery and validation using LC-MS/MS-based proteomics in blood: truth or dare?

    abstract::Globally, colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common malignant neoplasm. However, highly sensitive, specific, noninvasive tests that allow CRC diagnosis at an early stage are still needed. As circulatory blood reflects the physiological status of an individual and/or the disease status for several disorders, eff...

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  • Proteomics in atherothrombosis: a future perspective.

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  • Proteomics and frailty: a clinical overview.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Frailty is consequent to age-dependent deregulation of several biological pathways and systems, encompassing namely sarcopenia, age-associated hormonal derangements, inflammation, and nutritional or metabolic deficiencies. Although the prevalence of frailty is usually between 10% and 20% in the general eld...

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  • Wisteria floribunda agglutinin positive glycobiomarkers: a unique lectin as a serum biomarker probe in various diseases.

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  • A huntingtin-HAP1-PCM1 pathway in ciliogenesis.

    abstract::Huntington's disease (HD) is caused by expansion of a polyglutamine repeat in the N-terminal region of huntingtin (htt), a large protein that has been found to interact with a variety of proteins. It remains to be determined how the interactions of htt with other proteins are involved in the pathogenesis of HD. A rece...

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  • Advances in high-resolution quantitative proteomics: implications for clinical applications.

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  • New insights into viral structure and virus-cell interactions through proteomics.

    abstract::Although genomics techniques such as DNA microarrays have been widely used in virology, much more limited use has been made of proteomics. Although difficult, proteomics can greatly contribute to an understanding of virus-cell interactions, including the ternary structure of viral receptors at the cell surface, post-t...

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  • MALDI imaging mass spectrometry and analysis of endogenous peptides.

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  • Monocyte/macrophage proteomics: recent findings and biomedical applications.

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  • Protein-protein cross-linking and human health: the challenge of elucidating with mass spectrometry.

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  • Dissecting phosphorylation networks: lessons learned from yeast.

    abstract::Protein phosphorylation continues to be regarded as one of the most important post-translational modifications found in eukaryotes and has been implicated in key roles in the development of a number of human diseases. In order to elucidate roles for the 518 human kinases, phosphorylation has routinely been studied usi...

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  • Strategies in mass spectrometry for the assignment of Cys-Cys disulfide connectivities in proteins.

    abstract::Elucidating disulfide linkage patterns is a crucial part of protein characterization, for which mass spectrometry (MS) is now an indispensable analytical tool. In many cases, MS-based disulfide connectivity assignment is straightforwardly achieved using one-step protein fragmentation in the unreduced form followed by ...

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  • Contribution of mass spectrometry-based proteomics to immunology.

    abstract::Antigen processing forwards various information about the cellular status and the proteome to the cell surface for scrutiny by the cellular immune system. Thus the repertoire of major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-bound peptides and the MHC ligandome, indirectly mirrors the proteome in order to make alterations ins...

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  • A decade of proteomics accomplished! Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference (CEEPC) celebrates its 10th Anniversary in Budapest, Hungary.

    abstract::The Central and Eastern European Proteomic Conference (CEEPC) proudly celebrated its 10th Anniversary with an exciting scientific program inclusive of proteome, proteomics and systems biology in Budapest, Hungary. Since 2007, CEEPC has represented 'state-of the-art' proteomics in and around Central and Eastern Europe ...

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  • Proximity ligation assays: a recent addition to the proteomics toolbox.

    abstract::An essential skill for every researcher is to learn how to select and apply the most appropriate methods for the questions they are trying to answer. With the extensive variety of methods available, it is increasingly important to scrutinize the advantages and disadvantages of these techniques prior to making a decisi...

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  • The human urinary exosome as a potential metabolic effector cargo.

    abstract::Exosomes are nanovesicles, derived from the endocytic pathway, released by most cell types and found in many body fluids, including urine. A variety of exosomal functions have been reported, including transfer of RNA, cell communication, control of apoptosis and protein lifespan. Exosomes from mesenchymal stem cells c...

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  • The role of proteomics in assessing beta-cell dysfunction and death in type 1 diabetes.

    abstract::Introduction: Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is characterized by autoimmune-induced dysfunction and destruction of the pancreatic beta cells. Unfortunately, this process is poorly understood, and the current best treatment for type 1 diabetes is the administration of exogenous insulin. To better understand these mechanisms and...

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  • Recent advances in single-cell MALDI mass spectrometry imaging and potential clinical impact.

    abstract::Single-cell analysis is gaining popularity in the field of mass spectrometry as a method for analyzing protein and peptide content in cells. The spatial resolution of MALDI mass spectrometry (MS) imaging is by a large extent limited by the laser focal diameter and the displacement of analytes during matrix deposition....

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  • Helicobacter pylori immunoproteomics in gastric cancer and gastritis of the carcinoma phenotype.

    abstract::Helicobacter pylori infection is linked to the development of gastric cancer. Atrophic body gastritis is considered the first important step in the histogenesis of such neoplasia. H. pylori infection is involved in the induction of atrophic body gastritis, but documentation of H. pylori infection is difficult because ...

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  • Concepts and strategies of soybean seed proteomics using the shotgun proteomics approach.

    abstract::Introduction: The last decade has yielded significant developments in the field of proteomics, especially in mass spectrometry (MS) and data analysis tools. In particular, a shift from gel-based to MS-based proteomics has been observed, thereby providing a platform with which to construct proteome atlases for all life...

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  • Recent advances and clinical insights into the use of proteomics in the study of atherosclerosis.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:The application of new proteomics methods may help to identify new diagnostic/predictive molecular markers in an attempt to improve the clinical management of atherosclerosis. Areas covered: Technological advances in proteomics have enhanced its sensitivity and multiplexing capacity, as well as the possibi...

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  • Regulation of gene expression: probing DNA-protein interactions in vivo and in vitro.

    abstract::Tremendous efforts have been put together over the last several years to complete the entire sequencing of the human genome. As we enter the proteomic era, when the major aim is understanding which gene encodes which protein, the time has also come to identify their precise function inside the astonishing signaling ne...

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